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500 Years of Reformation

     With 2017 being the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing his “95 Theses” to a church door in Wittenberg, we are reminded of the world-transforming recovery of the gospel truth through the Reformation. We are very grateful that our God continues to answer our prayer to be able to send worldwide literature from the Reformation and Puritan periods that celebrates Scripture alone, faith alone, grace alone, Christ alone, all to the glory of God alone. We believe the call to reform is a call to constant realignment of our thinking and practice with Scripture, and we want to publish the best material that will help God’s people today to do that in personal faith, family life, church life, and the world. 

     This quarter we have produced two new booklets in memory of God’s work in the Reformation: a small booklet on The Life of Martin Luther and a large booklet John Calvin on Predestination and Election.

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