Conferences (MP3)

MZBC and Chapel Library hold occasional conferences devoted both to doctrine and to strengthening Christian families under the authority of the local church.


Family Conference 2016



Family Conference 2014



Building Biblical Churches Conference 2013

Jeff Pollard                  The Gospel  (46 min.)

Joshua Henry              Evangelism/Discipleship (37 min.)

Robb Coleman            Conversion (39 min)

Jeff Hunter                   Biblical Preaching (59 min.)

Jonny White                 Biblical Theology (47 min.)

Joshua Wallnofer         Church Membership (47 min.)

Jeff Pollard                    Church Discipline (54 min)

Chris Hatton                 Church Leadership (51 min)


Family Conference 2012

Scott Brown               Preparing for Battle with Our Culture (61 min.)

Jason Dohm               Preparing for Decision-Making (62 min.)

Scott Brown               Preparing for Marriage (49 min.)

Jason Dohm               Progressively Engaging in Kingdom Battles (58 min.)

Deborah Brown         Mothers and Daughters (58 min.)

Jeff Pollard                 Preparing for Our Culture's Worldview (70 min.) 

Jeff Pollard                 Preparing for Our Culture's View of Sexuality (63 min.)

Scott Brown               Preparing for Fatherhood (77 min.)

Deborah Brown         What Does It Mean to Be an Help Meet? (60 min.)

Jeff Pollard                 Preparing for Our Culture's Christs (65 min.)

Scott Brown               The Worship of Cool (25 min.)


Family Conference 2011

Scott Brown              Too Busy: Real Priorities (55 min.)

Scott Brown              Fathers/Husbands and Church Working Together (67 min.)

S.Brown, J.Dohm      Planting a New Testament Church + Q&A (63 min.)

Jason Dohm              Church Life That Prepares Young People for Marriage (59 min.)

Scott Brown              Fathers/Husbands Discipling Their Homes (79 min.)

Scott Brown              Fathers/Husbands Discipling Their Homes, Part 2 (65 min.)

Scott Brown              Taking Care of Your Parents (54 min.)

Scott Brown              Husbands and Wives Growing Together (63 min.)


Pastors' Wives Conference 2011 (Providence Baptist Church, Lecanto, FL)

Albert N. Martin     The Pastor's Wife - Misconceptions (76 min.)

Albert N. Martin     The Pastor's Wife - Counsel, Part 1 (44 min)

Albert N. Martin     The Pastor's Wife - Counsel, Part 2 (53 min.)


Family Conference 2010

Voddie Baucham       The Importance of Biblically Preparing for Marriage (56 min.)

Voddie Baucham       A Father's Role in Preparing His Children for Marriage (67 min.)

Voddie Baucham       What a Father Looks for in a Suitor (60 min.)

Voddie Baucham       When Is a Young Man Ready for Marriage? (50 min.)

Voddie Baucham       Adoption (56 min.)

Voddie Baucham      The Importance of Biblically Disciplining Children (66 min.)

Voddie Baucham      The Critical Need for Christlike Manhood (57 min.)

Jeff Pollard                 The Need for a Biblical Path to Marriage (68 min.)

Jeff Pollard                 Biblical Mandate or Parental Preferences? (76 min.)


Foundational Doctrines Conference 2010

Joel Beeke            The Importance and Possibility of Assurance (71 min.)

                                   (Ch.18 in London & Westminster Confessions)

Joel Beeke            The Foundations of Assurance (74 min.)

Joel Beeke            The Cultivation, Losing, and Renewal of Assurance (67 min.)

Joel Beeke            The Resurrection: Greatest Source of Assurance (74 min.)

Sam Waldron        The Work of Christ (58 min.)     Romans 3:21-31

Sam Waldron        The Case of Abraham (61 min.)     Romans 4:1-25

Sam Waldron        The Blessing of Reconciliation (74 min.)     Romans 5:1-11

Sam Waldron        Representative Headship (64 min.)     Romans 5:12-21



Foundational Doctrines Conference 2009

G. McDearmon      Sufficiency of Christ, The (68 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

G. McDearmon      Justifying Righteousness pt 1 (68 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

G. McDearmon      Justifying Righteousness pt 2 (67 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

G. McDearmon      Justifying Righteousness pt 3 (56 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

G. McDearmon      Justifying Righteousness pt 4 (64 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

G. McDearmon      Sanctification (57 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

G. McDearmon      Union with Christ (68 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

Geoff Thomas        Authority of the Word, The (61 min.)

Geoff Thomas        Trinity and the Life of Grace, The (61 min.)

Geoff Thomas        God-Man Christ Jesus, The (44 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30

Geoff Thomas        Secret Things/Revealed Things of God (61 min.)     1 Corinthians 1:30



Family Conference 2008

Scott Brown       Realistic Families and Unrealistic Schedules (64 min.)

Scott Brown       Challenges Fathers Face (67 min.)

Scott Brown        Challenges Mothers Face (66 min.)

Scott Brown         Young Men: Don't Waste Your Life! (57 min.)

Scott Brown         Job vs. Home Business (22 min.)

Scott Brown         Communication: Husbands and Wives (70 min.)

Scott Brown           Biblical Thinking for Preparing Children for Marriage pt 1 (75 min.)

Scott Brown          Biblical Thinking for Preparing Children for Marriage pt 2 (48 min.)

Jeff Pollard           Too Busy (71 min.)

Jeff Pollard            Family Worship: Making the Best of Limited Time (86 min.)

Jeff Pollard            Family-olatry (62 min.)

Jeff Pollard           Women's Ministry: What Is It? (72 min.)

Jeff Pollard           How Jesus Ruins Some Families (77 min.)



Passion for God Conference 2009 (Faith Bible Church, Springfield, IL)

Curt Daniel            A Passionate Love for Christ

Curt Daniel            God's Passion for God

Curt Daniel            False Religious Passion

Steve Lawson       A Passion for God

Steve Lawson       A Zeal for the Gospel

Steve Lawson      Rekindling Your Spiritual Fire

Jeff Pollard            Holy Violence (in seeking Christ)

Jeff Pollard            Urgent Challenge to Young Christians

Jeff Pollard            Passionate Repentance

Jeff Pollard            Fervent Prayer