Likeminded Churches in the Flooded Area

Gifts designated for "Louisiana Flood Relief" will be forwarded to one or more of these churches depending on amounts and need. 

New Covenant Church
Pastor Todd Whirley
215 Florida Ave SE
Denham Springs, LA 70726

Friendship Baptist Church
Pastor Rusty Reed
12315 Lazy Oak Dr
Baker, LA 70714-6051
225 261-4632 

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church of Springfield
Pastor Jimmy Downing
39249 Keaghey Rd
Ponchatoula, LA 70454-4641
225 294-5248

Grace Bible Fellowship
Pastor Mark Lacour
6512 Lawnridge Dr
Baton Rouge, LA 70818-6927

First Baptist Church of Algiers
Pastor Albert Pendarvis
PO Box 1810
Walker, LA 70785-1810

Louisiana Flood Relief

016ee5478e99813e4a4fffb2e8345724c4d3480a00.jpg In August 2016, prolonged rainfall in southern Louisiana resulted in catastrophic flooding that submerged thousands of homes, businesses, and churches, and left tens of thousands homeless.

We are accepting donations for relief to churches in the area. Please make your checks out to Mount Zion Bible Church, and write “Louisiana Flood Relief” in the memo line. MZBC will distribute these donations to like-minded churches with critical needs.

If you can assist in person with work crews or with other than monetary donations, please do not contact MZBC but contact the pastors directly. Their addresses and contact information are listed on the sidebar of this page. If you would like more information regarding the Louisiana Flood Relief fund please email us at Thank you for praying for the people of Louisiana and for this relief fund.



Update 11/16/2016

“Thanks so much for the support you are giving to our fellowship as we continue reconstruction efforts after the flooding. The rebuilding is proceeding well, by God's grace. We are finishing the electrical, plumbing, and drywall installation this week. Next week, we hope to float and texture the sheetrock and install the doors and trim. We are working to save the chairs for our worship center and purchase sound equipment and a piano. God is demonstrating his faithfulness at every turn. We are so thankful!” Pastor Rusty Reed, 11/14/2016, Friendship Baptist Church, Baker, LA

“New Covenant Church is in the epicenter of the flooded area and has been ministering to survivors for more than 90 days. Our initial response involved serving hot meals and distributing tons of food, clothing, and supplies. We are also housing relief workers from around the country who have been gutting houses and are now rebuilding homes. We have now transitioned from the acute response phase to the very slow recovery phase. Most flooded homes are still sitting there, stripped to the studs, as homeowners try to gather resources and skilled labor to rebuild. Support needed as we go forward:

“Pray for financial resources to assist as many homeowners as we can. Our desire is to minister to uninsured widows and the elderly, the disabled, and those with minor children first. We are carefully vetting all needs.

“Pray that God will send skilled volunteers with the skills needed to help repair homes.

“Tax-deductible donations provide the greatest flexibility in meeting needs. Gifts can be given online at or can be mailed to New Covenant Church at 215 Florida Ave. SE, Denham Springs, LA 70726.

“If you would like to come to the area to help, I would love to talk to you and answer any questions. Feel free to call 225-715-6149 or email” – Pastor Todd Whirley, 11/15/16, New Covenant Church, Denham Springs, LA


Update 11/8/2016

Through the end of October, we received $12,790.00 in gifts designated for LA Flood Relief. We have distributed $12,690.00 so far to New Covenant Baptist Church, Denham Springs, LA, and Friendship Baptist Church, Baker, LA.


Visiting Flooded Areas

On September 6, Mount Zion Bible Church (MZBC) Pastors Jeff Pollard and Clarence Simmons visited areas of Louisiana affected by the flooding. Their purpose was to meet with pastors and get a feel for the needs of the churches and the people who have suffered in this event that has suddenly changed the lives of so many people. 

While the flood caused tremendous, widespread damage to people's personal belongings and homes, the Lord's people who suffered these losses were rejoicing they did not lose life and loved ones. An encouraging and common response was a recognition that all the things that were lost give a sense of freedom--a release from taking care of all the "stuff" that had accumulated in their lives. Christian help from other areas and from other states has poured in to help many, while some still need significant assistance. The rebuilding effort will take a long time to be completed. 

Here are pictures from their trip:


New Covenant Church, Denham Springs, LA


21 Keith Zachary and Todd Whirley
Pastors Keith Zachary and Todd Whirley of New Covenant Church with Pastor Clarence Simmons of MZBC.  


Pastor Keith Zachary of New Covenant Church. New Covenant Church facilities were spared from flooding and the church has become a relief distribution center for the flooded community. 

24 Clothes Washing Trailer

A gracious sister brought a trailer loaded with washing machines to New Covenant Church and gave her time day after day to wash clothes for the many people affected by flooding. 

33 Clothing piles at New Covenant Church

Piles of donated supplies sorted for distribution to those who need basics after the flood. 

Grace Fellowship Baptist Church, Ponchatoula, LA



Pastor Jimmy Downing of Grace Fellowship Baptist Church, Ponchatoula, LA with Pastor Clarence Simmons of MZBC. Grace Fellowship's building was completely flooded. Here it has been stripped and is being restored. 

Grace Bible Fellowship, Baton Rouge, LA


53 Mark Lacour with stuff from house

Pastor Mark Lacour of Grace Bible Fellowship stands in front of former contents of his flooded home. 

62 Mark Lacour's House under repair after flood

Pastor Mark Lacour in his home with the walls stripped 4 feet up. 

Friendship Baptist Church, Baker, LA


67 Rusty Reed Friendship Baptist Church, Baker LA

Pastor Clarence Simmons of MZBC with Pastor Rusty Reed of Friendship Baptist Church. 

72 Good looking outside Friendship baptist Church

Friendship Baptist Church looks deceptively normal on the outside, except for a distinct watermark around the base of the building.