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Family Conference 2017 Schedule


11/9/17 6:45-7:45PM - Session 1 - Malamulo Chindongo "Acts 13, Part 1"

11/9/17 8:00-9:00PM - Session 2 - Jeff Pollard "Why Jesus Should Be Our First Love"


11/10/17 6:45-7:45PM - Session 3 - Jason Dohm "How Awakening in the Church is Related to Awakening in the World"

11/10/17 8:00-9:00PM - Session 4 - Jeff Pollard "The Glory and Beauty of Our First Love"


11/11/17 9:45-10:45AM - Session 5 - Malamulo Chindongo "Acts 13, Part 2"

11/11/17 11:20AM-12:30 - Session 6 - Jeff Pollard "Leaving Your First Love"

11/11/17 1:45-2:30PM - Session 7 - Scott Brown "The Awakening that Lasted 117 Years"

11/11/17 3:00-4:30PM - Session 8 - Jeff Pollard "Nauseating Your First Love"


11/12/17 10:30AM-12:30 - Lord's Day Worship - Jeff Pollard "Judas in Hell: The Dangers of False Repentance"

11/12/17 1:30-2:45PM - Session 9 - Scott Brown "A Covenant for Awakening"


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