Grader Information


The Bible Institute has more than 1,000 students studying by correspondence, most of whom are prison inmates. Many of these have little access to biblical truth, as there is much false doctrine in the prisons. We are inviting new grader applicants for the correspondence students’ lessons, in English and Spanish.


The main qualifications are spiritual maturity in the Lord, over 35 years old, and residing in North America.

How it works

The students mail completed lessons to us, we send them to the grader (who writes discipleship feedback in his own home), then he sends them back to us, and we return them to the student. If you or someone you know (a retired person, for example) is willing to give four hours per week in ministry as a grader, please contact us at, and we will send an information kit.


“It is a great blessing to do this work. It fills my heart to see these men who are imprisoned and, no doubt, yearning for their freedom, looking to Jesus Christ in the Word of God. They are finding that He alone provides true, eternal freedom, a gift to them beyond compare. It is also a great privilege to have a small share in the mission to spread the gospel of Jesus outside of the circle where I live. His mercy and grace are beyond my words to explain.” – a grader in SC

“I am looking forward to future lessons to grade…In grading these lessons I feel like I’m receiving a seminary education!” – from a grader in TX