Mount Zion Bible Church

Mount Zion Bible Church is a Christ-centered local church established in 1979, now with about 100 attending, seeking to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in all things. We believe that the inspired Word of God is the only sufficient, certain, and infallible rule of all saving knowledge, faith, and obedience. Our worship services include prayer, the reading of the Scriptures, singing of hymns, Christ-centered preaching, and humble submission to the Word of God. While we are not affiliated with any denomination, our doctrinal statement is expressed in the London Baptist Confession of 1689 (see below); we therefore practice the baptism of believers. We are age-integrated, enjoying the fruits of whole families participating together in our worship services and the life of the church. We especially encourage expositional preaching, conservative hymns, evangelism, modesty, and Biblical manhood and womanhood.


Weekly Worship Services
The Lord's Day              10:30 AM
Wednesday evening      6:00 PM including prayer

London Baptist Confession of 1689 (PDF): Our confession is one of the historic confessions of the faith. It is almost identical to the great Westminster Confession of Faith adopted in 1646, but upholds believer's baptism and congregational church government. It has been used by Baptist congregations worldwide for over 300 years. In North America, use the shopping cart to request a copy in print, or e-mail us. 

Directions: We are one hour east of Mobile, 3:15 south of Montgomery, and 3:30 west of Tallahassee, and in the Central time zone.

MZBC History: Pastor L.R. Shelton, Jr. (1923-2003) grew up in his father's church, the First Baptist Church of Algiers, Louisiana. Although he did not attend seminary, he devoured the works of Spurgeon, Pink, and Lloyd-Jones. He was ordained and served as Associate Pastor before beginning a church, bookstore, and radio ministry in Litchfield, Minnesota. MZBC began in 1979 when he and Mrs. Shelton moved to Pensacola. They began meeting with three other couples, organized the church, and built the first building. The new church was focused on the historical doctrines of the reformation. It remained small, with most attendees also working in the literature ministry. The church was incorporated in 1984 as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. A constitution and by-laws were written in 1995 and membership was established with 9 charter members. Pastor Shelton passed away in 2003. Steven Frakes joined the Chapel staff in 1997, became an elder at MZBC in 2000, and faithfully served through 2014. Pastor Jeff Pollard came in 2002 from Providence Baptist Church in Ball, Louisiana, bringing a renewed emphasis on the 1689 London Confession, family, and ecclesiology and currently serves as an elder.

.               The Lord's Day sermon by Jeff Pollard after Pastor Shelton's passing:
.                      "With Me Where I Am" (MP3) - January 19, 2003

.               Funeral Service (MP3) for Pastor Shelton - January 21, 2003