How to Use the eBook Reader


To turn to the next page, click anywhere on the right side of the page, or swipe to the left. To turn to the previous page, click anywhere on the left half of the page, or swipe to the right.

Click the book title at the top of the page for the current book's contents.

Click a link within the text to go to an endnote.

To return to where you were before reading the endnote, click the link next to the endnote.

This reader includes a built-in bookmarker. When you read an eBook and then leave it and access it later from the same browser, you should be redirected to the same place you were before. This hasn't been fully tested, so it might not be 100% reliable. Also, please ensure that cookies are enabled in your browser for it to work.

Browser Support

This reader is optimized for the following browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome 14+, Firefox 12+, Safari 4+, Opera Desktop 15+. If you are using IE 6 through 9, Opera Mini, or any other older browser, please use our basic reader.

Basic Reader - for users with older or incompatible browsers, this simpler reader can be used.

This is a tool to make Chapel Library's ebook content as accessible as possible. If you have any trouble using this tool, please contact the webmaster at