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Literature for Conferences

One of the facets of Chapel Library’s ministry that has been a special joy for us is making our literature available for free at conferences around the country.  So far this year, the Lord has blessed us to send quantities of literature to these conferences: Founders' Regional Conference, MS, January; Audobon Drive Bible Church Missions Conference, MS, February; Ligonier Conference, FL, February; Spurgeon Fellowship Conference, FL, February; The Gospel Coalition, FL, April;  Denton Fellowship Conference, TX, April; Basics Conference, OH, May; and New Life Fellowship Conference, IL, June. Several more are already in the line-up for the rest of this year. Conferences provide a special opportunity to introduce the Lord’s people to the wealth of Christian truth we have been entrusted with from prior centuries. We welcome requests for literature for conferences we are not currently supplying, whether large or small. Thank you again for your continued prayer and support of this ministry. 

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