Chapel Library is a faith ministry that relies upon God’s faithfulness. We seek His glory in all things, depending upon Him to supply our needs through those who freely desire to give and pray. We therefore do not solicit donations; you will only hear from us when you request materials or receive your subscription. We also do not share our mailing list, so your contact information will remain secure with us.

Chapel Library operates under the oversight of Mount Zion Bible Church, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. The elders of the church oversee Chapel Library, and most of the full-time staff are church members.

Please give to your local church before giving to Chapel Library.

We accept credit or debit cards through PayPal.

via PayPal

Having a PayPal account is not necessary. All information is processed at PayPal's secure website. PayPal charges a small processing fee; therefore, larger donations are more cost effective by check through the mail. 

Financial statement (last 7 years, PDF)    Notes for Financial Statement (PDF)

Financial separation: Chapel Library uses donations exclusively for worldwide literature, audio, prison, school, and internet ministries. We use 100% of funds to support these ministries. Gifts to the local ministry of Mt. Zion Bible Church and all local church expenses are kept separate from the worldwide Chapel Library ministries.

Faith: Chapel Library depends on our sovereign God to meet all our needs. We are truly grateful for His providing so many supporters, and we are committed to the financial principles practiced since our founding in 1979:
.      - we do not solicit donations
.      - we do not share our mailing list with others
.      - we do not send promotional mailings.

Accountability: MZBC believes in and practices accountability. Two staff members open every envelope and verify all donations. Two staff members are involved in payment, reconciliation, and reporting procedures. We keep receipts for all expenses, and produce an income and expense statement monthly. We post these statements in the church for public viewing, and we send copies to those who request them. We send tax-deductible receipts at year-end to all who donate more than $250.

Cash basis: MZBC and Chapel Library operate on a cash basis, paying all legitimate bills weekly in full. We do not incur debt, believing the Lord will direct our paths by providing funds before all expenses. Therefore, by God's grace, all buildings and equipment are paid for. We keep our overheads to a minimum. Employees receive modest compensation for a basic standard of living.

Accounting practices: We follow the most conservative accounting practices, operating on a cash basis, and paying all invoices weekly, D.V. CPAs have reviewed and approved our ministry practices for financial and legal integrity.

Operational guidelines:
1. We send large quantities of literature without charge for general use to those who request "as much as you can send": chaplains, conferences, evangelism outreach, missions, and qualified pastors and Bible colleges worldwide.

2. We also receive requests for specific titles. We send up to $20 of materials once per month per household without charge in the USA and Canada. We also send limited quantities once per month via the online shopping cart, and to each inmate request. When individuals request larger quantities, we make them available at our cost.

3. We always endeavor to fill each order for specific titles as requested (2 above). Additionally, when financial resources are abundant, we send large quantities for missions without charge (1 above). When financial resources are lean, we send smaller amounts without charge.

4. Our main variable operational expenses are repairs, paper, and postage. When financial resources are lean, we suspend repairs that are not urgent, we buy less paper and postage, and we send out proportionately less literature for general use (more detail, PDF).