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Expanded FGB Use Overseas

- August 03, 2009

In August, we were pleased to increase significantly the number of Free Grace Broadcasters sent internationally. The USA and Canada edition now has nearly 17,000 subscribers. The new Spanish edition h…

New Canadian Partnership

- July 08, 2009

For several years, Chapel Library has distributed literature and tapes without charge in Canada as well as the United States. In July, a ministry friend established the Stephanos Development Foundatio…

FGB Spanish Edition

- June 05, 2009

In June, we are launching the Spanish language edition of the Free Grace Broadcaster! The FGB in English has been printed for over 30 years. Each issue develops a Biblical theme using five to ten arti…

Printing Capacity +30%

- May 07, 2009

Recently we have invested in new digital printing equipment that enables us to print about 30% more literature with the same staff. Because of the economic downturn, these were available at an additio…

First Graders Conference

- April 02, 2009

The Grader Conference here in mid-March was a blessing to nearly 70 attendees. The messages from Pastors Geoff Thomas (Wales) and George McDearmon (NY) focused on foundational doctrines in Scripture. …

More Conferences

- March 09, 2009

In March, we were blessed to send literature for two major conferences: the Shepherds Conference (John MacArthur, 3,200 pastors) near Los Angeles 3/4-8, and the Ligonier Conference (R.C. Sproul, 5,000…

Free Literature at Conferences

- February 01, 2009

The Lord recently has opened several new doors for us at conferences. Since we do not advertise or send promotional material, conferences are special places for us to give away free literature in orde…

Gospel Translations

- January 04, 2009

MZ is very pleased to begin working with Gospel Translations. This online ministry is using open source software to post solid Christian literature on the web. Then volunteers translate it into their …