Reader Comments 2

These letters are selected from many received by God's grace at Chapel Library, MZ Bible Institute, and the Prison Ministry since 2004. Letters from those who use the materials are the best source for feedback about ministry effectiveness; we are very grateful for them. For more, see "Letters from Far and Near" included with each quarterly Free Grace Broadcaster mailing in North America.



From a Friend in Zambia:  We are doing fine with our Bible School. We have two Intakes that have graduated from the Bible School and third Intake graduated January month-end. I would like to thank you for the books and other study materials you sent. They have really helped us, as a Bible School.  We have incorporated your books into our syllabus. The books have proved to be very good.  People are coming from other towns for books, that includes Pastors.

From a Friend in Arizona:  I have received several of your magazines now and I think they are great. They have really helped me in my desire to become more Christ-like. I also think your tracts are great and have shared them with some unsaved as the Lord has led me.

From an Inmate in Pennsylvania:  I want to thank God through your ministry for all the tremendous blessings that I am receiving.  Every time I receive literature from your ministry, its like God is saying "Here, learn of Me... for I am meek and lowly in heart".  I thank God for saving my soul and to think one day we will share in the fullness of His Glory.  Alleluia!

From a Friend in Canada:  Please forgive me for ordering every month but the material from Shelton Jr., Spurgeon, Pink, Ryle and others strengthen me so---in this part of the world there is so much religion yet I find myself withering. I consume your material, and with the scriptures my wife and I get strength from the Holy Spirit to give out tracts.

From a Friend in Fiji:  We still have thirty students and they are on break and will be continuing their studies from February.  We have see the growth in the lives of the students as they study.  Indeed it is a blessing.  We do pray that the Lord's word will continue to be spread.

From a Friend in Florida:  I just want to thank you again for the literature and tape ministry you so freely distribute to all who ask.  I can honestly say that I continue daily studying the information containing wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding that God has provided for me through this ministry.  It has been such a help for me in witnessing to others and being able to share this with all who show an interest.

From an Inmate in California:  God bless your ministry and this solid program you provide for men like me.  You provide the most comprehensive material in digestible portions, and I am grateful for the opportunity to study under you ministry.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I see why you send these lessons out in the schedules you do. For the past year I have worked my way from Life of Jesus Christ, Look to Jesus, Pilgrim's Progress, Call to Prayer, and Hidden Life of Prayer. This particular study has brought it all together. In this past year I feel I have come to know where I stand with God, in His shadow, and loving it. The past two and one half years have been very tedious and degrading to me but with these studies I finally have found what I have been looking for---Peace.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  I am so grateful to have found your ministry. Even though I have been a Baptist for twenty-four years and taught in their Christian schools, I had not been taught the truth of the "Reformed" position. I have not understood election or free grace as you explain it.  My eyes have been opened and I am studying everything again from a different point of view and realize how very little I have truly understood!

From an Inmate in Florida:  I greatly enjoyed my package a couple of months ago. I love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and my biggest joy is learning more and more of Him---the One who saved me by His grace and love. Thank you for all that you do, not only by sending out free literature but all the pains and struggles you go through just to be able to send study aids to us. I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for each and every one of you. I know it is hard to keep such a place going especially in today's society and demands for money.

From an Inmate in Colorado:  I continue to learn so much from your great courses.  God has truly blessed me through them and I have grown so much in the grace of God, coming to Him and understanding Him better.  There is nothing better in this life than to come to serve the living God.  To God alone be the glory!  Know that your ministry is in my prayers and that you all continue to reach out to those who do hunger for the truth of God.

From an Inmate in South Carolina:  I would like to express my most heart felt thanks for the wonderful work.

From an Inmate in Washington:  I have been in contact with you brethren for over ten years. I have been born again for a little over six years and I found a book written by Pastor Shelton, The False Gospel of Carnal Christianity vs. The True Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God used that book to open the eyes of my understanding of His Sovereignty. I was on my face for months, Praise God. What I wanted to tell you is that your ministry has a great impact in growth in prisons. Many in jails and prisons are deceived by these health, wealth and prosperity, easy "believism" and decisional regeneration. I thank God for Mount Zion and the availability of your literature that continually is used to set babes on the right track. I truly believe that God uses you all continually.

From an Inmate in California:  Your ministry has provided our humble flock with a significant fraction of their spiritual diet, our gratitude for the Lord's work in your midst. May you and all your households be blessed with a deep and ever abiding assurance of your infinitely rich inheritance which is already yours. We look forward to fellowshipping with you in the heavenly Zion for eternity. It seems as though I am fellowshipping with you already.

From a Friend in Washington:  Thanks for supplying and giving so much good teaching materials---in your Bible courses, literature and tapes. I have been blessed many a time and grown spiritually by what you provide; to also include to two quarterly magazines that I receive.

From an Inmate in Colorado:  I just want to take a moment to say thank you for the literature that you folks provide for all of us prisoners across the country. It is good sound doctrine by the old timers like A.W. Pink, Spurgeon and J.C. Ryle who told it like it was meant to be preached, not like a lot of the preachers now-a-days who are worried about offending some one. God had His word written the way He wanted it to be told, bold and up front. May all the glory be unto God and His Kingdom.

From a Friend in Mississippi:  Thank you for your faithfulness in Christ, I can't tell you how much the FGB has helped me in my walk with God.

From a Chaplain in Oklahoma:  I would like to thank you for the package of tracts and material you sent after being requested.  Your ministry performs an awesome service for the incarcerated.

From an Inmate in West Virginia:  I am writing to tell you what a wonderful service you are providing for the inmates that are incarcerated. I believe it is a great responsibility that you have undertaken, to supply us with free literature and low cost reference books that would cost more some where else...You truly are a blessing to me.

From a Friend in Japan:  We have received numerous materials you have sent us today! We are thankful for these resources which will be valuable to our ministry, and praise God for His kindness and graciousness to bring us such Christ-centered material.

From an Inmate in Florida:  I thank God above for Mount Zion Bible Institute.  One may see prison as a valley, I've found my Lilly of the Valley!  One may say that prison is a wilderness, I've found my oasis!  I say prison is my Fathers house, "The Potters House", and Mount Zion Bible Institute is His wheel by which He is molding me.  God is using other ministries and methods also but none can compare to what has been imparted to me through Mount Zion.

From an Inmate in Pennsylvania:  I just wanted to thank you for being there for me. Your ministry has become my family. Who would have thought a Christian bookstore would become a Christian brother's best-friend? My family has become Pink, Spurgeon, Ryle, Bonar and the list goes on. These dearly beloved brothers God has used along with Chapel Library to be my teachers and my encouragement, the sun in the morning when everything else around me is dark and dismal.

From an Inmate in Kansas:  You've been and are continuing to be a great help to me. Jesus said "My sheep follow me because they know my voice." John 10:4. By the lessons you send and material you've blessed me with the voice of Christ is heard.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I will say I've enjoyed and have been blessed beyond explaining. You have truly been a major factor in my spiritual growth. I have applied to a distance-learning seminary. I cry as I write this, because if I get accepted, I will truly miss you all. You all are a blessing.

From a Friend in New York:  Thank you for all the booklets and tracts you send me. I really get an uplifting when I receive them. 

Letter from a new Grader in the Bible Institute:  WOW! I have just completed grading my first lessons for the Lord and Mount Zion, and I could never put into words what a blessing it has been. I am sure it has changed my life and increased my love to the Lord as I never imagined it could. My prayer through it all is that it may have a loving impact on each student and that their lives and love to the Lord will only increase and have eternal values. I loved it all!

Letter(s) from an Inmate in Illinois:  He first wrote to us, and course Look to Jesus (William Reid, Scottish Presbyterian, late 1800s) was mailed to him on January 10. We had not heard from him (he evidently had laid it aside), so we mailed a follow-up letter on May 11. In reply he wrote on July 5:"I was raised Catholic..., but you teach contrary to this so I'm struggling with the tradition I was raised on and what this first study is teaching."On August 3 we received his completed lessons for LTJ, and requested his next course (which we sent him, LC3). Here are his answers to the last questions of LTJ, which are basically, What have you learned in this course about Jesus Christ?: "I thought I was safe with my scapulas, praying to Mary Queen of Heaven, the apostles, saints, and angels, but according to this study I am lost. SCARRY!...I now know I am a sinner who arrogantly compared myself to others and their sins. Scripture says our best is as filthy rags. There is no way I could ever atone for my sins; God had to do so in Christ!...I have learned that the religion I was brought up on was another sinking stone and it wouldn't and couldn't save me, but assure my destruction! I learned He has done all that needs to be done. His sacrifice on the cross and His resurrection are the only acceptable means by which I can be saved! God provided, Jesus performed, the Holy Spirit affirms. I cannot add to, bear any of it, or make myself worthy of it, qualified for it, or meritorious of it. I must have the faith of Christ, in Christ, and that alone."

From the MZBI Branch in Malawi:  We have nine new students since the last update I sent to you. What is even more of a blessing is that one young lady from a Roman Catholic background has professed that the Lord has saved her as she was studying the All of Grace course. She says she has finally come to understand salvation by grace!

From a Chaplain in Florida:  Your ministry has been a blessing to us.

From an Inmate in North Carolina:  Please be assured these studies have, are, and will continue to strengthen my faith, confirm my assurance of my future and present relationship with God.  Others have pointed out my growth and change.  I believe it is because each study allows God's Word to grow in me so more of Christ and less of me is seen by others.

From a Friend in Florida:  I have benefited so greatly from the ministry's literature---indeed my pride has been often humbled and I am exhorted to real holiness in heart and life by the divines of yesteryear in each quarter's Free Grace Broadcaster.  I have discovered a mind of wisdom that is often useful to me in the three Bible studies I teach.  God be praised for the faithful service the ministry provides to the saints.

From a Chaplain in Texas:  Thank you so much for the incredible donation of the theological resource books and the evangelism and discipleship tracts that you were gracious enough to donate to the ministry here.  They are a blessing to us, the youth and the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom we are all greatly blessed to serve.

From a Friend in Africa:  Indeed the ministry has been a blessing to us in so many ways.  The ministry's update with the quarterly Free Grace Broadcaster has been of encouragement to us.  Along with this, the literature you have sent to us has been of much importance  to us regarding to our young bible institute which is barely one year old.  I thank God for the ministry as the literature from it forms the whole library for the "Nyanza Institute of Theology".

From a Friend in the Philippines:  I came to know your ministry when someone I didn't know left a booklet in my room entitled Free Grace Broadcaster. I read the article and it is such a blessing and it is the truth---not some distorted belief going around these days. Even though it was written a century ago, it helped me to understand some very disturbing things I have been hearing lately. Thank you for your important ministry in these last days.

From a Friend in Mississippi:  Thank you so much for your God exalting ministry! It has helped us so much in our Christian walk!

From an Inmate in Oklahoma:  I apologize for not requesting correspondence studies from you in my initial request.  I did not realize how good the studies would be. So far this has been the only group of lessons the have really interested me. The Spirit of God has truly been the Teacher in this study. May God help us all to understand who He is as we look into His Word.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I ask you all to pray for God to help us that He may give us much light. Thank you so much for all the literature you have sent, and I pray that God would continue to bless the ministry, that we may see God raise up some men in these last days that would preach the gospel---with an unction from on High, that we may see a great move of God in this nation.

From a Friend in California:  I and my congregation have been greatly blessed. It is a very needed and greatly appreciated ministry in the world today---sharing the whole counsel of God unashamedly and making rare jewels available to today's theologically impotent church and world.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I wanted someone to know that I have an abundance of appreciation for "Mount Zion Bible Institute," thanks. I am glad to  be a participant of the correspondence study. I pray my walk with God be fruitful; I welcome all input of His knowledge and wisdom with utmost diligence.

From an Inmate in Missouri:  Thank you very much for the lesson Look to Jesus. It is very refreshing to find a Bible study that sticks to the Word of God without holding back the "hard" things being taught.

From an Inmate in California:  May the Lord continue to use you as a means of sewing and watering the prisoners. His beauty shines through you in ways that you may not discover until you reach your final destination. Then you will be reunited with individuals you have never met who will embrace you with joy because of the resources you provided for the edification of many. Praise be to God for His provision. Our Sovereign Lord has used you as an instrument towards my own edification and that for many brethren who I personally fellowship with regularly.

From a Chaplain in California:  I would like to thank you with the utmost of love and sincerity. May God bless you for allowing Him to use you to minister to us through your generous donations of Christian materials, as well as the time that you have taken to read and respond to our requests. We will now use this material to minister to the inmate body in love and according to the will of God.

From a Friend in Malawi:  We are training a few young men in the church using Mount Zion Bible Institute materials.  These courses were originally intended to be used as correspondence courses, but we are using them as discipleship/mentorship materials and they are proving to be quite helpful.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I would like to thank you once and again for the courses that you offer. I would especially like to thank those who evaluate out responses and correspond with us as we seek to deepen our walk and understanding of Scripture. Thank you for this study and the growth it provides.

From an Inmate in Florida:  We are organizing a field ministry here and I want to use the "London Baptist Confession of Faith, 1689" as our doctrinal statement. I recommend your course and materials regularly here and have incorporated your course into the discipleship training that I do.

From a Friend in Singapore:  By way of testimony and encouragement to your ministry, please permit me to share the following account with you: I came to know your publications of FGB through a former church friend, and I had in the past requested and received several copies of it. I have read and re-read them and recently lent two of the copies to a friend in church who has found them beneficial to her. To another in the same church, I have just posted another copy of one article ("Approaching Darkness" by Ralph Erskine) from the Fall issue, and she also has benefited from it. In fact she has passed it on to someone else and asked me for another copy and I have just posted another copy of that article to her. May the Lord bless your ministry and outreach to the world, and may it bear fruit to the glory and praise and honor of the Lord.

From a Friend in Missouri:  I look forward to each issue of Free Grace Broadcaster. The widespread distribution of good Christian literature is a great thing.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I wish to thank everyone involved in this ministry. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing.  The material you send has helped me clear up so many false conceptions and things I have been unsure of.

From a Friend in Virginia:  I write on behalf of my fiancé and myself to thank you for posting M'Cheyne's Calendar for Daily Reading on your website. We have been using the calendar daily since last July, at the start of our courtship. The regular schedule of reading has provided a firm foundation for our future marriage. My fiancé has grown in his ability to lead spiritually by reading ahead of time and preparing thoughts to share with me. I have been encouraged to see the fruit in his life as well as my own.

From an Inmate in Mississippi:  Thank you and God bless.  I received my last course back . I am so very impressed with the time and effort you put into a lesson and the grading.

From a Friend in Wisconsin:  We have been so blessed by your literature ministry and have given out many tracts and booklets. Recently, a friend who home schools her teenagers, and some other young people, told us that she was using material from Vanity of Thoughts by Thomas Goodwin, in one of her classes. That pupils remarked about God's concern with our thoughts as well as  with our actions. This helped to reinforce what they have been taught in the home and church. Hopefully, these young people may gain an appreciation for the biblical truths as exposited by the old writers.

From an Inmate in Pennsylvania:  I do appreciate the lessons I have been able to do and all the words of encouragement from those who took time to check my answers. The words of love and edification were always appreciated. I am hoping that after my release and I am settled back into society that the Lord will direct me into some type of ministry where I can encourage others to keep their walk close to Jesus.

From a Friend in India:  We thankfully acknowledge the receipt of one mail bag of literature for our ministry outreach. We are using the items in our library and free reading room and also in our outreach and teaching and distribution ministries. We are prayerfully and carefully using all the precious items. We are sure God will greatly bless the literature for the edification of the body of Christ and for the salvation of souls in this spiritually dark land of India.

From an Inmate in Colorado:  Thank you for blessing prisoners with affordable study tools, that we may show ourselves approved unto God. This facility is being shaken awake, and the Holy Spirit is changing lives as we continually lead others to Christ! Please appoint others known to be good stewards of intercessory prayer, so that we may remain victorious in Christ as lights in these dark places. I have joy where before there was shame and despair.

From a Friend in Kentucky:  I recently received an order of sample tracts from your organization. I just wanted to thank you so much for your generous gift. The tracts will be a real blessing and a help in the Ukraine!

From an Inmate in Idaho:  I am the inmate facilitator here at the prison chapel for the "Sexual Integrity" class, a study of "At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry." I earnestly thank you for your gift of the books and study guides. I am a man recovering from habitual sexual sin, serving time, and an enormous fan of the book. It, in my limited experience, is an incredibly powerful biblical approach to overcoming any sin. It offers spiritual hope without promising easy solutions. The emphasis on personal responsibility and the effort so necessary to change is the prescription that is necessary for success in overcoming this insidious type of sin. In addition, the biblical underpinnings are rock solid. You are making a difference in this man's life and other men's lives at this prison. [CL distributes "At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry" freely into prisons in North America, in cooperation with Pure Life Ministries in KY.]

From a Friend in Florida:  My 22 year old son was just diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease and will begin chemotherapy soon. Your booklet on "Sickness" by JC Ryle has been a great encouragement to us. We would like to send it to all of our friends and relatives who have been concerned, as a witness to them. Also I should let you know we have a bookrack at church filled with your publications and it has been a very fruitful ministry.

From a Pastor:  I just want to thank you for sending the book on tape, The Sovereignty of God, and the AW Pink sample pack. God is using the ministry to renew my theological education. I pastored a church and graduated seminary and preached in different countries, but I have also been a product of the modern day gospel (Jer. 6:14-16). Therefore, the literature and tapes are helping to renew my mind.

From an Inmate in Virginia:  This course, Look to Jesus, is beautifully written and asks questions which truly refresh my heart. I have learned again how pure, sound doctrine satisfies me by providing the "hearing of faith." In this, the vulgarity, baseness, and despondency of my old nature is gloriously arrested and put to death, giving way to all spiritual blessings in Him. I thank and honor Him.

From a Friend in Thailand:  Your books on Adoniram Judson are being enthusiastically received by refugees here in Thailand. The people are thrilled to see some of their own history in print!

From a Friend in Indiana:  I have found the literature by John Bunyan, JC Ryle, and Charles Spurgeon to be just as timely and instructive now as when it was first published. The Word of God is not bound by time, place, or circumstance.

From an Inmate in Alabama:  Doing the correspondence study allows me to grow closer to Jesus and learn more of His Word, which is precious to me. God has blessed me so much through your ministry of spreading the Word and educating Christians.

From a Homeschooler:  Thank you for the hard work in putting these courses together and making them available. We home school two teenage daughters. I will be using the Church History lessons and The Life of Jesus Christ with them. I am so excited as I've been reading through the material beforehand.

From a Pastor in Florida:  How grateful I am for the literature ministry. I have received different things over the last years, and having read the last newsletter, have realized how disobedient it is for me not to use these resources. The doctrinal content of the material is so needed in this day of man-centered Christianity. I have started putting your booklets in the foyer of church and am pleased that several members have been reading them. May the Lord bless the written preaching of His Word!

From an Inmate in Tennessee:  I want to thank you for being able to purchase a concordance with stamps. It got here fast too. Also the booklet "Deny Yourself" just blew my mind. I couldn't put it down. When I was through, I just sat and thought. Thanks again.

From a Friend in Illinois:  Just a word of appreciation for your work. Studies in the Scriptures is, I'm sure, one of the best in these degenerate times. Arthur Pink would be amazed to see how through trials, God used him in a way he could not imagine.

From a Friend in Arkansas:  We are truly being blessed by the videos of your worship services! Please continue preaching and teaching and living God's Holy Word without compromise.

From a Friend in Tennessee:  First I wish to thank the Lord for your generous gifts, The material is very good and very helpful. The old writers were truly blessed of God, and we by them. I have been given a good deal of aid by their work. I also thank the Lord for your work and generosity.

From a Friend in Michigan:  We are so grateful to hear in your newsletter how the Lord is blessing the prison and overseas ministries. May He richly honor your work for Him.

From a Ministry in India:  Many people do read English though speaking ability widely varies. Many pastors and Christians can read and use good literature. There is a dearth of Reformed witness here and to some extent even sound evangelical witness. Many shades of charismatic thought or nominalism. I have been able to pass on some of Chapel Library's literature to people who have greatly appreciated it. One pastor asked for more JC Ryle. He is from an Anglican background and the church is full of immature or nominal believers. He wants such literature to help out his congregation. There are others like him. If you send us some literature periodically I can assure you that it will not go to waste but be put to very good use, both for evangelism and building up the saints here. Thanks so much for the ministry. I have been enriched by it over the years as has my family and many others I have shared with.

From a Prison Chaplain in Kentucky:  We received the Christian resources you sent to the chapel here. We are indeed grateful and blessed by your very generous gift to our ministry. Thank you for all you have done for the men here. These will be shared with men across this yard and in the medical facilities.

From an Inmate in Florida:  I just now finished reading/studying The Doctrine of Human Depravity. For that I am in your debt. That one book resolved all doubts and confusion that have vexed me for the past 15 years. As I related in my previous letter, I was saved but then "taught" by the "name-it-and-claim-it" crowd of preachers and their ATM push-button theology that teaches (erroneously so) that God exists to serve us, not we God, thereby depriving God of His sovereignty and making us His lord. Quite rightly, A.W. Pink undeceived me about this blasphemous "theology" in his text The Sovereignty of God. (It was that book that led me to understand that I had not been taught correctly but had been led farther along the path of perdition). And, with all thanks and gratitude to Mount Zion and Arthur W. Pink, now, at long last, I am on the road to rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

From an Inmate in North Carolina:  I thank you for your concern for me and my walk with Christ. It truly means a lot to me to know that there are other people besides my family who care about my Christian walk. So thank you again for your concern. I truly enjoy doing the Bible studies y'all send for they are more of a one on one basis. I love the feedback that y'all give, either in the correction of an answer or the words of encouragement. It is all a blessing to my heart and a lift to my spirit.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  We must pray continually that sinners in this nation and around the world get a proper understanding of who the living God really is in all of His attributes. Your literature is one means whereby I desire to see the living God in all of His Omnipotent Majesty confirmed in the hearts of sinners. 

From a Friend in Texas:  I searched YAHOO one time on Bunyan and it pulled up your archive on him. Needless to say, I was VERY impressed. Thank you and God Bless. [The John Bunyan Archive has Bunyan's complete works:]

From a Friend in Tennessee:  What a tremendous blessing your tracts and publications have been to us over the years. Your printed material is always close at hand, and we have used it a great deal. At this year's Fall Festival we were able to hand out nearly two baskets full of Chapel Library tracts and booklets to the public. Also, a couple of weeks ago, my son's 8th grade Social Studies class was studying The Great Awakening. According to my son's account, his teacher did a fairly poor job of explaining the true nature of that period in history. After we discussed it at home, we went through our collection of Chapel Library booklets, and my son was able to take his teacher a fistful of Edwards and Whitefield material. You just never know when they will come in handy! I also work in our local jail ministry and your books and tracts have been most useful there, as well.

From an Inmate in Arizona:  I'd like to thank you for sending these books to us here in prison. The books have been helping me out in my walk with Jesus Christ, also other inmates here who are Christians. Being here in prison is such a blessing from the Lord; He's pulled me out of that life I once had full of destruction. People around me see the change in my life but still choose to persecute me for my following Christ.

From a Ministry in the Republic of South Africa:  Thank you so very much for the boxes of great Christian literature. These were received with much praise and thanksgiving to God. As a Reformed Mission, we are absolutely delighted to have such high quality messages and writings Charles Spurgeon, A.W. Pink, J.C. Ryle, J.I. Packer and other great Reformed and Puritan authors. Our literature is in so many ways the lifeblood and spiritual ammunition of our Mission. Thank you so very much for providing us with a generous quantity. We will thoroughly enjoy distributing them widely and placing them strategically, prayerfully and carefully in the most responsive hands. We have already posted them far and wide to correspondents of ours who regularly plead for such devotional and doctrinal teaching. Please do continue to send us the spiritual patriot missiles with which we can take down the scuds of wishy washy, half-hearted, worldly, antinomian religion.

From a Friend in Texas:  I am a missionary to Indonesia and I make much use of your literature. I went to a Bible college 1½ years ago. I made it a personal prayer project to give these students sound literature. A key instrument in my "project" was that these were poor college students who couldn't afford many books, so they loved free literature. So, I wrote Mount Zion. You kindly sent many boxes of literature. Now 1½ years later, two of my former classmates have emailed me (separately, but within 5 months of each other) and freely offered the following information - that they had at last come to a belief in the sovereign grace of God. Thank you for your literature. It is being read and it is changing lives. 

From a Friend in Virginia:  Thank you so much for sending my materials promptly. You all do a wonderful job getting the gospel out and I appreciate the efforts to minister to us Christians through the Bible study courses. I recently finished J.C. Ryle's "Holiness" course and though I've read several of his works, including "Holiness" before, the study guide was a valuable resource and helped me to grasp some concepts / truths I had not considered before.

From an Inmate in Washington:  I'm not always an emotional person as far as letting my feelings show, as my past lifestyle required that I never let anyone know what I was feeling at any time. But in these past few weeks since I first read and filled a "literature available for free" form, I've been becoming aware of myself and of other people more each day, and I've been experiencing feelings that I had all but forgotten. Then the other day when I got your letter and the Bible study course in Spanish, something happened to me that I never would have dreamed possible. Since that first day I picked up a half-torn copy of "literature available for free" form and began to read it, I felt that at last I had found what it was I had been looking for all my life. When I got your letter the other day, I noticed my hands were shaking as I was taking it out of the envelope. As I read on I noticed that I kept having trouble seeing and my face felt like it was on fire. So I reached up and started to rub my eyes and it was only then that I realized that I had tears in my eyes and running down my face. Then they come freely as I knelt to thank God for that little book and for you and all the others that are trying to bring the world together to live in harmony with each other and with God. It has been a long time since I was able to let my heart open up and let myself really be free and feel again. What can I say except I thank you all; you all have my undying gratitude and friendship. Not only because you have come into my life and touched me, but also for the many others that I know you have touched and helped to find that wonderful road to a new and better life, the only LIFE! Thanks, Mount Zion Bible Institute, for the course and for sharing part of God's Word with me. May God give me the strength, faith and courage to continue on this journey that I have been fortunate enough to find. Now I'm happy again and it's been a long time, but it sure feels good. [Note: please pray this inmate (and others like him) will also be moved from these good feelings to a deep and abiding joy in Christ.]

From an Inmate in Florida:  Thank you very much for your recent book, "The Pilgrim's Progress for Everyone" by John Bunyan. I have been diligent in reading God's Word; he rewards them that diligently seek him, Heb. 11:6. The Lord is truly awesome: it's been one year two months since my incarceration and quite frankly, very rewarding.

From a Friend in Mexico:  We appreciate very much all you do to help win souls for Jesus here in Mexico. You name is written by the name of each soul saved wherever we may preach.

From a Chaplain in South Carolina:  Thank you for the recent shipment of booklets sent to enhance our ministry here. I appreciate the subjects addressed and the content; as you know, many present day Christians are not familiar with great men of God from the past such as Whitefield, McCheyne, Spurgeon, etc. I am glad you have a burden to continue their ministry in print. Thank you for the good resources made available for me and other correctional chaplains.

From an Inmate in Arizona:  Once again I write a note of great rejoicing for the blessings and encouragement of this wonderful study of "All of Grace" by Mr. Spurgeon. I cannot fully express how deeply I had my heart opened by the Spirit of God in giving me deeper understanding and more insight into God's marvelous, infinite and matchless grace so freely bestowed. Your ministry, to give such sound material and offer such correspondence courses far surpasses many of the "shallow" and doctrinally wishy-washy courses available. I have encouraged a number to apply. I trust they will, if they truly have interest in having their souls fed on the riches of God's word. I will never forget Rom 3:26 and Rom. 5:6 from this course. It led me into deep communion with our great God many times during the course of this study, it was a most rich experience of great joy to find my heart responding with great love and affection of my Savior for a grace that is immeasurably deep. O, how I look forward to being with Him forever to love and adore apart from this body of sin---what a day to look forward to. Thank you once again, to each one, even the least whose service makes this ministry to my heart possible. My heart overflows with gratitude to the Lord and each one whom He has used to encourage and so deeply bless this sinner saved by such amazing grace!

From an MZBI Grader in California:  Once again, I thank our Lord for the privilege of studying God's word with our students. To hear of the ministry work inside, as told by the students, along with the dissemination of biblically sound materials, is most exciting. I can't help but think that the grader's comments are a source of confirmation and encouragement of far reaching effects that only eternity can record. It's a labor of love that the Holy Spirit has set in our hearts, affecting this special area of the Vineyard.

From an Inmate in Texas:  I thank the Lord for all that you have done for me in the past. Through your ministry I have been blessed with some wonderful and unobtainable material inside the prison. What you provide should fill the libraries of places like this. Unfortunately, not everyone sees things the same way. Yet what you have provided me with will certainly be shared with those who will see its importance and who will benefit from it and glorify the Lord we serve.

From a Friend in Iowa:  Your literature is my lifeline to sound teaching.

From a Friend in Maine:  I cannot thank you enough for your desire to be used of God, and your obedience to Him. This ministry has been a source of mentoring for my husband and me and we are very grateful

From an Inmate in Kansas:  Thank you for all the wonderful Bible studies and literature. For the last four years I have devoured everything you have sent me. I have grown in knowledge, and my confidence in sharing the gospel has grown accordingly. Your ministry had made an eternal difference in my life and (God willing) in the lives of the people I will touch until I am called home.

From a Friend in Canada:  I thank the Lord daily for the work He has given you to do. That the Lord would be lifted up and He will draw all men to Himself. O, that the Lord would keep us humble and strip us of all pride.

From a Friend in Arkansas:  Thank you so very much for your generosity in mailing the FGBs and Christ-centered Hymn booklets (those hymns were particularly refreshing!). Already I've been blessed to distribute them and the response is overwhelming. It's encouraging to see young people hungering for these timeless truths as reprinted in your mailings. Your ministry is a unique one, and providing these resources to us at no cost has allowed us to get these God-magnifying writings into the hands of some very eager "students." We try not to take advantage of your generosity, and yet are ineffably grateful for your presence.

From a Friend in Maryland:  Thank you very much for your materials, which were distributed to the Hispanic community in Maryland and in some places in Washington, DC. Some materials were also sent to my country, Uruguay, to a church for their reading and possible distribution. Also, they were distributed to a prison which we visit weekly.

From an Inmate in Mississippi:  Thank you for your prayers and independent study lessons. Without your assistance, I would still be struggling with my life, chasing after doctrines which produce "pleasant" sensations. Thanks for your dedication; today I am more secure in my faith. It is now rooted in Scripture alone.

From a Chaplain in Florida:  The men here really enjoy reading the Chapel Library Christian booklets and tracts that are themed on Jesus Christ. The chaplaincy staff here consider Chapel Library to be a source of great inspiration to the inmates. The men love all the great items.

From an Inmate in Texas:  How can I thank you for helping me understand God's Word, and finding hope where very little hope can be found?

From an Inmate in Tennessee:  Please express my appreciation to those who sponsored this lesson for me to study, for as an inmate with very limited funds I could not have paid for it myself. Also, I know that other than books and postage, someone gives their precious time to scan these answers. To them also, I say thanks, for without your time and support these lessons would be impossible for others to benefit from.

From an Inmate in New York:  Since my last order, not much has changed except that I have matured in my walk in the Lord and in my knowledge of His Word. In part I have you and your resources to thank for your contribution to my growth. But strangely enough it wasn't so much the study aids I've purchase, as it was the free literature with its classic sermons, studies, and commentaries; for this I thank God and you.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  The material is not only free, but it is the best there is. I trust the Lord will continue to...use you to meet our need of good literature. The truth surely set us free.

From a Friend in California:  Your FGB magazine is wonderfully useful for learning about what different Christian ministers and writers of the past wrote. This compilation makes the learning more convenient for laypeople such as myself. Thanks for publishing this digest.

From a Friend in Florida:  The literature that I have received has been a true blessing. Please keep up the spreading of the gospel in this special way. The help that I have received from your generosity of sharing cannot be put into words. I have seen my knowledge of Bible Scripture increased tremendously in the last year.

From a Pastor in Mississippi:  Just a brief note to express my thanksgiving to God for your ministry. As a Christian and as a minister, I always am encouraged by the sermons in the Free Grace Broadcaster. Thank you for making the Word of God even more present in our lives.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  Your literature is still the most scriptural. I'm thankful that it was introduced to me.

From an Inmate in California:  Thank you for providing the correspondence course free of charge. Thank you for providing free tracts and pamphlets. I share them with my brothers who are committed to a walk of separation and holiness. I'll be using some notes from Mr. Shelton's "Man's Ruin-God's Redemption"this month, Lord willing, when it is my privilege to speak from the podium.

From a Friend in Indiana:  Thank you for sending me the Free Grace Broadcaster on "Thankfulness". I believe that this word of "thankfulness" is what I need to hear and obey. I am so grateful to God to have come across your ministry's website. I have already been greatly enriched by the literature you have shared on-line and in print.

From a Friend in Michigan:  The Free Grace Broadcaster arrived---what challenging selections you have assembled for us! I want to begin Spurgeon's "Your Sanctification," though I shrink from what will surely be searching words. True medicine, however, is far better than a worthless placebo, and my needy soul needs true instruction.

From a Friend in Wyoming:  I am always so touched by your ministry, when I receive the Free Grace Broadcaster and updates and news of your work for the glory of God! Thank you for putting Christ-honoring materials into the hands of so many.

From a Pastor in Mississippi:  I would like to tell you what a blessing the additional copies of the FGB which you send each quarter have been to the church I pastor. The first couple of quarters I hand delivered copies to men who I felt would read and benefit from the articles. This past quarter I placed copies on our literature table to see whether they were developing a taste. I was happy to see, that on the first morning the FGB was on the table, nearly all were taken. Most of the members of our church have had very little if any exposure to the Puritans and other Reformed writers. The FGB has not only helped me to introduce them to these writers but also to provide them with a steady diet of Reformed thought. I am seeing a real maturing take place in many and I know that the Lord is using the FGB to help in that process.

From a Friend in Texas:  Thank you for everything you have done throughout the year, as you minister to the saints at home and abroad...May God continue to uphold your ministry in the years to come for His honor and Glory.

From a Friend in California:  Your willingness to provide excellent writings are worthy. As we all know, sadly many people today simply profess to be believers, convinced they possess eternal salvation when in reality they are deceived. So many are told that all that is necessary is to mouth select words (Romans 10) and ignore the body of the word and go on living blindly as they formally did. The enemy of their soul has certainly got them deceived.

From an Inmate in Florida:  I would like to thank you for the many resources that have been made available, by God's will, to us who are seeking God while in prison. I received my Mathew Henry Study Bible and I'm pleased. What a Bible! To God be the Glory. I plan to get a "Vine's Dictionary" soon. Every book I order, I read and prayerfully study asking God to help me apply it to my life.

From an Inmate in Colorado:  I want to thank you for your ministry. I work as the Christian Chaplain's clerk here, and we are using your ministry's materials in our new "Christ Centered" living unit. The men seem to really enjoy the materials, "All of Grace" and "Hidden Life of Prayer". Much of what is presented is new to these men; even those that have made a profession of faith years past are finding the material new and exciting. I want to thank you for your commitment to those incarcerated, for we know that Jesus came to save sinners. Some of the men have been requesting other Bible studies and we plan on downloading them soon.

From a Friend in Michigan:  We very much appreciate your efforts to gather and print biblical, God honoring material and distributing it so widely.

From a Grader in Pennsylvania:  We thank the Lord on a daily basis for the good work the Lord is doing. Thank you for all the tracts and books, lessons, all pointing to a sovereign Lord, and His wonderful grace and mercy for His people. It's like spring coming in the middle of winter. I thank you for the privilege of being a grader. I receive blessings on every lesson I grade.

From an Inmate in Florida:  I like to write at least a few words and express my appreciation for all your literature, help and kindness - your organization is truly special - and I have prayed for you. It gives me great pleasure to write especially to you and say thanks so, so much.

From a Friend in Kansas:  How thankful we are to hear of your steadfastness in the faith as you have endured many trials in this past year. We strive as a family and a congregation to keep you in our prayers on a weekly basis. We rejoice in God's goodness and mercies to you all there and to us through your faithful ministries.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  Your ministry has been a tremendous blessing to us.

From a Friend in California:  We have been so blessed by the writings you have available. It honors God and encourages me.

From a Friend in Ohio:  Thank you again for publishing the Free Grace Broadcaster. It continues to be a blessing in our family's life.

From an Inmate in Illinois:  I have enjoyed this study (Holiness part 1) tremendously and await part 2. All of your studies are very good but this one (I think) is one of the better ones. Your study (and I've taken seven others) is unique in its content of authors and their works. I am well pleased with your study because it is not passive but challenging.

From an Inmate in Texas:  While doing my Bible study (Footprints of the Lamb), one of the inmates here approached me about what I was doing. After showing him he asked if he could have your address, as he wanted to enrich himself with God's word too. I wish I could express what I feel as I look back at that 10 minutes of talk with W., I liked the feeling. In my current study it talks of the love we are supposed to have for our neighbor. I see now one of the benefits of that love. What you get back is awesome, even though it was not done expecting anything. I did get something back, a prime example of the lesson I am doing. I feel like God arranged a practical demonstration for me. [NOTE: As of December 2005, we have sent materials to 36,000 inmates in all 50 states in the last 20 years - all came to us by word of mouth, sharing inmate to inmate one at a time.]

From a Friend in North Carolina:  We are grateful for your ministry. May the Lord cause much fruit to come from your labors of love.

From a Grader in California:  It is my great privilege to continue in the Lord's ministry of grading Bible correspondence courses form Mount Zion Bible Institute. It gives me entry into the lives of inmates of prisons all over the USA who are being reached and to see God's Word and work progressing among these dear and needy men.

From an Inmate in Louisiana:  These lessons are truly a spiritual joy to read, answer and discuss with friends. God bless each and every one of you for every effort exerted in getting this wonderful material out to all who request it.

From an Inmate in Texas:  Thank you for the chance to study God's word through your Institute. And I thank those who grade and correct my lessons. They give insight into scripture that's hard for me to see sometimes.

From a Chaplain in Iraq:  My requested materials arrived this week. We have been a minimized communication environment during the past few days, so I was not able to contact you and confirm the arrival until this morning. The timing could not have been better. I expect God must have been involved. We just completed our first major combat operation and many of our Marines are more spiritually sensitive. We went through the box yesterday and were very excited about the titles we will be putting up in the chow hall. We will now spread the Bread of Life upon the water and allow God to bring the fruit."

From and Inmate in Florida:  I am truly grateful to the ministry for helping me grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Awhile back I got all my study-tools from your bookstore. Thank you for making it affordable for inmates to purchase theses materials to aid in our studies. Everyone I come in contact with I be sure to tell them about your ministries.

From a Pastor in Fiji:  A group of pastors asked me to teach them the doctrines of the Word. They were much impressed with the different courses that you have sent. So I will be using these Bible courses to teach them. There are four pastors who want to be trained, and others will be joining.

From a Chaplain in South Carolina:  I am a chaplain in the US Army stationed at Fort Jackson, SC. I just got back from Iraq where I was able to distribute a box of material that you graciously mailed to me for the soldiers. I am currently serving in a basic training unit where I have the opportunity to contact roughly 5,000 soldiers a year. It is my goal to make solid, evangelical, and reformed material available to these servicemen. [CL sent a large box of material with commitment to send more.]

From a Friend in California:  I am a widow, 71 years of age, and the mother of seven precious beloved children. They've received such a blessing from your materials, etc, and so have I.

From a Friend in Arkansas:  Thank you for the ministry. Dozens of teenagers in the mid-south are reading good, God-centered, Bible saturated literature as a result of your ministry.

From a Friend in Montana:  The materials are simply incredible. Thank you for your faithfulness in communicating the gospel of grace.

From a Chaplain in Florida:  The inmates really love the material and we would like to provide them with more Christ-centered teachings. [We sent another boxful.]

From an Inmate in California:  You might wonder sometimes just what the literature means to folks who read it. Well, I've been reading a lot of the different literature for quite some time now. I appreciate it greatly. It is wonderful, and it's so true to the precious Word of God, which, today, there is so much that is other wise. I praise God for the marvelous things that are printed and send out to us. I was just reading again the Free Grace Broadcaster. It is wonderful. The Chapel Library literature is marvelously true, according to God's Word.

From an Inmate in Pennsylvania:  Yesterday I received the bible study course, "The Pilgrim's Progress."I had finished a fine course, and a three book course after that, but I just had to write to let you know that this course, "The Pilgrim's Progress,"is, without a doubt, the best one so far.  Don't get me wrong, the others were also good, but this one is awesome. I must say that the way this course teaches, using a type of thriller story, keeps you on your toes, and really helps to relate to the way life is.

From a Former Inmate in Virginia:  During my last years incarcerated, you sent a lot of material to my friends who had been told that the "old paths" were cold and sterile, little knowing the warmth and richness of our reformed heritage. You dutifully sent material, and I now get praise reports that they've begun to read more of the Puritans and similar writers. Halleluia!!

From a Former Inmate in California:  I was recently released from custody and during my "time" I was introduced to the ministry. It gave me great comfort and I gained knowledge of our Lord and drew closer to him as a result. Now I'm out and I would like to receive the Free Grace Broadcaster regularly. Thank you for the prison ministry. I want you to know that I was drawn closer to God as I, through the work of the Holy Spirit, increased my knowledge and in the process, developed a true intimacy with our Father and was deeply comforted during a dark and lonely time in my life.

From a Grader in Arkansas:  I feel that this opportunity as a grader is the greatest, most profound accomplishment of my entire life. It is my desire to convey the truth of the reality of the Lord Jesus which will make such an impact on the heart of men as to bring about contentment, stability, and usefulness in the work of the Lord, both while in prison, and after their release. These courses are extremely important. It has long been my conviction that by the means of the ministry there, God has rained down dew from Heaven upon the parched places of the earth. I can think of no greater investment that can be made toward the on going function of God's great and glorious kingdom on earth today. I am thrilled that you publish the writings of the old writers. There are not words sufficient to convey my gratitude for your publishing the priceless treasure of Pink's "Studies in the Scriptures."I believe Pink would be pleased to see how his work is still a means of enrichment for God's people who desire truth and truly spiritual writings.

From a Friend in Missouri:  I praise God for the ministry and the sound doctrinal teaching you all put out. In these days of this, "pray-the-prayer easy believe gospel" stuff that's out there. We need this kind of reading material being spread around. Good stuff, excellent discipling material.

From a Chaplain in Florida:  We have received the generous donation of cassettes, booklets and tracts. We want to thank you so much for the material and for caring about the men here. We have made the material available to our inmates. Many lives have been changed and we were able to provide the material to help encourage the men to grow in their spiritual walk. Our inmates are thankful and sincerely interested in the material.

From a Friend in California:  It is a blessing to have the messages of Spurgeon and other godly men preserved and published for this apostate generation.

From a Pastor in Tennessee:  I wish to thank you for tracts and books that I receive each quarter, I have received a great deal of help and blessings in reading the messages they contain. The Free Grace Broadcaster has truly been a great blessing, the good messages that are found therein are not held in high regard today and all too often they are hard to find. Men do not seem to want the truth, they wish to have that which exalts the flesh and forget God's Word in preference to man's ideas. The distribution of good material is a great way of spreading the truth, there is a great need in this type of work.

From an Inmate in Alaska:  I really enjoyed and was benefited by this study [Look to Jesus] of the message of God's provision in Christ for us. I marveled that it was written 150 years ago---Yet it was so true and applicable to today! Amazing how God's truth as even taught by fallible men stands true through even the test of time. That thought has really encouraged and challenged my heart. I am so grateful for His call and work accomplished for me...Thank you so very much for your ministry to those of us in prison. I cannot tell you how deeply blessed we are to have godly and sound teaching. There are a number of 'Christian' teachings here but I would say many do not have "soundness of scriptural faith."

From a Chaplain in Kansas:  We would never be able to describe how the Lord has blessed our ministry and our family through the diligent efforts. We will never be able to thank you enough for the faithful service to Him! I ministered in the Texas prison system for about six years. I am now a volunteer chaplain in a county jail in Kansas. We have faithfully distributed the materials you have sent within the county jail here. Many items have also been sent to various inmates in the Texas prison system. The Word is running swiftly!

From a Friend in Mississippi:  Thank you again for faithfulness. I thank our Lord for every tape I have received. It has been an answer to prayer. What a blessing from God this ministry has been. May God continue to bless you all as you walk in obedient service to His people. 

From an Inmate in Pennsylvania:  Thank you for the ministry, for all you do. You provide a great and needed service to a place that probably needs it most. Each and every person who is involved will probably never see all the fruit of his or her labor this side of heaven, but I wanted to let everyone know that I personally am blessed and I am able to share those blessings with others.

From a Chaplain in Montana:  I received the audiotapes that we requested, and I just wanted to thank you for the support you've demonstrated towards our needs. Your ministry is a valuable resource!

From a Friend in New York:  I have to say that the spiritual darkness is substantial. I try to use these resources in my conversations and correspondence with others who I sense might take them to heart and profit by them. Perhaps some day they will bear good fruit. There is simply no substitute out there at all for such good materials. The local Christian bookstore...simply has nothing comparable to these. So the materials that you provide fill a real gap and need.

From Friends in Ohio:  During a brief trip to the Gulf Coast...we had been encouraged to stop by your facility by our local pastor...This was our first visit to Chapel Library and it was certainly a very pleasant experience...We were not aware of all the worthwhile missions that are provided by your organization; it was a real learning experience. Touring your operation and actually seeing some of the materials being printed was a real treat for us.

From a Friend in South Carolina:  I have recently received the Free Grace Broadcaster (on Thankfulness) from a dear friend. And I am so thankful for the rich and precious truths contained therein. Thank you for your faithful ministry for the good of God's people and for His glory.

From a Friend in Florida:  The literature that I have received has been a true blessing. Please keep up the spreading of the gospel in this special way. The help that I have received...cannot be put into words. I am so thankful to have all this. I have seen my knowledge of Bible scripture increased tremendously in the last year.

From a Chaplain in Alabama:  Thank you for your donation of books for our upcoming graduation ceremony. I'm sure the men will be most appreciative! It is wonderful to see men growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and have their hard-earned accomplishments recognized. Thank you for being a part of our special day.

From a Chaplain in Arkansas:  Thank you so much for the Christian Literature that we received today, it through ministries such as yours that help in the rehabilitation of inmates...We are doing every thing that we can through our Lord Jesus Christ, to put these men on the right path before they are released. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated. This unit looks forward to working with you through the coming year, may God's light continue to shine on all the fine work that you do.

From a Missionary Family in Romania:  We do so appreciate the booklets that you all sent to us and I can say of a truth that they are being given out with care and prayer. Anytime that you can send us more they will be used. I think that What Is a Biblical Christian is one of the best booklets that I have found in Romanian for teaching people what it means to be a true Christian.

From a Chaplain in Michigan:  As a prison chaplain, I want to commend you for your Christ-honoring literature, tapes, and courses. At my recommendation, increasing numbers of inmates are ordering your literature and enrolling in courses. I keep a supply of your tracts on our literature table for every Sunday service, and I have my clerk distribute the evangelistic tracts in the units. With so many shallow and deceptive "ministries" influencing prisoners through television and literature that encourage the natural selfish tendencies we all have, I thank God for your outreach that seeks "To humble the pride of man, to exalt the grace of God in salvation, and to promote real holiness in heart and life." May God continue to bless your efforts.

From an Inmate in Oregon:  Praise the Lord for your awesome Bible studies! I just want to say that by far these are the best Bible studies I've come across. What I mean is, your studies teach people what the Bible really says, and how to apply Jesus directly to every circumstance in life. I really appreciate the time taken to go over our studies, and the comments made by the instructors. Thanks again!

From a Chaplain in Florida:  We want to thank you so much for the material...and for caring about the men here. Through your kindness, many lives have been changed and we were able to provide the material to help encourage the men to grow in their spiritual walk.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  Thank you so much for making these wonderful resources available. I am sure they are and have been a blessing to many, and I am thankful that I am among the privileged ones. I am a great admirer of the "old books', and the writers you choose are godly men, of great clarity of thought, and such fervent love of the Savior, that the blessings are multiplied, pressed down, shaken together, and running over.

From a Pastor in Texas:  I received the materials today and want to thank you very much for your love for the Gospel. I and others will be taking the materials to Central America on Saturday. I believe that through your giving, many souls will come to know Christ as their Savior and Lord.

From Friends in New York:  Recently we received a free copy of the Free Grace Broadcaster with our order from Vision Forum. God's providential care made us aware of their wonderful ministry and their inclusion of the Broadcaster in our order made us aware of your wonderful ministry. We are blessed, thankful, and excited to know there are still ministries such as yours and theirs. You publish the authors we love. Thank you again for helping to lead people back to the old paths. I don't think the need was ever greater.

From a Pastor in North Carolina:  I have been receiving and using your materials for approximately 12-13 years now, and find it very helpful. I appreciate that you are a faith ministry and that you truly endeavor to further the cause of Christ in these last days. I have been pastoring here for over 16 years now, and have used your materials in Bible Studies and in sermons that have been a great help to others as well. 

From a Friend in Oklahoma:  We truly love and appreciate all you are doing to get the good messages of our Savior to the world.

From a Friend in Colorado:  How I've come to know about your literature is; my auntie receives it at her home in Denver. Her knowing that I am a man of God, she gives to me all the mail that comes from your ministry. I've been reading it and to be honest, it's been helping me out more and more.

From a Friend in Virginia:  Thank you for all the wonderful materials. We are giving your name to a couple of new Christians so they can learn the right things.

From an Inmate in Wisconsin:  I wish to thank you very much for the correspondence course "Look to Jesus". I finished it yesterday and my heart soared as it confirmed..."Salvation is of the Lord." For years I unwittingly put more trust in a "sinners prayer" than I did in Jesus. I was one of those he describes [William Reid in Look to Jesus ] "Take care lest you fall into the error so common among anxious souls of making a savior of the "frames " of your own mind..." In the past I refused to take other correspondent courses because they seemed so shallow that casual reading of the Bible itself would be more beneficial. Then I got some literature from you and so thoroughly was uplifted that I decided to give your correspondence course a try and I'm glad I did. It brings out the heart of the matter and being a "recovering legalist," I needed that desperately. Our Chaplain gave me the opportunity to teach Sunday school for a month and the lesson was on the authority of Jesus. I used your booklet "The Sovereignty of God in Providence"as a reference which really added to the lesson. It was well received by the approximately 40 other inmates. I gave them the Chapel Library address and encouraged them to write to you..."

From a Friend in South Carolina:  You have certainly been a blessing to me and my spiritual growth over the last 5-6 years and for years to come by the grace of God. It is great food for the soul to read what these great hero's of the faith wrote 2-4 hundred years ago. The great thing about it is the fact that what they are writing about, God and His revealed Word, is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That is why reading it today is still a blessing. You have so many great authors and titles, and they are truly the very best writings that anyone could ever reproduce and read. They lead us onward in the right direction, and where would we all be without them? Where would I be without them?, I must ask!

From a FormerState Representative:  About 4 years ago, my wife and I came to reformed convictions...The Free Grace Broadcaster has been a great blessing. Your issue on Family Worship is, I think, especially needed in our time.

From a Friend in Florida:  Praise the Lord that there are still people who love sound doctrine and hold true to the old paths. The literature has truly helped my walk with the Lord and has opened my eyes to true holiness. Thank you for the abundance of blessing that you have given only by God's perfect grace and mercy.

From (where the MZ Bible Institute courses may be downloaded worldwide): 
"I am one of the pastors in Saudi Arabia serving our Lord Jesus Christ with my family last 12 years. With my elders I am running two underground churches. We already are going through your studies. They help us to build disciples in this kingdom." - Saudi Arabia
"I am thanking the Lord for this kind of ministry." -
"This is great material for personal and ministry growth." -
"Thank God for free study of His Word." - Oklahoma

From a Pastor at a Seminary in South Africa:  After opening the large package from Chapel Library, we are praising God for His generosity to us! These resources will soon be devoured by faculty and students alike. Thank you for your kind, abundant provision of some of the exact resources that I think we need at this time.

From an Inmate in Florida:  It has been a blessing to receive the wisdom, knowledge and spiritual understanding that God has provided for me through the ministry He has begun through you all. It is an indescribable feeling to know that God chose me, before the foundation of the world for salvation. It's humbling to know that it was nothing I have done, nor could do to have merited that salvation. All the praise and Gory is to God. Now as a product of that blessed salvation I shall follow Him as He leads me unto the good works He has prepared for me. I know in this world I won't become sinless, but I also know I will, through the power of Christ (Phil 4:13) sin less. Glory be to God.

From a Friend in South Carolina:  Very recently I received your introductory package, which I have been reading intensively. I have been a Christian for over thirty years, but it seems that God is using your materials to stimulate a tremendous growth spurt in me and my family. I am impressed with the simplicity of what God is revealing to me through your publications, and also (to be honest) embarrassed and ashamed that I had not grasped some of these simple truths previously.

From a Letter from Ohioto Pastor John Piper  (forwarded to us from Desiring God Ministries):  Saved at age 32 when God pushed me to the floor daily (when the children napped), to say with agony, "Oh God, I want to know you as real as this floor I'm pressing myself against." After several years, this was answered. I started a 56-year search for a satisfying pastor. Being led to Reformed doctrine in 1969 was a phenomenal boost. All the troubling Bible interpretations were proven to be false, as I had felt they were. So I continued my search for a real pastor. How many churches? God, at last, led me to your taped sermons and, at last, I am COMFORTABLE and RELIEVED, at age 85.  Oh, the dismal U.S. Christianity scene. But we still have free speech, praise God. And we can search unimpeded. I have joyful relief, indescribable, as you preach. "YES! YES! THIS IS IT." I am now 86, caring (with God-given miraculous help, caring for my Alzheimer's husband. Isolated from every friend and relative (except for blessed phone). Unable to drive anymore (eyesight). Far out in a precious woods. More content than I've ever been. Add to that, doses of exhilarating truth morning and evening as I hear your sermons provided free-of-charge by Chapel Library in Pensacola, FL. Sometimes I listen to the same tape five times and am lifted again and again to the GLORY of God.  I have found more than I've been searching for ever since age 32 - "knowing God as substantial as the floor under me." I am one of the happiest people on earth.

From a Pastor in Mississippi:  Your materials have been a blessing as I'm not able to purchase works that I would like to have.

From an Inmate in Nebraska:  This course came in the mail on a day I was almost ready to give up. I started reading then I started crying. It seemed as though it was all about me. This is the 2nd day that I have had the book and I feel a new closeness to Jesus and a new strength to carry on. I'm not sure if we could call this a miracle but I certainly needed it to happen when it did. Thank you, whoever you are, for caring enough to help me. If you have ever wondered if your work is in vain, my story will assure you that it is certainly not. 

From an Inmate in California:  I write to express my deepest gratitude to all of you at Chapel Library for ministering as you do not only to me, but to all the body of Christ. From time to time you have sent books and literature to me here in prison. Materials containing sound Biblical instruction which is invaluable by my estimation. Invaluable because it contained truth and instruction for the soul which desires to draw near to God. Invaluable because it was a gift which came from your desire to share the priceless Word of God which is able to make one wise unto salvation. Your ministering to me has helped in my ability to minister to others as God opens the doors for me to preach and/or teach my fellow inmates. Any ministry I have is from God, but you are the means by which I receive sound doctrine.

From a Friend in Virginia:  I received the last three months of Studies in the Scriptures for 1942, and I wanted to try to say how thankful I feel towards you for continuing to mail them to me. That completes eleven years! I started getting them in January of 1994 when you began to make Pink's magazine available exactly as it appeared. I thank you for your commitment to do so all these years...Lord willing, I hope to continue to receive them in the coming years.

From a Friend in Texas:  As always, the literature you publish is the finest and most biblical that can be found, I believe, anywhere in the world. May our Lord continue to keep His hand of blessing and protection upon your work till Jesus comes.

From an Inmate in Michigan:  Thank you for helping me during this time that the mighty Creator has opened my eyes. I'm getting out in April and I'm scared. I've never known Jesus in the free world. Will you please pray for me? Your literature has helped this compound a lot. It's by far the preferred reading here!

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  Greetings to all of you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We thank you all for your labors in sending out all the Christ honoring material. We come in contact with something from Chapel Library daily in our lives, and for that we are thankful. It has made a great difference in our lives, and with our walk with the Lord and each other.

From a Friend in Minnesota:  I am so glad that you make these resources available. Not only are these booklets far superior to almost anything available today, they are "new" doctrine for a lot of people I share them with.

From a Friend in Texas:  We love giving out your material. A lady who we got hooked on Spurgeon recently told me she was stubborn and resistant but is now a "Born Again Christian." She has only a short time to live (cancer).

From an Inmate in California:  I have completed Holiness, Part 2. I cannot express the joy I feel by completing this course. I finally finished something of value. I never thought I would. This course has taught me the value of persevering. So many times I wanted to quit, but I couldn't. I loved this study. My desire is to go to Bible college, and I feel like MZBI is preparing me for this. I have found the courses thought provoking, edifying and challenging. Thank you.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks for the ministry our Lord has you in! I benefit so much from all the good God-fearing literature you send my way. Nothing feeds my soul so much. There is literally "a church on every corner" where I live, but the word of truth is not taught! A sad condition indeed. Your ministry has greatly blessed me and my family.

From an Inmate in Kentucky:  [Regarding the course A Call to Prayer by J.C. Ryle.] I have learned that for one I should never put a time limit on my prayers. Being in a correctional facility we have controlled movement and such but if I get up earlier I can tarry longer. It doesn't come easy but it's worth the endurance. And throughout my day, walking, working, talking with others, I am learning to search out what to pray for them and their needs as well. Be vigilant, fervent, obedient, persistent. There is so much I have gained and learned from this lesson.

From an Inmate in North Carolina:  Through the past few months I have collected a portion of your literature. I have found the reading very inspiring for the love of Christ, and towards the Christian family. I want to thank you dearly for what you are offering through your ministry.

From an Inmate in Texas:  Your publications have enriched my spiritual walk and given me an understanding of my Lord and Savior and a new found appreciation for His Word. I don't believe I could have attained any of that without them. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a real true grasp of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I felt in the past that my salvation hinged on my perfect obedience and not on Jesus Christ's.

From an Inmate in Virginia:  I praise God for your school and thank Him for all that you do. Words can't express my heartfelt gratitude that I feel for all the instructors (graders) who have put so much work into my studies. You have been a major influence in my theology. Thank you, not only for the influence you have had in my life but for the many lives you have touched.

From a Friend in Texas:  Thank you from the heart for remaining true to God and the doctrine of Grace. You do not mix law and grace as the majority of "Christendom" does. Your love is the love of Christ. You are loved and appreciated.

From a Friend in North Carolina:  A friend of mine who subscribes to the Free Grace Broadcaster gave me a copy of the "Justification" issue. It's a wonderful collection of insight. My wife and I have a friend in town visiting and last night the two of them began sharing how they sometimes wonder if they're really saved. I brought up the theology of Justification and shared the "Justification" issue with them.

From a Friend in Pennsylvania:  Your address was listed on the back of Andrew Dunn which I bought from Rod and Staff. I have been reading the family worship articles on your site. I wish every Christian would read them.

From a Friend in Illinois:  I do enjoy sharing these booklets with many people. I even had the opportunity to share some with an Amish couple. I gave them Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and they found it discouraging, but it gave me a chance to share about God's free grace.

From a Chaplain in Rhode Island:  Once again, we would like to thank you very much for your extremely generous donation of Christian books to our prison ministry. We praise God that He has allowed you to bless us in this way. These books will be added to our chapel library and be made available to all who wish to seek biblical answers to overcoming their issues. It is our continual prayer that each man here endeavor to purify their hearts and minds through the study of God's word, as well as reading biblically sound books, such as the type you have provided to us, and come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior if they have not already done so.

From one of the Branches in Zambia:  I received your letter and a tape of the funeral of Rev. Shelton. I was very much encouraged for the way you buried the man of God, who has done a lot for the Lord. I do appreciate the assistance you are giving to Christians in our country, people like learning the Word of God, especially these lessons. Continue educating us in the Word of God.

From a Friend in Ethiopia:  I am saved, and I love Jesus as my Saviour and Teacher. I'm very happy with you for providing me some booklets, and I have been blessed with interesting and good teachings. During the time I was away from my country, my people and family thanked a lot, even my friends were happy in the "Bible teachings" of the Ruler of the waves. We have seen the hand of the Lord, and may God bless you richly in preaching. I was with UN MEE Mission, Eritrea where "Protestants" are not allowed for prayers, only "Muslims" and "Orthodox"; but I hope with God's help Christ will be praised there openly one day---nothing is too hard for God. I'll be very thankful, and may the name of the Lord be praised highly all the time.

From an MZBI Branch in the Philippines:  I am so grateful for the privilege to receive a parcel box containing sound Christian literature from Chapel Library. These are so precious and valuable gifts, and I considered it as a great help in the ministry given by God to enlighten my way in pursuing the Lord's mandate to spread out the Good News. The Lord's work in Mindanao by God's grace, through the Sovereign Grace Baptist Fellowship, which based is in Panabo City, has 20 church workers actively serving the Lord in their respective place of work. But still there are thousands of places in Mindanao that have no churches yet, and we need to train more disciples to reach out the unreached people.

From a Pastor in Alberta, Canada:  God bless you for your work on the Spurgeon Audio Page. ( I am a lay preacher who writes on the web and conducts my own home church. Therefore, I do not hear many sermons by other preachers. And when I do, they mostly make me feel very disappointed or even angry, because of their poor treatment of the Word of God, with much compromise and false doctrine. I like listening to the occasional radio broadcast, but they often come at times when I am unavailable, and I have the same problem with them. Most sermons on the radio or television are not faithful to God's truth, and are even blasphemous frequently. The point is, I love Spurgeon's sermons. Sometimes I just read them. But, other times, it is best to lie down and just let his words minister to the mind and heart. When I am down, and cannot write, his words encourage me to rise up again and fight the good fight. What a blessing he has been. What a blessing your recordings of his sermons have been. Thank you for doing this and making them available to the public.

From an Inmate in California:  Your materials are what the Spirit of God has used to reveal so many great truths that I have come to love. Sometimes these truths are scattered throughout the Scriptures, and it's hard to formulate said doctrines without someone to gather them in a grouping and give them systematically. After going through these I want to know more, and I love to teach them, just teaching the attributes of God has been a joy. Even one of the pastors who comes in from the outside said that after he had taken some of your courses his theology has changed from free will to sovereign grace. Be encouraged your labors are bringing fruit here. I will however always recommend you to everybody, and I will always be a partner with you in the truth. Although we've never met you are greatly loved by me and will meet some day free from sin in eternal fellowship.

From a Pastor in Brazil:  I am a 56 years old Brazilian Bible Baptist pastor, retired of an official bank, pastor by self-choice, honored by the beloved "Caruaru Bible Baptist Church," and when I involved myself with this church it has only 8 to 10 people in the Sunday School. It was in 1988, and now we have a Sunday School with a media of 180; and we founded another church near my city and it has now 42 members and we are founding a new church in a little village with 20 members. The village has 3,000 people and the Catholic Priest there is persecuting our new church. But I could be more happy, and I can't! I can't be more happy because in my State I can found hundreds of little villages with thousands of people that never have listened about Jesus. Villages dominated by Catholic Church, with ignorant leaders, poor, needy people. Always I go to a missionaire trip I see some of that villages. No believers, no evangelical churches, no preachers, no hope. I can't be more happy because millions of Brazilian spiritual needed are going to the eternal abiss. I can't be more happy specially because I can do nothing. No sufficient preachers, no sufficient pastors, no sufficient evangelists or missionaires and no money to send them. Be sure that all that tracts will be given to spiritualy needed people.

From a Friend in Michigan:  I continue to be blessed by the work our Lord has privileged you to do, as each quarter the result of your faithful labors come into my home to refresh my soul. The arrival of each mailing puts my heart to rejoicing in one sense, as I know that there are times of refreshing inside the envelope. In another sense I experience a measure of sorrow, as I consider how few of like precious faith there are who are working to produce such God-honoring materials, but who seem concerned with the profit in their pockets rather than the profit in the reader's soul.

From a Friend in South Carolina:  Thank you for your continued zeal and heartfelt concern for the spread of the gospel. Your publications have encouraged, rebuked, and enlightened my personal walk with Christ.

From an Inmate in California:  I want to thank all of you at Mt. Zion Bible Institute for the care you have displayed in my spiritual growth over the past four years. You have demonstrated your love for me beyond measure. You have served Christ faithfully and demonstrated your only desire to glorify God Almighty and our Lord Jesus Christ in the saving of souls.

From one of the Branches in India:  I am grateful for the courses and literature which are very useful in our ministry. The lectures are being used by many ministers and we are really being blessed and challenged by those wonderful teachings. I have been receiving many wonderful letters from our clients in India, who are studying our MZBI courses. Many are witnessing how their ministry is being transformed through our MZBI lessons.

From a Friend in New York:  Thank you so much for your faithful preaching of the Gospel. Your steadfastness is a great inspiration to me.

From a Friend in Illinois:  MountZion has been a beacon of hope in my walk with the Lord, and has opened my eyes and heart to teachings I might not otherwise have encountered.

From an Inmate in California:  First of all, I do want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my life in these steps I have taken for the past few years. You have helped me so much with the studies I receive from you. Also for the literature I have been blessed with. Not many ministries are so willing to bless in abundance.

From a Pastor in WashingtonState:  Thank you for all that you do to strengthen us pastors with printed material to give to believers as well as the gospel to the lost.

From a Friend in Trinidad, West Indies:  First Message: I read online that you have materials for prisons, and we could use some of these in our ministry here in Trinidad, West Indies. I have been visiting one of the ladies on death row for almost two years now. I can only see her for 15 minutes each time, and it would be such a help to be able to give her materials to study. She does ask me questions about the Bible. I visit every week, and now I find there are two more women interested in the gospel. To this point the door is closed for my pastor or other men in the church to hold services there. We are praying much that a door would open. So any material you can send would be greatly appreciated Thank you so much. Second Message: A box of wonderful materials arrived from you yesterday, and I am so thrilled! All the materials will be put to good use and divided between two churches here. Thank you so very much! These are just what we need.

From a Short-term Mission Trip to Romania:  We drove about 15 miles into the rural area, then up into the hills, to a remote mountain-type of village; rough dirt roads over which you would not want to drive your car; we stopped at a house in the village and went inside; I found two ladies and 8 children sitting in an 8x8 foot room in a circle. One lady had been meeting with the 8 children in the forest in meetings, basically as a church; they had nowhere indoors to meet, so they had become a "forest" church, meeting outdoors in the trees regularly; then a little girl among them had prayed to the true God that He would give them a room to meet in, out of the cold and the rain in the forest. Now the younger daughter's husband finally has allowed them to begin to meet in this small room in their house. As I wondered what to share, I went to John 3 and began to talk about the children of Israel and Moses with the serpent in the wilderness, when the translator stopped me and looking at me, quietly said to me in broken English, "They do not know who or what Israel was and they do not know who Moses was." I was startled and moved in my heart, as I realized that here was a group that knew NOTHING AT ALL. What was I to do? I decided to do what Paul did in Acts 17 to a people who also knew nothing. I shared the same truths that Paul covered in Acts 17, then went back and explained who Israel was and who Moses was; then I went to John 3 finally, explaining the serpent in the wilderness and that the Son of God was put on a pole like that to die for sinners; I closed by exhorting them to put all their trust in Him and give themselves to Him; I then taught them a children's chorus which they could remember long after I would be gone; When I closed, I did not know what to do; the children were dirty, ragged, beautiful Romanian children who wanted to know, and as I drove away, I could hardly take it in, that God had given me the unspeakable privilege of at least once in my life doing what Paul was able to do many times---tell those who have never, ever heard. I won't ever forget it.   [Chapel Library prints What is a Biblical Christian? in Romanian and has sent 17,000 in five years.]

From a Prison Chaplain in Virginia:  On behalf of the chaplain's office here at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center, as well as the inmates, thank you for the tremendous gift of materials. We received a box of many fantastic tracts and booklets, Bible study courses, and inmate order forms for free literature for inmates. We praise God for His faithful servants who give their financial resources in order to bless God's kingdom. We have already distributed over half of the materials.

From a Friend in California:  I appreciate the great work you are doing of getting the printed word out to multitudes of people that have never heard the Gospel.

From a Friend in Georgia:  It was with great thankfulness that I received the latest Free Grace Broadcaster. I have come to really appreciate these most helpful publications. Each time I receive a new one it is like finding a long lost friend. The articles are so refreshing and challenging and helpful to the Christian walk. Walking with God as all the holy men and women of old have in this increasingly wicked generation is no easy matter. These richly varied articles from godly men are a real help. I would like you all to know that after I read the materials, I then send them off to two pastors in the Philippines, one on Bohol Island and the other on neighboring Mindanao Island. They have told me repeatedly that the materials are of real encouragement to them. They also then bring the teaching and instruction to the people under their ministries.

From a Friend in Missouri:  Thanks so much for your recent Free Grace Broadcaster. I can think of no better resource of fine Christian works than your ministry.

From a Friend in Texas:  Thank you for the privilege of being able to receive the Free Grace Broadcaster these many years and enabling me to read some sound Christian material...In these perilous times the truth of God's Word need to be greatly proclaimed when so many false prophets and teachers seem to be gaining so many followers and their false doctrines seem so popular to the unlearned, so my prayer is that God would be pleased to grant you much grace to stand upon the truth of his Word and grace.

From a Friend in North Carolina:  I have received the material and want to thank you very much for it is much help to me. I get much strength from this literature. I pass this literature on to others, some are lost but some are Christians needing strength just as I do. Some of your literature I keep and read many times so as to get the full measure of benefit. Sometimes I hand copy portions into a notebook and pass the literature on to someone else. I received a booklet from you long ago called Heaven a World of Love, by Jonathan Edwards. I've read this over and over and have received such comfort and joy from it that I would like to give some copies to friends and acquaintances.

From a Friend in Virginia:  I have not yet thanked you for the copies of the Free Grace Broadcaster you've been sending. Although I haven't taken time to read every article of every edition, this booklet about "Faith" struck a timely chord in my heart. I read the whole thing with great interest. It's a masterpiece. I appreciate your vision, which clearly extends beyond your local church.

From a Friend in France:  I am a member of a church here in France, and I write to thank you for the very good books I received from you.

From a Friend in Texas:  Thank you for retaining me on your mailing list, though I have had no funds and made no contributions. Your books and tracts have been a blessing to me, and when I finish with them, I pass them on to continue the blessing.

From a Chaplain in Florida:  Praise the Lord for your speedy response to our recent request. May God bless every seed you've sown in the lives of the men here at the correctional institution. Know that your donation was an answer to the prayers of those same men. Bear with me a moment and I'll share with you one example out of many. Not long before we wrote asking for reference materials, we had some promised from another source, among them was to have a copy of a much requested Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon . Unfortunately, they were unable to secure one for us. Within a couple of days we received your donation containing a BDB Lexicon, and many others. The books will enhance our reference library immeasurably, and by sending multiple copies of some of the books, we have been able to expand our ministry at the Work Camp.

From a Friend in South Carolina:  In our day it seems that everyone has something to sell to meet their financial needs. And yet all of your materials are absolutely free for the asking. I truly do marvel at this when I think about it.

From an Inmate in Alabama:  I've just finished reading a copy of the True Gospel of Christ vs. the False Gospel of Carnal Christianity. The book was one of the best I've ever read and was dilapidated, probably due to so much reading. I'm an inmate Pastor here at a receiving unit for all men entering the Alabama Penal System. We try to reach everyone coming through here, telling them of Christ. The book I've been reading belongs to someone else who is leaving here and I would like to share it with others. Our congregation from 96-100 changes every 30 days, and I am doing my best to tell the True Gospel.

From a Pastor in Burundi Africa:  I am an overseer of Pentecostal churches in Burundi and graduated Bible College in Kenya to study. When I was in Kenya I got from you one packet of materials which enabled me to teach and train others in my country-house. I was so much impressed by your materials written by the inspired men of God to challenge us and even prepare the people for the ministry. Though this country has been passing through civil-war, but beside that God Almighty has a great plan for his people. As you know we do not have such materials from our country even more expensive to buy from other countries.

From a Friend in New Jersey:  Just a note to say how much I am benefiting already. Such godly material seeks to challenge and purify the heart. How refreshing to find a school that focuses on the heart first and not just filling the head.

From a Prisoner in California:  When I began to seek God three years ago, I began to learn more than ever, even more than when I was living in this world as a "free sinner." I guess I thought I was a child of God back then because as a young boy I was baptized and so on, so I now realize that if I was a child of god then, I surely was a lost one!! But now...I continue to learn who I really am in the light of God and who God is in the darkness of me.

From a Friend in Canada:  Perhaps my first attraction to the magazine was the simple format so much like the Prairie Overcomer, of which I was at one time the Assistant to the Editor. About the time I left the Faculty of the Prairie Bible Institute in 1988, major changes were underway and the Overcomer soon passed into oblivion. But the greatest attraction was the obvious emphasis of the Free Grace Broadcaster in the Statement of Purpose and the Scripture verses on the cover. My soul is refreshed.

From a Friend in United Arab Emirates:  Brothers and sisters in Christ, I write to you from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., a nation whose major population follows Islam. Jesus said in Matthew 24:14, "...And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come..." I tell you, there are millions and millions of people in the Middle East who have never heard of Jesus or who have false information about the time meaning and plan of salvation. The Middle East is the place where it all started and it will be the place where it all will end (Rev. 16:16). In this part of the world, good reference books and commentaries on the Bible are hard to find. Books explaining the steps, ways, and giving guidelines on how to best share the Gospel with Muslims are obviously unavailable. Therefore, I'm asking for your help to provide me with whatever books you think are necessary to equip me in sharing the Good News to many Muslim colleagues and friends of mine, that they too may experience the love of Christ and be saved. [We sent a good assortment.]

From a Pastor in the Philippines:  I thank the Lord and you for all the materials that I've received from you. This has been of great use and blessing to every student in my Sunday School class and Bible Studies here.

From a Pastor in Ohio:  Your ministry has been a real blessing to me and other preachers that I know.

From a Prisoner in Colorado:  First I'd like to say, Thank you very much for the Spanish booklets you sent to my self and my brothers here at the Federal Correctional Institution. They were received well with our Spanish brothers. Of course it was a diet of sound doctrine. Not the usual sensational type of material they were accustomed to. So it will take longer for some than others to humble themselves to the might hand of God. I never knew of you before, until Soli Deo introduced me to you. Now I even see you mentioned in the Banner of Truth magazine (African Fund). Please keep up the good work, other nationalities need sound doctrine in their own tongue. Many are not as blessed as we are who read English.

From a Pastor in Canada:  The other day, a friend gave me an issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster with the theme of the Holy Spirit. My wife and I were awake until 11:00pm discussing the truths of God's Word and the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We were encouraged that your magazine promotes the true Biblical teaching of this doctrine.

From a Friend on the Internet:  I praise God for the ministry that He has raised up there! Again it seems that God has yet opened a door for the true gospel of His grace to be heard around the world! I praise Him for that. You will never know all the encouragement I have received.

From a Friend in California:  I have been a Christian for twenty years, having my ups and downs during this period of time. Having read volumes of books pertaining to the Scripture, I have not been as blessed spiritually as I have been in receiving your various tracts and booklets. They are meat to a starving soul. They have revived me spiritually speaking. Two booklets in particular are, In the Footprints of the Lamb, and Experimental Union. I highly recommend them to all Christians. I also deeply appreciated you putting me on your mailing list to receive the Free Grace Broadcaster. What a marvelous publication. Your publications have renewed my faith in God and His glorious grace that He sheds towards all of us. I have searched far and wide to find a ministry whose publications bring honor and glory to our great Lord and Saviour Jesus; my search is over---to God be the glory.

From a Prisoner in South Carolina:  How much I appreciate the material that you have graciously sent me. Truly it is nothing short of a blessing which God the Father has placed on your heart to supply inmates with the material that you have available. As you all know even in the free world that many local churches are not familiar with the teachings of our reformed father's. Personally I understand that these doctrines are not new, they were taught by the apostles. I am also convinced by the Holy Spirit that these teachings are also in desperate need in prisons throughout the United States.

From a Prisoner in Arizona:  The material you sent me was found to be very scripturally sound and of great gain to me as a child of God. Of especial blessing was your Free Grace Broadcaster on repentance. The merciful providence of God is something to behold. For months a struggle has been raging in my life that had me truly wondering about the reality of repentance and faith in my life. But God in his mercy had the first thing I read to deal with the very issue I was struggling with, namely the actual turning away from the sin I hate so much. It was these words by you, "But let me warn you, you're not to seek to draw up repentance from the depths of your own heart as you might draw up water from a well, but you are to come to Christ for it; you are to ask Christ to work repentance in you by the Holy Spirit, though belief of the truth as it is recorded in the Word of God or as it is set before you in the preaching of the gospel." This showed me that I was looking to myself for repentance rather than to Christ. So thank you very much as the Lord used you to show me the errors of my way and has given me the true repentance.

From a Friend in California:  I have just finished reading another volume of Studies in the Scriptures vol. 12 Dec. 1933 and was greatly blessed by the many articles of study. The article, "A Warning" caused me to look deeply within myself as I am instructed to do by the Word of God (2 Cor. 13:5; examine yourselves, whether ye are in the faith...) As I read the "Marks of Religious Declension" I could not but bow to my Lord and ask God my Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me for my frailty, for each of these points, in one way or other convicted me of guilt. This along with the article on "Heart Work" spoke to my Spirit and edified me greatly---the keeping of the heart, how God's Word speaks to my soul. I thank you very much for the study material which you faithfully continue to send to me.

From a Prisoner in Georgia:  I received a tract How Shall I Go to God? by Horatius Bonar, and the true story touched me. I have rededicated my life to God by surrendering all to the Lordship of Jesus Christ my Lord. I am walking in faith through His name; faith that I am reconciled to God and have re-awakened my spirit to receive all spiritual blessings, and to be supplied with all my need to serve Jesus, my Lord, with joy and peace of mind. I am interested in obtaining the book entitled, God's Way of Peace. I cannot pay right now, but, please put this to my account.

From a Pastor in the Philippines:  Thank you very much for your prompt and positive response to my request...for your Free Grace Broadcaster magazine. I was overwhelmed with joy upon receiving your indispensable tools for personal Bible study. In fact, I've been praying to acquire these materials for a long long time. It is my prayer that these materials will deepen my knowledge of God's Word, to edify the body of Christ for His honor and glory. Finally, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for...all the brethren who are faithfully supporting and laboring for this ministry.

From a Friend in Tennessee:  I thank you for your faithfulness to send out the Free Grace Broadcaster, the Studies in the Scriptures, and the sermon tapes. Every item you send me is like a cool breeze in the desert. I listen to the tapes over and over, every time I pick up something that I hadn't heard the last time around. A.W. Pink is especially dear to me. His insight and his heart for the truth is very encouraging to me.