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Culture of Study Vietnam

- December 01, 2013

Culture of Study Vietnam (COS) ( is a ministry of Amazing Grace Fellowship in Prescott Valley, Arizona, where David Parker, a Marine Vietnam veteran, pastors. The website…

Website Updates

- November 01, 2013

We have recently released some updates to our website, The new Literature Search page now features detail pages for each title, cover image thumbnails for visual appeal, and lin…

Privacy and Solicitation Policy

- October 01, 2013

This month the Lord has encouraged us with yet another open door for ministry. We are beginning a project with Christian Books Worldwide ( and their contacts in theUkra…

New Romanian Distributor

- August 01, 2013

In August we are delighted to report a new FGB International Distributor in Romania. Dr. Dinu Moga leads the Emanuel School of Practical Theology at Emanuel Baptist Church, which has 4300 members in O…

Literature for Conferences

- July 01, 2013

One of the facets of Chapel Library’s ministry that has been a special joy for us is making our literature available for free at conferences around the country.  So far this year, the Lord has bles…

FGB Study Edition

- June 01, 2013

A new door is opening for study versions of the Free Grace Broadcaster. These include study questions after each article, and are designed to provide training to overseas pastors who have little acces…

Colombia Conference

- May 01, 2013

The Lord has graciously given Jeff Pollard an opportunity for ministry in the South American country of Colombia. He will be in Medellin from May 23 to 27, preaching at the Gospel Through Colombia con…

Internship Program

- April 01, 2013

This month the Lord has blessed us to embark on an experimental pilot phase of a new project: internship. The times we live in demand a clear vision for conforming to God's Word in every area of life,…
Online literature downloads have increased Chapel Library’s potential worldwide usefulness. By God’s grace, our website ( saw eBook downloads top 1,900 and PDF downloads surp…