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As a ministry we are constantly praying for the Lord to bring increased interest in our materials. Our dependence on the Lord is not confined to financial supply; we are also dependent on Him to raise up interested ministries, churches, prison chaplains, conference coordinators, and individuals to make full use of the material we produce and send out primarily free of charge. In recent weeks we have felt a burden to bring this before the Lord and ask Him to send us more orders. We should not have been surprised; the Lord has heard our prayer with a significant increase in orders and interest in March! In addition to a general increase in orders from individuals, churches, prisons, and ministries, here are a few highlights of special literature destinations from March:

Paperbacks and booklets to support long and short-term mission endeavors in Liberia and two destinations in Kenya.

Thousands of courses to the chaplain overseeing LA County Correctional system.

A Theology of the Family (250 copies) to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary for the 2017 graduating class.

Boxes of MZBI courses to our international branches in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Myanmar, Bolivia, and Nigeria.

Boxes of booklets and tracts to Colombia, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, Honduras, Chile, and Mexico.

With 224 new MZBI students in March, we had the highest number of new students join the Bible Institute in a single month since some time in 2011!

What a joy to our hearts to see the literature going out as a direct answer from our kind and gracious heavenly Father! Please pray with us for fruitfulness and effectiveness where the literature lands. 

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