Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones Cassette Tapes

The MLJ Trust graciously has given Chapel Library permission to distribute audio cassette tapes from Dr. Lloyd-Jones extensive pulpit ministry.  We make these available within North America. 

MP3s are available for free download worldwide directly from the trust at www.mljtrust.org. While the heyday of cassettes is long past, we nevertheless rejoice to make his excellent teaching available to all those who still have cassette players. Many consider “But God…” from Ephesians 2:4 to be one of the finest sermons ever preached.

Code Title      
LDM1 They Were Naked  
LDM2 Where Art Thou?  
LDM3 Man's Great Problem & God's Program   
LDM4 True History?  
LDM5 Man Ate The Fruit  
LDM6 Is Christianity Out of Date?  
LDM7 God Must Punish Sin,
Gen. 6:7-8
LDM8 Babel, The Tragedy of Man  
LDM9 The Seed of Abraham  
LDM10 Isaac's Removal of Palestine Rubbish   
LDM11 The Man Who Wrestled With God  
LDM12-1 It is God Who Acts  
LDM12-2 A Living God  
LDM13 The Message of The Bible Today  
LDM14 The Message of The Tabernacle  
LDM15 Revival, Power of The Living God  
LDM16 Revival, Power of The Living God (Cont.)  
LDM17 Revival, Power of The Living God (Cont.)  
LDM18 Church in Declension, Exodus 33  
LDM19 The Essence of True Religion, Exodus 40:33-35  
LDM20 Nature of Sin  
LDM21-1 The Condition of Man  
LDM21-2 The Mind of Man  
LDM21-3 The Lie, Numbers 11:4-6  
LDM21-4 Despised and Rejected of Men,  Numbers 11:4-6   
LDM21-5 Man and Sin, Numbers 11:4-6  
LDM22 The Call to Liberty, 
Deut. 6:23
LDM23 What Mean These Stones? Jos.4:21-24 (3 Cas)  
LDM24-1 What Mean These Stones? Jos.4:6  
LDM24-2 What Mean These Stones? (Cont.)  Jos.4:6   
LDM24-3 What Mean These Stones? (Cont.)  Jos.4:6   
LDM25 A Right View of Life, Jud.18:7, 28  
LDM26 An Earthly King I Sam. 12:12  
LDM27 Sin and Self Deceit,
I Sam. 15:22-23
LDM28 Choose Wisdom, I Kings 3:9  
LDM29 Will God Dwell On Earth?
I Kng. 8:27
LDM30 The Leprosy That is Sin,
II Kings 5:1
LDM31 Why Do Calamities Happen? Job 1:20-22  
LDM32 Where Shall Wisdom Be Found? Job 28:12,20,28  
LDM33-1 Man's Search For Happiness, Psa. 1:1-2   
LDM33-2 The Ungodly Man, Psa. 1:3-4  
LDM33-3 As A Tree Planted, Psa. 1:3-4  
LDM33-4 The Way of The Ungodly, Psa. 1:5-6  
LDM34 Why Do The Nations Rage? Psa. 2:1  
LDM35 What is Man? Psa. 8  
LDM36 Blinded by Sin, Psa. 8:3-4  
LDM37 What is Man?  Psa. 8:3-4    
LDM38 A Little Lower Than Angels, Psa. 8:4   
LDM39 The Fool has said There is No God, Psa. 14:1  
LDM40 Set The Lord Always Before Me, Psa. 16:8  
LDM41 Seek My Face  Psa.27    
LDM42-1 Spiritual Depression - General Consideration 
Ps. 42:5-11
LDM42-2 Spiritual Depression
I Peter 1:6-7
LDM43 Dead Religion  Psa.50    
LDM44-1 Oh God, Thou Art My God Psa. 63:1-3   
LDM44-2 Seeking Certainty
Psa. 63:1-3
LDM45 Perseverance of The Saints Psa. 73:24   
LDM46 Fellowship With The Father Psa. 73:25-26  
LDM47 Limiting God  Psa.78:41    
LDM48 True Religion  Psa.84:2    
LDM49 The Living God  Psa.84:1-3    
LDM50 The Sparrow  Psa. 84:3    
LDM51 The Valley of Bacca
Psa. 84:5-7
LDM52 Godly or Ungodly  Psa. 92    
LDM53 Religion That is True
Psa. 107:1-3
LDM54 The Value of Faith Psa. 107  
LDM55 He Maketh Wilderness Standing Water  Psa. 107   
LDM56 Oh That Men Would Praise The Lord  Psa. 107   
LDM57 Let The Redeemed of The Lord Say So Psa. 107  
LDM58 The Way, The Truth, And The Life  - Psalm 107:4-9  
LDM59 Prisoners of Sin
Psa. 107:10-16
LDM60 The Lie of Sin,  Psa. 107:17-22  
LDM61 The God of The Bible Psa. 107:32-43   
LDM62-1 A Gift of Grace Psa. 107:33-45  
LDM62-2 God Reveals Himself Psa. 107:33-43  
LDM63 The Great Christian Salvation  Psa. 107:35-38   
LDM64 He Makes The Storm A Calm Psa. 107:23-32  
LDM65 Listen to God  Isa. 1:3    
LDM66 The Effect of Sin  Isa.1:4    
LDM67 Man in Sin  Isa.1:5-6    
LDM68 Enslaved by Sin  Isa.1:7-8    
LDM69 Salvation Impossible by Man Isa. 1:9   
LDM70 Repentance and Salvation Isa. 1:10  
LDM71 The Terms of Judgment I
Isa. 1:16-18
LDM72 As Revealed by The Prophets Isa. 1:1-20   
LDM73 A Free Salvation  Isa.5:1-7    
LDM74 This Modern Condition
Isa. 5:8-10
LDM75 Moral Perversion  Isa.5:20    
LDM76 The Wisdom of The Wise Isa. 5:21  
LDM77 The Victim of Sin 
Isa. 5:22-23
LDM78 Freedom and Liberty in Christ  Isa. 5:24  
LDM79 The Anger of The Lord
Isa. 5:25
LDM80 For Unto Us A Child is Born Isa. 9:6-7   
LDM81 A Son is Born, A Son is Given Isa. 9:6   
LDM82 A Child is Born  Isa.9:6    
LDM83 A Son, Given For Us
Isa. 9:2,6
LDM84 To Be Made Anew 
Isa. 22:8-14
LDM85 A State of Warfare
Isa. 40:1-2
LDM86 The Essence of The Christian Message Isa. 40:3-5  
LDM87 What is Christianity?
Isa. 40:3-5
LDM88 The Godhead Revealed
Isa. 40:5
LDM89 A Life in Christ Isa. 40:11  
LDM90 Behold Your God
Isa. 40:12-17
LDM91 The Wisdom of God
Isa. 40:13-14
LDM92 To Whom Would You Liken God? Isa. 40:18-24  
LDM93 The Character of God
Isa. 40:25-28
LDM94 Saved by Grace Isa. 52:1-3  
LDM95 Life Without God Jer. 2:5  
LDM96 A Ruined Mansion Jer. 2:6  
LDM97 A Depraved Nature Jer. 2:7  
LDM98 The Only Authority Jer. 2:8  
LDM99 I Will Plead With You
Jer. 2:9
LDM100 Condition of Fallen Man  
LDM101 Fountain of Living Waters
Jer. 2:13
LDM102 Man, A Slave  Jer.2:14-17    
LDM103 Ignorant of The Truth of God Jer. 2:18   
LDM104 A Fear of The Lord Jer. 2:19  
LDM105 A Degenerate Vine Jer. 20:22  
LDM106 Fake Religion  Jer.2:26-28    
LDM107 The True Wisdom  Jer.9:23-24    
LDM108-1 Thus Saith The Lord
Jer. 17:5-8
LDM108-2 God or Man?  Jer.17:5-8    
LDM108-3 The Nature of Man
Jer. 17:5-8
LDM108-4 The Christian Life Jer. 17:5-8  
LDM108-5 A Life in Christ Jer. 17:5-8  
LDM109 The Judgment of God
Jer. 17:10
LDM110 The Manifestation of Sin Jer. 17:11   
LDM111 God, Our Sanctuary 
Jer. 17:12
LDM112 Names Written in The Earth Jer. 17:13   
LDM113 Healed From Sin
Jer. 17:14-15
LDM114 The Unbeliever Jer. 17:15  
LDM115 Wandering From The Highway Jer. 31:21  
LDM116 The Message For Today
Jer. 36:2-3
LDM117 The Experience of Ezekiel Ezk. 1:28, 2:1-2  
LDM118 The Christian Experience Ezk. 3:1-3  
LDM119 Christ, The Only Hope
Ezk. 13:1-16
LDM120 The Foolishness of God
Ezk. 17:24
LDM121 The Revelation From God Ezk. 36:16  
LDM122 Separated Unto Holiness
Ezk. 36:21-33
LDM123 I Poured My Fury Upon Them Ezk. 36:16-18  
LDM124 The Act of Rebellion
LDM125 Out of Babylon into Canaan Ezk. 36:24   
LDM126 Ye Shall Be Clean
Ezk. 36:25
LDM127 A New Heart Ezk. 36:26  
LDM128 I Will Put My Spirit Within You  Ezk. 36:27   
LDM129 A Great and Complete Salvation  Ezk. 36:28   
LDM130 Man in The State of Famine Ezk. 36:29-30  
LDM131 The Foolishness of Man
Ezk. 36:31-32
LDM132 The Temple in The Soul Ezk. 36:33-35   
LDM133 The Unproductive Age
Ezk. 36:34-35
LDM134 Saved by Grace Alone
Ezk. 36:35-36
LDM135 The Kingdom That Cannot Be Removed  Dan. 2:44   
LDM136 The Prophecy of Daniel Dan. 7:9-14  
LDM137 Outside The Word of God Amos 8:9-12   
LDM138 Oh Come Let Us Adore Him Micah 5:2  
LDM139 The Promise Fulfilled
Mtt. 1:1
LDM140 The Gospel of The Kingdom Mtt. 4:23,  24:1   
LDM141 Seek Ye First... Mtt. 6:33  
LDM142 Right Priorities Mtt. 6:33  
LDM143-1 The Straight Gate 
Matt. 7:13-14
LDM143-2 The Narrow Way Mtt. 7:13-14  
LDM144 Reconciled to God
LDM145-1 The Call of Christ Mtt. 9:9  
LDM145-2 Follow Me Mtt. 9:9  
LDM146 What is Christianity?
Mtt. 9:10-13
LDM147 The Effect of Christianity Mtt. 9:14-17   
LDM148 The Wineskins Mtt. 9:16-17  
LDM149 Sheep Without A Shepherd Mtt. 9:36  
LDM150 Art Thou He That Should Come?   Mtt. 11:2-6   
LDM151 Woe Unto Thee, 
Matt. 11:21-28
LDM152 A Knowledge of God
Mtt. 11:28
LDM153 Looking at The Waves
Mtt. 14:22-33
LDM154 A Great Question Mtt. 16:26  
LDM155 A Clean Heart Mtt. 18:1-4  
LDM156 Labourers in The Vineyard Mtt. 20:1-16   
LDM157 The Free Gift of God's Grace Mtt. 20:1-16  
LDM159 The Living Temple 
Matt. 24:1-2
LDM160 The Destruction of The World Mtt. 24:3-14  
LDM161 The Christian Message & The World  Mtt. 24:6   
LDM162 The Kingdom of God
Mtt. 24:14
LDM163 Entering The Kingdom of Heaven  Mtt. 24:14   
LDM164 The Only Way Mtt. 24:14  
LDM165 A New Humanity Mtt. 24:14  
LDM166 Man and Dogma
Mtt. 22:34-40
LDM167 The Authority of The Church Mtt. 28:18-20  
LDM168 The Power of the Gospel Mk. 1:1  
LDM169 The Kingdom of God is At Hand  Mk. 1:14-15   
LDM170 The Way of Entry
Mk. 10:17-25
LDM171 Not Far From The Kingdom Mk. 12:34  
LDM172 Love Thy Neighbor
Mk. 12:28-31
LDM173 The Magnificat: Lk. 1:46-55 (3 Cas)  
LDM174 The Wisdom of Man
Lk. 1:51-53
LDM175 The Light of God Lk. 1:36-39  
LDM176 Laid Him in A Manger
Lk. 2:1
LDM177 Those Days,Lk. 2:1  
LDM178 As Little Children Lk. 2:7  
LDM179 Are You A Christian?  
Lk. 2:44
LDM180 Think About Good Lk. 3:1-2  
LDM181-1 What is The Good News?
Lk. 4:18-19
LDM181-2 To Heal The Broken Hearted Lk. 4:18   
LDM181-3 Deliverance to The Captives Lk. 4:17-19   
LDM181-4 Recovery of Sight to The Blind  Lk. 4:18-19   
LDM181-5 Divine Knowledge 
Lk. 4:18-19
LDM181-6 Bruised by Sin Lk. 4:18-19  
LDM182 Spiritual Blindness 
Lk. 4:18-19
LDM183 The Acceptable Year of The Lord  Lk. 4:19   
LDM184-1 A State of Unbelief
Lk. 4:22, 28-29
LDM184-2 Unbelief and The Modern Man Lk. 4:22, 28-29  
LDM185 Facing The Evidence, 
Lk. 5:17
LDM186 Because He First Loved Us Lk. 7:36-50   
LDM187 Where is Your Faith?
Lk. 8:22-25
LDM188 This is My Beloved Son
Lk. 9:35
LDM189 Entering The Kingdom
Lk. 9:57-62
LDM190 Grace, Not Gifts Lk. 10:20  
LDM191 Invited to The feast
Lk. 10:7-14
LDM192 The Fear of Death Lk. 12:4-5  
LDM193 The Rich Fool Lk. 12:13  
LDM194 Leaven of The Pharisees
Lk. 12:1-2
LDM195 The Blindness of Modern Man Lk. 12:54-57  
LDM196 In The Midst of Life 
Lk. 13:1-9
LDM197 Are There Few That Be Saved? Lk. 13:23-28  
LDM198 The Lord of Lords
Lk. 13:31-33
LDM199 Whosoever Exalted Himself Lk. 14:7-14   
LDM200 Called to True Discipleship Lk. 14:25-35   
LDM202 Invited to The Feast
Lk. 14:15-24
LDM203 The Pharisees Lk. 16:14-15  
LDM204 The Right View of Life
Lk. 16:19-31
LDM205 The Signs of The Kingdom Lk. 17:20-21   
LDM206 Has Christianity Failed?
Lk. 18:8
LDM207 One Mediator Lk. 19:41-44  
LDM208 In The Shadow of His Wing Lk. 19:42-44   
LDM209 The End of The World
Lk. 21:34-36
LDM210 Think, Weep, Repent
Lk. 23:27-31
LDM211 A Picture of The Church
Lk. 24:13-35
LDM212 A Burning Heart Lk. 24:25-26  
LDM213 He Opened Their Understanding  Lk. 24:45-47   
LDM214 The Light Shines in Darkness Jn. 1:5   
LDM215-1 The Results of His Coming Jn. 1:10-12   
LDM215-2 God's World Jn. 1:10-12  
LDM215-3 Christ The Hope of Glory
Jn. 1:10-12
LDM216-1 Children of God Jn. 1:12-13  
LDM216-2 Authentic Marks of God's Children  Jn. 1:12-13   
LDM216-3 A Child-like Relationship
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-4 The Children of God
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-5 The Spirit in Christians
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-6 The Spirit, Leading and Love Jn. 1:12-13   
LDM216-7 The Leading of The Spirit Jn. 1:12-13   
LDM216-8 Renewal of The Mind
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-9 Mortification of Sin
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-10 Walk in The Spirit
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-11 Has God's Life Come into You?  Jn. 1:12-13   
LDM216-12 The Fruit of The Spirit
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-13 We Love The Brethren
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-14 Leading of The Spirit
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-15 A More Excellent Way
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-16 A More Excellent Sacrifice Jn. 1:12-13   
LDM216-17 Noah Believed God
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-18 Abraham, Man of Faith
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-19 Abraham, Faith in Action
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM216-20 To See Him Who is Invisible Jn. 1:12-13   
LDM217 Personal Assurance
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM218 Attacked by The Devil
Jn. 1:12-13
LDM219 To Walk With God Jn. 1:12-13  
LDM223 Laying The Foundations The Way of Sanctification Jn.1:12-13  
LDM224 Laying the Foundations Mortification of Sin Jn.1:12-13  
LDM225 The Glorious Gospel Jn.1:15  
LDM226-1 Truly Man, Truly God Jn.1:16  
LDM226-2 All Received of His Fullness Jn.1:16   
LDM226-3 The Blood of The New Covenant  Jn.1:16   
LDM226-4 Our Great High Priest Jn.1:16  
LDM226-5 Lord of All Jn.1:16  
LDM226-6 The Promise of The Spirit Jn.1:16  
LDM226-7 The Christian and The World Jn.1:16   
LDM226-8 The Quest of Man Jn.1:16  
LDM226-9 The Beginning of Wisdom Jn.1:16  
LDM226-10 In The Image of God Jn.1:16  
LDM226-11 The World's Wisdom Made Foolishness  Jn.1:16   
LDM226-12 In The Likeness of Christ Jn.1:16  
LDM226-13 In Christ Jn.1:16  
LDM226-14 Righteous in Christ Jn.1:16  
LDM226-15 Justification and Sanctification  Jn.1:16  
LDM226-16 Christ, Our Sanctification Jn.1:16  
LDM226-17 A Changed Disposition Jn.1:16  
LDM226-18 Married to Christ Jn.1:16  
LDM226-19 The Power of Christ Within Jn.1:16  
LDM226-20 God Works in You To Will and To Do   Jn.1:16   
LDM226-21 Sanctification and Prayer Jn.1:16  
LDM226-22 Flesh and Spirit Jn.1:16  
LDM226-23 Strangers and Pilgrims Jn.1:16  
LDM226-24 For Christ's Love Compels Us Jn.1:16   
LDM226-25 Assurance and Sanctification Jn.1:16   
LDM226-26 Final Perseverance Jn.1:16  
LDM226-27 Grace, Not Gifts Jn.1:16  
LDM226-28 The Lord's Supper Jn.1:16  
LDM226-29 Glorification Jn.1:16  
LDM226-30 If Any Man Thirst Jn.1:16  
LDM226-31 For Me to Live is Christ #1 Jn.1:16   
LDM226-32 For Me to Live is Christ #2 Jn.1:16   
LDM226-33 Joy, The Mark of A Christian Jn.1:16   
LDM226-34 Our Ambition Jn.1:16  
LDM226-35 The Christian Hope Jn.1:16  
LDM226-36 The Peace of God Jn.1:16  
LDM226-37 Living in Christ's Fullness Jn.1:16   
LDM227-1 Laying The Foundation: Righteous in Christ Jn.1:16  
LDM227-2 Laying The Foundation: Justification and Sanctification Jn.1:16  
LDM227-3 Laying The Foundation: Christ, Our Sanctification Jn.1:16  
LDM227-4 Laying The Foundation: A Change of Disposition Jn.1:16  
LDM228 The Answer to The World's Problems Jn. 1:17  
LDM229 A Holy God Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-1 The Law Given by Moses
Jn. 1:17
LDM230-2 In The Beginning Was The Word  Jn. 1:17   
LDM230-3 He Condemns and Convicts Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-4 The Law and Modern Man Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-5 The Law Our Schoolmaster Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-6 The Law and Grace Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-7 Not Under Law, But Grace Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-8 The Gift of Grace Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-9 Grace and Truth Through Christ  Jn. 1:17  
LDM230-10 Veiled in Flesh Jn. 1:17  
LDM231 Second Hand Religion
Jn. 1:26-33
LDM232 Christianity and Morality
Jn. 1:26-33 (2 Cas)
LDM233 What Baptism Did You Receive?  Jn. 1:26-33   
LDM234 The Church and The World Jn. 1:26-33   
LDM235 Baptism in The Spirit
Jn. 1:26-33 (6 Cas)
LDM236 The Spirit's Power in The Church  Jn. 1:26-33   
LDM237 The Gifts of The Spirit
Jn. 1:26-33 (2 Cas)
LDM238 Testing The Spirits
Jn. 1:26-33 (5 Cas)
LDM239 The Gift of Tongues
Jn. 1:26-33
LDM240 Spirit Baptism and Sanctification  Jn.1:26-33   
LDM241 The Sealing of The Spirit Jn.1:26-33   
LDM242 Spirit Baptism and Scripture  Jn.1:26-33  
LDM243 Seeking Baptism in The Spirit, Jn.1:26-33 (3 Cas)  
LDM245 When The Spirit Comes Jn.1:26-33  
LDM246 Receive The Holy Ghost Jn.1:26-33  
LDM247 The Spirit Fell On The Church  Jn.1:26-33  
LDM248 What Seek Ye? Jn. 1:35-39  
LDM249 The Road to Fullness
Jn. 1:40-45
LDM250 Pointing to Christ Jn. 1:41-42  
LDM251 The Lesson of Nathaniel Jn. 1:45-49   
LDM252 Face to Face with Christ Jn. 1:45-49  
LDM253 Taste and See Jn. 1:5-46  
LDM254 The Head of the New Humanity Jn. 1:50-51  
LDM255 The Ladder Jn. 1:50-51  
LDM256 The Christian Life Jn. 1:49-51  
LDM257 Christianity and Its Message Jn. 2:1-5  
LDM258 Keep My Commandments Jn. 2:1-11  
LDM259 A Sovereign Lord Jn. 2:3-5  
LDM260 Miracle of the New Birth Jn. 2:7-10  
LDM261 Beauty from Ashes Jn. 2:9-10  
LDM262 The Riches of Christ Jn. 2:9-11  
LDM263-1 Cleanse the Temple Jn. 2:13-17  
LDM263-2 A Temple Meet for Himself Jn. 2:13-17  
LDM264 The Question of Signs Jn. 2:18-20  
LDM265 God with Us Jn. 2:21  
LDM266 Let a Man Examine Himself Jn. 2:23-25  
LDM267-1 The Temporary Believer Jn. 2:23-25  
LDM267-2 Christ Committed to You? Jn. 2:23-25  
LDM267-3 Captain of Our Salvation Jn. 2:23-25  
LDM268 Characteristics of the Kingdom  Jn. 3:1-7  
LDM269-1 You Must Be Born Again Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM269-2 Characteristics of the New Life Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM270 Except a Man Be Born Again Jn. 3:3  
LDM271 Beyond Understanding Jn. 3:5-9  
LDM272-1 The Conversion Experience Jn. 3:8  
LDM272-2 Marks of Spiritual Life Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM272-3 The Christian and the World Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM272-4 To Be Like Him Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM272-5 Born Again Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM272-6 Oh God, Thou Art My God, pt.1 Jn. 3:1-8  
LDM272-7 Oh God, Thou Art My God, pt.2 Jn. 3:1-8   
LDM272-8 The Spiritual Life Jn. 3:8  
LDM272-9 A Spirit of Bondage Jn. 3:8  
LDM272-10 The Spirit's Witness with Our Spirit Jn. 3:8  
LDM272-11 Power of the Resurrection Witness Jn. 3:8  
LDM273 The Example of Nicodemus Jn. 3:9  
LDM274 Understanding the Spiritual Jn. 3:9-13  
LDM275 Of Heavenly Things Jn. 3:9-13  
LDM276 At the Cross Jn. 3:14-15  
LDM277 Must the Son of Man Be Lifted Up? Jn. 3:14-15  
LDM278 The Message of Salvation Jn. 3:14-15  
LDM280-1 God So Loved Jn. 3:16  
LDM280-2 Eternal Life Jn. 3:16  
LDM281 The Love of God Jn. 3:16  
LDM282 Man and His Need of Salvation Jn. 3:17  
LDM283 He That Believeth Not Jn. 3:18  
LDM284 The Fear of the Lord  Rom. 3:18-20  
LDM285 The Nature of Belief Jn. 3:18  
LDM286 The Light Has Come Jn. 3:19  
LDM287 Governed by Darkness Jn. 3:19  
LDM288 Sin and the Modern Man Jn. 3:19-21  
LDM289-1 When the Truth Comes Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-2 He Must Increase Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-3 I Must Decrease Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-4 Dying to Self Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-5 Complete in Him Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-6 Look unto Jesus Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-7 Prophet, Priest, and King Jn. 3:30  
LDM289-8 The New Covenant Jn. 3:30  
LDM290 A Samaritan Woman Meets the Messiah Jn. 4:1-26  
LDM291-1 The Problem of Prejudice Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-2 Spiritual Dullness Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-3 The Chief End of Man Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-4 True Worship Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-5 Worship in the Spirit and in Truth  Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-6 Prayer and the Holy Spirit Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-7 Prayer in The Spirit
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-8 Salvation is of The Jews
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-9 The Need of Man,  Jn. 4:13-14   
LDM291-10 Who is This Person?
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-11 The Gift of God Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-12 The Power Within, 
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-13 The Spirit of Your Mind Jn. 4:13-14   
LDM291-14 A Matter of Conscience
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-15 Jesus and The Resurrection Jn. 4:13-14   
LDM291-16 Divine Guidance Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-17 Questioning God Jn. 4:13-14  
LDM291-18 The Age of The Clinical
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-19 Emotion and Emotionalism Jn. 4:13-14   
LDM291-20 Rejoice in The Lord
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-21 Rivers of Living Water
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-22 A New Quality of Life
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM291-23 True Christian Joy 
Jn. 4:13-14
LDM292 I Am He  Jn. 4:25-26    
LDM293 The Only Way to God
Jn. 4:27-38
LDM294-1 The Need of Repentance
Jn. 4:27-30
LDM294-2 Under Conviction of Sin
Jn. 4:27-30
LDM294-3 Facing Christ Jn. 4:27-30  
LDM294-4 The Christian Life 
Jn. 4:27-30
LDM294-5 The Spiritual Experience
Jn. 4:27-30
LDM294-6 Nearer My God to Thee
Jn. 4:27-30
LDM295-1 Christianity or Religion
Jn. 4:28-30
LDM295-2 Spreading The Gospel
Jn. 4:28-30
LDM295-3 A Man of Authority 
Jn. 4:28-30
LDM295-4 Bound to Share Jn. 4:28-30  
LDM295-5 Peace I Give to You
Jn. 4:28-30
LDM296 The Great Conflict
Jn. 4:31, 5:33
LDM297 Will You Be Made Whole? Jn. 5:6-9  
LDM298 To Know Christ Jn. 5:10  
LDM299 God Manifest in The Flesh Jn. 5:17-23   
LDM300 Hearing and Perceiving
Jn. 5:24-26
LDM301 A Life in Christ Jn. 5:25-26  
LDM302-1 Sent From God Jn. 5:31-35  
LDM302-2 Behold the Lamb of God Jn. 5:31-35  
LDM302-3 The Meaning of Salvation Jn. 5:31-35   
LDM302-4 A Question of Authority
Jn. 5:31-35
LDM302-5 Religion, or Christianity?
Jn. 5:31-35
LDM303 What of Miracles? Jn. 5:36  
LDM304 Show Us The Father
Jn. 5:37-38
LDM305 Search For Scripture Jn. 5:39  
LDM306-1 Come Unto Me Jn. 5:40  
LDM306-2 Why is Christianity Rejected?  Jn. 5:40  
LDM307 A Right Approach Jn. 5:41  
LDM308 Love God Jn. 5:42  
LDM309 Blinded by Sin Jn. 5:43  
LDM310-1 How Can You Believe..?
Jn. 5:44
LDM310-2 Seek Honor From God
Jn. 5:44
LDM310-3 The Condition of Man 
Jn. 5:44
LDM311 The Message of The Bible Jn. 5:45-47   
LDM312 Look at Him Jn. 7:5  
LDM313 The Unbeliever Jn. 7:6  
LDM314 Christ: The Only Hope 
Jn. 7:7
LDM315 Son of God, Saviour
Jn. 7:8-13
LDM316 The Feast of Tabernacles Jn. 7:14  
LDM317-1 And The Jews Marveled
Jn. 7:15
LDM317-2 Pride and Prejudice Jn. 7:15  
LDM318 Given by God Jn. 7:16  
LDM319 To Know  God Jn. 7:16   
LDM320 Man and His Pride Jn. 7:18  
LDM321 A Right Judgment 
Jn. 7:19-24
LDM322 A Picture of Unbelief
Jn. 7:25-30
LDM323 Controlled by Unbelief
Jn. 7:25-36
LDM324 If Anyone Thirsts Jn. 7:37-38  
LDM325-1 The Light of The World
Jn. 8:12-38
LDM325-2 The Only Light Jn. 8:12-38  
LDM325-3 Children of The Light
Jn. 8:12-38
LDM325-4 The Need of Man Revealed Jn. 8:12  
LDM325-5 A Life of Darkness Jn. 8:12  
LDM325-6 Who Art Thou? Jn. 8:12  
LDM326 Man and His Unbelief 
Jn. 8:13
LDM327 Do You Know God? Jn. 8:19  
LDM328 The Death of Christ Jn. 8:28  
LDM329 Life Abundant Jn. 10:10  
LDM330 The Right Approach 
Jn. 12:21
LDM331 Father, Glorify Your Name Jn. 12:25, 28   
LDM332 My Peace I Give to You
Jn. 14:27
LDM333-1 Godliness Jn. 17:17  
LDM333-2 The Doctrine of Sin 
Jn. 17:17
LDM334 Not of This World Jn. 17:25  
LDM335 The Real Message Of Christmas: Not Of This World  Jn. 17:25   
LDM336 The King and His Kingdom Jn. 18:36-37   
LDM337 A Broken Heart Jn. 19:31-37  
LDM338 Christianity, The Only Hope Acts 1:1-3   
LDM339 Suffering Acts 1:4  
LDM340 Not By Might Acts 2  
LDM341 The God Who Acts, Acts 2:1-2  
LDM342 The Wonderful Works of God Acts 2:11   
LDM343 The Evidence of Pentecost Acts 2:12   
LDM344 The Great Fact of Prophesy Acts 2:14-36  
LDM345 The Mystery of The Cross Acts 2:22-23   
LDM346 Head of A New Humanity Acts 2:22-23   
LDM347 What is Christianity About? Acts 2:32   
LDM348 How to Become A Christian Acts 2:37-38  
LDM349 What Shall We Do?
Acts 2:37-40
LDM350 A New Creation Acts 2:37-42  
LDM351 Separated Unto Him
Acts 2:37-47
LDM352 The Business of The Church Acts 2:40   
LDM353 This Untoward Generation Acts 2:40-41   
LDM354-1 Do This in Remembrance of Me Acts 2:41-42  
LDM354-2 How to Pray Acts 2:41-42  
LDM355 The Church and Doctrine Acts 2:41-42   
LDM356 A New Reformation
Acts 2:41-47
LDM357 A Charge to The Church Acts 2:42  
LDM358 The Fellowship of Believers Acts 2:41-47  
LDM359-1 Christian Joy Acts 2:46-47  
LDM359-2 The Divided Man, 
Acts 2:46-47
LDM359-3 Praising God Acts 2:46-47  
LDM360 Rise Up and Walk Acts 3:6  
LDM361 Healing.. At The Gate Beautiful  Acts 3:6  
LDM362 Ignorance Acts 3:17  
LDM363-1 The Christian Phenomenon Acts 3:12-18   
LDM363-2 What Think Ye of Christ? Acts 3:12-18   
LDM364-1 The Breath of Life Acts 3:19  
LDM364-2 Repentance Acts 3:19  
LDM365 Return of Christ 
Acts 3:19-21
LDM366 No Second Name 
Acts 4:1-12
LDM367 The Tragedy of Unbelief Acts 4:8-10   
LDM368 Jesus, The Cornerstone
Acts 4:11
LDM369 Rejection and Unbelief
Acts 4:11-12
LDM370 Son of God/Son of Man
Acts 4:12
LDM371 The Authentic Marks of Christianity   Acts 4:12   
LDM372 This Message Calls For A Decision       Acts 4:12   
LDM373 Saved to Serve Acts 4:18-20  
LDM374 The Apostles as Witnesses Acts 4:19-20   
LDM375 Power in Persecution
Acts 4:23-24
LDM376 The Living God Acts 4:23-24  
LDM377 Christ's Death, The Purpose of God  Acts 4:23-28   
LDM378 The Prayer of The Apostles When Persecuted   Acts 4:2   
LDM379 Why Do The Nations Rage? Acts 4:25-26  
LDM380 Power ..And The Resurrection Acts 4:29-33  
LDM381 Father, Son, And Holy Spirit Acts 4:31   
LDM382 The Work of The Holy Spirit Acts 4:29-33  
LDM383 The God of Grace and Power Acts 4:31-33  
LDM384 The Place Was Shaken
Acts 4:31
LDM385 The World That Wants Peace Acts 4:31-35  
LDM386 Witness in The Power of The Spirit  Acts 5:1-11   
LDM387-1 Ananias and Sapphira
Acts 5:1-11
LDM387-2 Why Has Satan Filled Your Heart?  Acts 5:1-11   
LDM387-3 Christ, The Answer to Our Need  Acts 5:1-11   
LDM355-1 The Apostles' Doctrine
Acts 2:40-42
LDM389 Signs and Wonders
Acts 5:11-14
LDM390 The Irrationality of Unbelief  Acts 5:17-32  
LDM391 The Gospel of God
Acts 5:20-29
LDM392 The Witness of The Spirit Acts 5:29-32   
LDM393 God.. Has Raised Up Christ Acts 5:29-32   
LDM394 Man's Great Problem
Acts 5:29-32
LDM395 Repentance, Door to Forgiveness   Acts 5:29-32   
LDM396 Justification Acts 5:29-32  
LDM397 Two Lines of History
Acts 5:29-32
LDM398 "Raised.." - God's Declaration Acts 5:29-32  
LDM399 The Witnesses of the Spirit,  Acts 5:29-32   
LDM400 Molded by The Gospel
Acts 5:29-32
LDM401 The Good News of Salvation Acts 5:29-32  
LDM402 The Witness of The Holy Spirit  Acts 5:32   
LDM403 The Church Fighting For Her Life  Acts 5:32   
LDM404 Spiritual Blindness
Acts 5:33-42
LDM405 The Nature of Unbelief
Acts 5:33-42
LDM406 Marks of the Spirit's Work  Acts 5:38-39  
LDM407 Associated With The King Acts 5:41-42   
LDM408 A Question of Priority
Acts 6:1-2
LDM409 Why The Apostles Prayed Acts 6:1-4  
LDM410 Called to Obedience
Acts 6:7
LDM411 The Church and Her Message Acts 6:1-7   
LDM412 Authority of The Word
Acts 6:1-7
LDM413 God's Way of Salvation
Acts 6:2-7
LDM414 The God of Glory Visits Abraham  Acts 7:1-2   
LDM415 Institutionalized Religion Acts 7:1-2   
LDM416 The God Who Reveals Himself Acts 7:1-2  
LDM417 Get Thee Out of Thy Country Acts 7:1-3   
LDM418 Follow Me Acts 7:1-8  
LDM419-1 The God of Covenants
Acts 7:1-8
LDM419-2 The God Who Judges
Acts 7:1-8
LDM420 Abraham Believed God
Acts 7:1-4
LDM421 God and History Acts 7:7-20  
LDM422 A Blind World Acts 7:8-15  
LDM423 But God Was With Him
Acts 7:9-10
LDM424 Three Score and Fifteen Souls  Acts 7:14  
LDM425 All Power is Given to Me Acts 7:9-15   
LDM426-1 The Futility of Humanism Acts 7:17-20   
LDM426-2 The Supernatural Power of God  Acts 7:17-20   
LDM426-3 Like Unto Me Acts 7:17-20  
LDM426-4 The Wisdom of Men
Acts 7:17-20
LDM427 The Power of Sin
Acts 7:20-29
LDM429 Professing Themselves Wise Acts 7:20-29  
LDM430 Moses Chose God
Acts 7:20-29
LDM431 A Hope For All Acts 7:30  
LDM432-1 The God of Miracles
Acts 7:30-33
LDM432-2 The Affliction of My People Acts 7:30-33  
LDM433 No Longer Slaves
Acts 7:35-36
LDM434 Him Shall Ye Hear Acts 7:37  
LDM435-1 The Living Word Acts 
LDM435-2 God Speaks Acts 7:37-38  
LDM435-3 The Living God Acts 7:37-38  
LDM435-4 The Law of God Acts 7:37-38  
LDM435-5 Jesus, Our High Priest
Acts 7:37-38
LDM435-6 The Sending of The Spirit Acts 7:37-38   
LDM436 The Golden Calf 
Acts 7:39-43
LDM438 In Spirit and in Truth
Acts 7:42-50
LDM439-1 Uncircumcised in Heart
Acts 7:54-60
LDM439-2 The Waiting Lord, 
Acts 7:54-60
LDM440 The Book of Facts Acts 8:1-5  
LDM441 The Individual Writ Large Acts 8:4-12   
LDM442 Facing The Facts Acts 8:4-5  
LDM443 He That Hath Ears
Acts 8:5-12
LDM444 A New Life Acts 8:5-12  
LDM445 The Wrath of God 
Acts 8:5-12
LDM446 Great Joy in That City,  Acts 8:8  
LDM448 Principalities and Powers Acts 8:8-15   
LDM449 The False Believer
Acts 8:8-13, 18:24
LDM450 The Supernatural Realm Acts 8:14  
LDM451 Simon The Sorcerer
Acts 8:18-24
LDM452 A Gospel For Sinners Acts 8:25  
LDM453 All of God
Acts 8:26
LDM454 The Sheep and The Shepherd Acts 8:30   
LDM455 The Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 8:26-31
LDM456 Do You Understand? Acts 8:29-30  
LDM457 That Christ Died For Us
Acts 8:32-35
LDM458 The Content of The Gospel Acts 8:35   
LDM459 A Man of Sorrows
Acts 8:28, 36-39
LDM460 The Edification of The Church  Acts 9:31  
LDM461 Peter in Prison Acts 12:5  
LDM462 The Church and Her Future Acts 12:5   
LDM463 How The Gospel Came to Europe Acts 16  
LDM464 Death is Not The End
Acts 17:1-4
LDM465 The Authority of The Bible Acts 17:1-3   
LDM466 Christ Must Needs Have Suffered  Acts 17:1-4   
LDM467 The Resurrection, Its Relevance  Acts 17:18   
LDM468 Paul Preaches at Athens
Acts 17:21
LDM469 The Sons of Sceva
Acts 19:13-16
LDM470 The Glory of The Gospel Acts 20:24  
LDM471 Unbelief and Division
Acts 23:68
LDM472 Faith, The Golden Key
Acts 24:24
LDM473 Why is The Gospel Rejected? Acts 24:25-26  
LDM474 Righteousness, Temperance, And Judgment Acts 24:24-25  
LDM475 Righteousness, Temperance, & Judgment to Come  Acts 24:24-25
LDM476 The Essential Christian Message  Acts 26:25   
LDM477 A Man Called Paul
Romans 1:1
LDM478 Analysis Romans 1:1  
LDM479 Paul, A Servant of Jesus Christ  Romans 1:1   
LDM480 Paul, An Apostle of Jesus Christ  Romans 1:1   
LDM481 The Gospel of God
Romans 1:1
LDM482-1 Promised by His Prophets Romans 1:2   
LDM482-2 The Holy Scriptures
Romans 1:2
LDM483-1 Concerning His Son Romans 1:3-4  
LDM483-2 Declared to be The Son of God  Romans 1:3-4  
LDM484-1 Jesus Christ, Our Lord Romans 1:3-5   
LDM484-2 Saviour of The World (Last Half Missing)  Romans 1:3-5   
LDM485 A Christian Defined
Romans 1:6-7
LDM486 Indivisible Christian Life Romans 1:7   
LDM487-1 My God, Through Jesus Christ Romans 1:7-15  
LDM487-2 Submitted to The Will of God Romans 1:7-15  
LDM487-3 Called to Preach
Romans 1:7-15
LDM487-4 Serving God Romans 1:7-15  
LDM488 Mutual Encouragement of Our Faith   Romans 1:11-12   
LDM489 Declared With Power Romans 1:14  
LDM490 The Whole Counsel of God Romans 1:14-5  
LDM491-1 Not Ashamed of The Gospel Romans 1:16-17  
LDM491-2 God's Plan of Salvation Romans 1:16-17   
LDM491-3 The Power Unto Salvation Rom 1:16-17   
LDM491-4 Righteousness of God Revealed  Romans 1:16-17   
LDM491-5 The Just Shall Live by Faith Romans 1:16-17  
LDM492 Mutual Encouragement of Our Faith Romans 1:18  
LDM493-1 The Doctrine of The Wrath of God  Romans 1:18   
LDM493-2 The Wrath of God Revealed Rom 1:18  
LDM494 Ungodliness Romans 1:18  
LDM495 Their Foolish Heart Was Darkened  Romans 1:18-20   
LDM496 They Became Fools
Romans 1:18-32
LDM497 Thou Art Inexcusable, O Man Rom 2:1   
LDM498 Judgment of God is According to Truth
Romans 2:1-3
LDM499 The Longsuffering of God Rom 2:2-3  
LDM500 Repentance and God's Goodness Romans 2:2-4  
LDM501 The Heart and Mind of Man Rom 2:2-5   
LDM502 God Will Render to Every Man According to His Deeds Romans 2:6
LDM503 The Wrath of God
Romans 2:11-16
LDM504 The Judgment Throne of Christ  Romans 2:11-16   
LDM505-1 Written in Their Hearts Romans 2:13-15   
LDM505-2 None Righteous
Romans 2:13-15
LDM506 Hypocrisy Romans 2:17-24  
LDM507 Stewards of The Mystery Romans 3:1-2   
LDM508 The Faith of God Without Effect  Romans 3:3   
LDM509 There is None Righteous Romans 3:9-20   
LDM511 Man Under Sin
Romans 3:10-12
LDM512 By Free Grace Alone Romans 3:14  
LDM513 The Fear of The Lord Romans 3:18-20   
LDM514 Justification Explained Romans 3:20   
LDM515-1 The Turning Point: "But Now" Romans 3:21-31  
LDM515-2 More Than Forgiveness Romans 3:21-31   
LDM516 By Free Grace Alone Romans 3:24  
LDM517-1 The Blood of Jesus Christ Romans 3:25   
LDM517-2 Propitiation Romans 3:25  
LDM518 The Vindication of God Romans 3:25-26   
LDM519 Boasting Excluded
Romans 3:27-31
LDM520 Distinctions Abolished Romans 3:29-31  
LDM521 The Law Established Romans 3:31  
LDM522 Abraham Justified by Faith Romans 4:1-3  
LDM523 Justifying The Ungodly Romans 4:4-8   
LDM524 Faith Only Romans 4:9-16  
LDM525 Salvation Guaranteed by Grace  Romans 4:13-17   
LDM526 The Nature of Faith
Romans 4:18
LDM527 Believe God 
Romans 4:18-25
LDM528 Delivered For Our Offenses Romans 4:23-25  
LDM529-1 Certainty of Salvation Romans 5:1-2   
LDM529-2 Having Peace With God Romans 5:1-2  
LDM529-3 Standing in Grace
Romans 5:1-2
LDM529-4 Glory Begun Below
Romans 5:1-2
LDM530 Times of Trial Romans 5:3-5  
LDM531-1 Glory in Tribulation
Romans 5:5
LDM531-2 The Holy Spirit & Assurance Rom 5:5   
LDM532 Grace, So Rich and Free Romans 5:6-11   
LDM533 Love That Produces Salvation Romans 5:6-8  
LDM534 Justified by God
Romans 5:9-10
LDM535 Security in Christ
Romans 5:10
LDM536 Glory in God, Rom. 5:10-11  
LDM537 Made Alive in Christ
Romans 5:12
LDM538 The Mechanics of Interpretation  Romans 5:12   
LDM539 The Gift of Righteousness Romans 5:16-17  
LDM540 The Obedience of Christ Romans 5:18-19  
LDM541-1 As in Adam, So in Christ Romans 5:12-21   
LDM541-2 For All Sinned
Romans 5:12-21
LDM542 The Law Came In
Romans 5:20-21
LDM543 Introduction to Romans, Rom. 6:1-2  
LDM544 Dead to Sin Romans 6:1-2  
LDM545 Transferred to The Reign of Grace    Romans 6:1-2   
LDM546 Union With Christ Rom. 6:3  
LDM547 New Life Romans 6:3-4  
LDM548 The Old Man Was Crucified Romans 6:5-6  
LDM549-1 Freed From Sin Rom. 6:6-7  
LDM549-2 Freed From The Tyranny of Sin Romans 6:6-7  
LDM550 Christ's Death Unto Sin Romans 6:8-10   
LDM551 No More in The Realm of Sin Death   Romans 6:10-11   
LDM552-1 Free in Christ Jesus
Romans 6:11
LDM552-2 Dead to Sin, Alive To God Rom 6:11  
LDM553 Alive Unto God Romans 6:14  
LDM554 Let Not Sin Reign
Romans 6:12-14
LDM555 Mind, Heart and Will Romans 6:17  
LDM556 The Infirmity of The Flesh Romans 6:19   
LDM557 Servants of Sin
Romans 6:20-21
LDM558 Biblical Accountancy Romans 6:21  
LDM559 Changed From Glory to Glory Romans 6:22  
LDM560 The Gift of God Rom. 6:23  
LDM561-1 The Christian & God's Law Rom 7:4   
LDM561-2 Not Subject to the Law Rom.7:4  
LDM561-3 The Essentials of Salvation Rom.7:4  
LDM561-4 Union With Christ, It's Nature  Rom.7:4  
LDM561-5 Union: It's Privileges & Purpose Rom.7:4   
LDM562 The Nature of Sin Rom.7:5-6  
LDM563-1 In the Spirit - Of the Flesh, Rom.7:6   
LDM563-2 Life in the Spirit Rom.7:6  
LDM564 The Purpose of the Law Rom.7:7  
LDM565 Sin's Nature & Character Romans 7:8  
LDM566 Sin Revealed by Law Romans 7:9  
LDM567 The Deceitfulness of Sin Romans 7:10-11  
LDM568 The Use of The Law to  Produce Death Romans 7:12-13  
LDM569 The Wretched Man's Identity, Romans 7:13-25 (2 Cas)  
LDM570 Introduction To Vs. 14-25 Romans 7:14   
LDM571-1 Carnal Man Romans 7:14-15  
LDM571-2 Carnal Man, Dual Personality Romans 7:16-20  
LDM571-3 Carnal Man, The Battle Within   Romans 7:21-23   
LDM572 Science, Morality and God Romans 7:22-25  
LDM573 The Sufferings of This Present Time  Romans 8   
LDM574 Modern Pharisees
Romans 8:3-4
LDM575 The Christmas Message (December 1956)
Romans 8:3-4
LDM576-1 Salvation of God, Through Christ  Romans 8:3-4   
LDM576-2 Jesus, Our Sinless Saviour Romans 8:3-4   
LDM576-3 Christ's Sacrifice Condemns Sin Rom 8:3-4  
LDM576-4 The Christian's Way of Life Rom 8:3-4   
LDM577-1 Carnal or Christian? Romans 8:5-8  
LDM577-2 Controlled by The Spirit Romans 8:5-8   
LDM577-3 Real Christianity? The Test Rom 8:5-8   
LDM577-4 At Peace With God
Romans 8:5-8
LDM578 Complete Salvation
Romans 8:11
LDM579-1 A Call For Action Romans 8:12-13  
LDM579-2 The Way of Sanctification Rom 8:12-13   
LDM579-3 Sin and The Christian Romans 8:12-13   
LDM579-4 Sin and The Body Romans 8:12-13  
LDM580-1 Sons of The Living God Romans 8:14  
LDM580-2 The Father's Children Romans 8:14  
LDM580-3 Leading and Guidance Romans 8:14  
LDM580-4 The Spiritual Outlook Romans 8:14  
LDM581 The Spirit & the Law
Rom 8:14-15
LDM582-1 The Spirit of Bondage Romans 8:15  
LDM582-2 Freedom From Fear
Romans 8:15
LDM582-3 Sons of God Romans 8:15  
LDM582-4 The Spirit of Adoption Romans 8:15  
LDM582-5 Knowing You Have Received Romans 8:15  
LDM582-6 Spirit Baptism & Fullness Romans 8:15   
LDM583-1 Sealing With The Spirit Romans 8:16   
LDM583-2 The Witness of The Spirit Romans 8:16   
LDM583-3 Faith and Experience Romans 8:16  
LDM583-4 The Nature of The Spirit's Witness    Romans 8:16   
LDM583-5 The Witness of History Romans 8:16  
LDM583-6 The True and The False Witness    Romans 8:16   
LDM583-7 The Spirit of Sanctification Rom 8:16   
LDM583-8 Seeking The Spirit
Romans 8:16
LDM584 The Spirit of Bondage Romans 8:16-17   
LDM585-1 Heirs According to Promise Rom 8:17   
LDM585-2 Heirs of God Romans 8:17  
LDM585-3 The Problem of Suffering Romans 8:17   
LDM586 Purpose of Salvation Romans 8:17-18   
LDM587-1 Reactions to Suffering Romans 8:18  
LDM587-2 A Share in The Glory Romans 8:18  
LDM587-3 Minimizing Suffering Romans 8:18  
LDM588 We Shall Be Like Him Romans 8:18  
LDM589 The Exclusive Gospel Romans 8:18-23   
LDM590-1 Creation Delivered
Romans 8:18-23
LDM590-2 Paradise Regained
Romans 8:18-23
LDM590-3 Death and Heaven
Romans 8:18-23
LDM591-1 The Sphere of Hope Romans 8:18-25  
LDM591-2 Hope in Practice
Romans 8:18-25
LDM592-1 Eternally Secure
Romans 8:28-30
LDM592-2 Eternally Secure (Part Two) Romans 8:28-30  
LDM593-1 God's Work is Certain Romans 8:32  
LDM593-2 The Spirit's Help
Romans 8:26-27
LDM593-3 The Mystery of Prayer Romans 8:26-27   
LDM593-4 The Sufferings of Christ Romans 8:32   
LDM593-5 A Further Work of The Spirit Romans 8:26,27  
LDM594 God Is For Us Romans 8:31  
LDM594-1 Working For Our Good Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-2 God is in Control
Romans 8:28-30
LDM594-3 Loving God: The Test Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-4 The Believers Security Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-5 God's Plan is Certain Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-6 Conforming to Christ Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-7 To Glorify Christ
Romans 8:28-30
LDM594-8 Calling: The Middle Link Romans 8:28-30  
LDM594-9 Justified & Glorified
Romans 8:28-30
LDM594-10 Helping The Perplexed Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-11 The Biblical Way
Romans 8:28-30
LDM594-12 Applying the Principles
Romans 8:28-30
LDM594-13 Warning Passages
Romans 8:28-30
LDM594-14 The Threefold Purpose Romans 8:28-30   
LDM594-15 The Unbreakable Chain Romans 8:28-30   
LDM596 Justified by God
Romans 8:33-34
LDM597 Christ Our Security
Romans 8:34
LDM598 The Wonder of The Resurrection  Romans 8:34   
LDM599 Christ's Work Completed Romans 8:35   
LDM600 More Than Conquerors Romans 8:35-39   
LDM601 Introduction to Romans Chapter Nine   
LDM602 Paul's Great Concern Romans 9:1-3  
LDM603 Relationships and God's Purpose  Romans 9:1-3   
LDM604 Children of The Promise Romans 9:4-7   
LDM605-1 Who are The Israelites? Romans 9:4-5   
LDM605-2 God's Covenants
Romans 9:4-5
LDM605-3 Children of The Promise Romans 9:4-5   
LDM605-4 Christ..Who Is..God
Romans 9:4-5
LDM606 The True Israel
Romans 9:6-7
LDM607 Child of The Promise Romans 9:6-9  
LDM608-1 God's Purpose Made Sure Romans 9:10-13  
LDM608-2 God's New Humanity
Romans 9:10-13
LDM609 A Right Approach
Romans 9:14
LDM610 God's Mercy Rom. 9:14-18  
LDM611 Hardening of Pharaoh's Heart Romans 9:17-18  
LDM612-1 Who Art Thou, Oh Man? Romans 9:18-24  
LDM612-2 Holy God, Fallen Man Romans 9:19-24   
LDM612-3 God's Wrath Romans 9:19-24  
LDM612-4 God's Glory Revealed,  Romans 9:19-24 (2 Cas)  
LDM613 Jew and Gentile
Romans 9:25-26
LDM614 Rejection of The Jews Romans 9:25-29   
LDM615 Faith, Not Works
Romans 9:30-33
LDM616 A Rock of Offense
Romans 9:32-33
LDM617 Choice, Not Belief
Romans 9:30-33
LDM618 Learning The Lessons Romans 9  Summary   
LDM619 Introduction To
Romans Ch. 10
LDM620 True and False Zeal
Romans 10
LDM621 Knowledge of Truth
Romans 10:3
LDM622 Submission to God's Righteousness  Romans 10:3   
LDM623 Christ, the End of the Law Romans 10:4   
LDM624 Righteousness by Law Romans 10:5  
LDM625 Righteousness by Faith Romans 10:5-8   
LDM626-1 Jesus is Lord Rom. 10:9-10  
LDM626-2 Jesus is Lord (Contd.) Romans 10:9-10   
LDM626-3 Why Christ Died Romans 10:9-10  
LDM626-4 Resurrection Results
Romans 10:9-10
LDM626-5 Essential For Salvation Romans 10:9-10   
LDM626-6 Condition of The Heart Romans 10:9-10   
LDM626-7 A Change of Heart
Romans 10:9-10
LDM626-8 Saving Faith Rom. 10:9-10  
LDM626-9 Assurance of Salvation Romans 10:9-10   
LDM626-10 A Right Confession
Romans 10:9-10
LDM627-1 Confessing The Lord Jesus Christ  Romans 10:11-13   
LDM627-2 The Great Salvation
Romans 10:11-13
LDM627-3 God of Jew & Gentile Romans 10:11-13   
LDM627-4 Riches of His Grace
Romans 10:11-13
LDM627-5 Jew & Gentile, No Difference Romans 10:11-13  
LDM628-1 Preaching & Salvation
Rom 10:14-17
LDM628-2 Why Preaching?
Romans 10:14-17
LDM628-3 Called to Preach
Romans 10:14-17
LDM628-4 Called to Preach (Contd.) Romans 10:14-17  
LDM628-5 The Preacher's Message Romans 10:14-17  
LDM628-6 The Preacher's Message (Cont.) Romans 10:14-17  
LDM629 The Gospel of Peace Romans 10:15  
LDM630-1 Hearing of Faith
Romans 10:16-17
LDM630-2 Faith and Obedience Romans 10:16-17   
LDM631-1 Faith and Joy
Romans 10:18-21
LDM631-2 The Case of The Jews Romans 10:18-21   
LDM631-3 The Gospel and The Jews Romans 10:18-21  
LDM631-4 Tragedy of The Jews Romans 10:18-21   
LDM631-5 Learning The Lessons Romans 10:18-21   
LDM632 Introduction to Romans Ch. Eleven  
LDM633 Did God Reject His People? Romans 11:1-4  
LDM634 According to Grace
Romans 11:1-6
LDM635-1 Blessing Becomes A Curse Romans 11:7-10  
LDM635-2 Judicial Blindness 
Romans 11:7-10
LDM635-3 Imprecatory Psalms
Romans 11:7-10
LDM636-1 Stumbling of The Jews Romans 11:11-12  
LDM636-2 Riches of the Gentiles Romans 11:11-12   
LDM636-3 Lessons from the Jews
Romans 11:11-12
LDM637-1 Apostle to the Gentiles
Romans 11:13-15
LDM637-2 Life From The Dead
Romans 11:13-15
LDM638-1 The Olive Tree
Romans 11:16-17
LDM638-2 The Terms Defined
Romans 11:16-17
LDM639-1 None Should Boast
Romans 11:18-22
LDM639-2 Pride Romans 11:18-22  
LDM639-3 God's Goodness & Severity Romans 11:18-22  
LDM639-4 Final Perseverance
Romans 11:18-22
LDM639-5 Vital Principles
Romans 11:18-22
LDM640-1 Regrafting of The Jews Romans 11:23-24  
LDM640-2 The Mystery Revealed Romans 11:23-24  
LDM641-1 Collecting Evidence
Romans 11:25-27
LDM641-2 Collecting Evidence (Contd.) Romans 11:25-32  
LDM641-3 All Israel Shall Be Saved Romans 11:25-32  
LDM642-1 Dependent On God's Mercy Romans 11:28-32  
LDM642-2 Future of The Jews
Romans 11:28-32
LDM642-3 Conversion of The Jews Romans 11:28-32  
LDM642-4 God in Control
Romans 11:28-32
LDM643-1 The Great Doxology
Romans 11:32-36
LDM643-2 The Only Hope
Romans 11:32-36
LDM643-3 All of God Romans 11:32-36  
LDM644 Introduction to Romans Ch. Twelve  
LDM645 All of Grace Romans 12:3  
LDM646-1 The Christian Life
Romans 12:1-2
LDM646-2 A Living Sacrifice
Romans 12:1-2
LDM646-3 Present Your Bodies
Romans 12:1-2
LDM646-4 Spiritual Worship Romans 12:1-2  
LDM646-5 The World, Part One
Romans 12:1-2
LDM646-6 The World, Part Two Romans 12:1-2  
LDM646-7 Renewal of The Mind, Part One  Romans 12:1-2   
LDM646-8 Renewal of The Mind, Part Two  Romans 12:1-2   
LDM646-9 Renewal of The Mind, Part Three  Romans 12:1-2   
LDM647 One Body Romans 12:4-5  
LDM648-1 Gifts of The Church
Romans 12:3-5
LDM648-2 The Body of Christ
Romans 12:3-5
LDM649 Character of Unity
Romans 12:5-6
LDM650-1 Spiritual Gifts Romans 12:6  
LDM650-2 Spiritual Gifts (Contd.) Romans 12:6   
LDM650-3 Spiritual Gifts (Contd.) Romans 12:6   
LDM650-4 Spiritual Gifts (Contd.) Romans 12:6   
LDM651-1 Lessons From The Early Church  Romans 12:6-8   
LDM651-2 Lessons From Church History Romans 12:6-8  
LDM651-3 Worship, Ancient & Modern Romans 12:6-8  
LDM651-4 Worship, The Old & The New Romans 12:6-8  
LDM652-1 Love, Part One
Romans 12:9-21
LDM652-2 Love, Part Two
Romans 12:9-21
LDM653 Stir Yourselves
Romans 12:11
LDM654 Serving The Lord
Romans 12:11-12
LDM655 Patient in Tribulation Romans 12:12   
LDM656 Fellowship of The Saints Romans 12:13   
LDM657-1 Practical Christianity Part One  Romans 12:14-15   
LDM657-2 Practical Christianity Part Two Romans 12:14-15  
LDM658 Wisdom and Knowledge Romans 12:16  
LDM659 Be  Different
Romans 12:17-18
LDM660 God's Wrath, Not Man's Romans 12:19-20  
LDM661 Overcoming Evil
Romans 12:20-21
LDM662-1 Relationships, Rom.13:1-7  
LDM662-2 Subject to Government, Rom.13:1-7  
LDM663 The Christian & the State, Rom.13:1-7 (3 Cas)  
LDM664 The Church & the State, Rom.13:1-7 (6 Cas)  
LDM665-1 Love Fulfills the Law, Rom.13:8-10  
LDM665-2 Love Your Neighbor, Rom.13:8-10  
LDM665-3 Spiritual Love, Rom.13:8-10  
LDM666-1 Sanctification, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-2 Redemption History, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-3 A World in Darkness, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-4 The Christian's Future, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-5 Strangers and Pilgrims, pt.1, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-6 Strangers and Pilgrims, pt.2, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-7 Christ's Return, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM666-8 The Armour of Light, Rom.13:11-14  
LDM667-1 Walk in the Faith, pt.1, Rom.14:1-4  
LDM667-2 Walk in the Faith, pt.2, Rom.14:1-4  
LDM667-3 Food and Drink, Rom.14:1-4  
LDM667-4 God Has Received Him, Rom.14:1-4  
LDM667-5 Saved for Eternity, Rom.14:1-4  
LDM667-6 Sabbath and Special Days, Rom.14:1-4   
LDM668 Live and Die to the Lord, Rom.14:5-9   
LDM669 The Lord of Death, Rom.14:6-12  
LDM670 Jesus Christ - the Judge, Rom.14:10-12  
LDM671 Clean or Unclean? Rom.14:13-15  
LDM672 Consider Others, Rom.14:13-16  
LDM673-1 Conscience, Rom.14:14-16  
LDM673-2 Once Saved, Always Saved? Rom.14:14-16  
LDM674-1 A Sense of Balance, pt.1, Rom.14:14-17  
LDM674-2 A Sense of Balance, pt.2, Rom.14:14-17  
LDM674-3 The Kingdom of God, Rom.14:14-17  
LDM674-4 The Realm of Righteousness, Rom.14:14-17  
LDM675 The Cross That Divides, ICor.1:2-8  
LDM676-1 All of Grace, ICor.1:4-9  
LDM676-2 The Testimony of Christ, ICor.1:4-9   
LDM677 Christmas and the Modern Man, ICor.1:20  
LDM678 The World by Wisdom Knew Not God, ICor.1:21  
LDM679 The Everlasting Gospel, ICor.1:22-24  
LDM680 To Seek and to Save, ICor.1:31  
LDM681 Revealed by God, ICor.2  
LDM682 Jesus Christ - Crucified, ICor.2:2  
LDM683 The Power of the Preacher, ICor.2:2   
LDM684 The Authority of the Holy Spirit, ICor.2:4-5  
LDM685 The Deep Things of God, ICor.2:10  
LDM686 Dawn That Never Leads to Day, ICor.2:6, 3:18-21  
LDM687 The Only Foundation, ICor.3:1-15  
LDM688-1 Christ the Foundation, ICor.3:11  
LDM688-2 Christ the Only Foundation, ICor.3:11  
LDM689 Revelation & Reason, ICor.3:16  
LDM690 God's Revelation vs. Human Reason, ICor.3:16  
LDM691 Reflecting His Glory, ICor.3:18  
LDM692 The Wisdom of the World, ICor.3:18-20   
LDM693 Let No One Glory in Man, ICor.3:21  
LDM694 Ye Are Christ's, ICor.3:21-25  
LDM695 Full Salvation, ICor.3:21-23  
LDM696 Not In Word, But Power, I Cor 4:20  
LDM697-1 The Reality of Sin, ICor.6:9-11  
LDM697-2 A New Creation, ICor.6:9-11  
LDM697-3 The Holy Spirit in Salvation, ICor.6:9-11  
LDM697-4 The Unrighteous Shall Not Inherit, ICor.6:9  
LDM698 Now and Then, ICor.13:9-13  
LDM699 Test Yourself, ICor.12:31, 13:3  
LDM700 Glorious Gospel - Glorious God, ICor.15:1-4  
LDM701 Vain Regrets, ICor.15:8-10  
LDM702-1 A Complete Redemption, ICor.15:12  
LDM702-2 If Christ Be Not Risen, ICor.15:12  
LDM703 Conversion of Saul of Tarsus, ICor.15:8-11  
LDM704 The Meaning of the Resurrection, ICor.15:17  
LDM705 Christ the Only Hope, ICor.15:19  
LDM706 The Second Adam, ICor.15:47  
LDM707 The Conquest of Death, ICor.15:54-57  
LDM708 Exposition, IICor.3:2-3  
LDM709 The Gospel of Paul, IICor.3:2-3  
LDM710-1 In the Sight of God, IICor.4:1-6  
LDM710-2 The Authority of the Gospel, IICor.4:1-6  
LDM710-3 A World in Darkness, IICor.4:1-6  
LDM710-4 Gospel of the Glory of Christ, IICor.4:1-6  
LDM710-5 Knowledge of the Glory of God, IICor.4:1-6  
LDM710-6 What Makes a Christian? IICor.4:1-6  
LDM711 Under the Power of the Spirit, IICor.4:1-7  
LDM712 Blinded by the God of the Ages, IICor.4:3-4  
LDM713 The State of Man, IICor.4:6  
LDM714 The Inward Man, IICor.4:16  
LDM715 The Acid Test of the Christian Profession, IICor.4:18-19  
LDM716 The Bible and Death, IICor.5:1  
LDM717 We Walk by Faith, IICor.5:1-7  
LDM718 Be Ye Reconciled to God, IICor.5:6  
LDM719 Flesh or Spirit? IICor.5:16  
LDM720 A New Man, IICor.5:17  
LDM721 A Knowledge of God, IICor.5:18-19  
LDM722 Ambassador for Christ, IICor.5:20  
LDM723 Salvation Impossible to Man, IICor.5:21  
LDM724 Importance of Self Examination, IICor.13:5  
LDM725-1 The Vicious Principle, Galatians 1:3-5  
LDM725-2 Man, His Problem and The Answer, Galatians 1:3-5  
LDM725-3 God "Is", Galatians 1:3-5   
LDM725-4 Man's Need: Salvation Galatians 1:3-5   
LDM725-5 Who Gave Himself For Our Sin, Galatians 1:3-5  
LDM725-6 Peace With God Through Christ, Galatians 1:3-5  
LDM725-7 The Results of The Cross
Galations 1:3-5
LDM726 No Other Gospel
Galations 1:6-7
LDM727 Called by God Through The Gospel, Galatians 1:6-9  
LDM728 The Only Gospel
Galations 1:8
LDM729 They Glorified God Galatians 1:21-24   
LDM730 A Root From Dry Ground
Galations 4:4-6
LDM731 A Spirit of Adoration Galatians 4:4-9   
LDM732 False Teaching
Galatians 4:15
LDM733 Glory in The Cross of Christ Galatians 5:11, 6:14  
LDM734 Sowing and Reaping Galatians 6:7-8  
LDM735 Weary in Well Doing Galatians 6:9  
LDM736 Built On Sound Foundations Galatians 6:12-13  
LDM737-1 Offense of The Cross Galatians 6:14   
LDM737-2 The Glory of The Cross Galatians 6:14   
LDM737-3 Victory Over The Devil Galatians 6:14   
LDM737-4 Conditions of The World Galatians 6:14   
LDM737-5 The Middle Wall of Partition Galatians 6:14  
LDM737-6 A Public Declaration Galatians 6:14   
LDM737-7 Glorying Only in The Cross Galatians 6:14  
LDM737-8 A New Life, Galatians 6:14  
LDM737-9 Made in The Likeness of Man, Gal 6:14   
LDM737-10 Looking at The Cross, Galatians 6:14   
LDM738 What is Christianity? Galatians 6:15   
LDM739 The Mystery of God Ephesians 1:1  
LDM740 Saints & Faithful in Christ Jesus, Ephesians 1:1  
LDM741 Grace, Peace and Glory Ephesians 1:2   
LDM742 The Everlasting Covenant Ephesians 1:3   
LDM743 All Spiritual Blessings Ephesians 1:3   
LDM744 In Heavenly Places Ephesians 1:3  
LDM745 Chosen in Him, Eph.1:4  
LDM746 Holy and Before Him in Love, Eph.1:4  
LDM747 Adoption, Ephesians 1:5  
LDM748 Higher Than Adam Ephesians 1:5-6  
LDM749 The Glory of God
Ephesians 1:6
LDM750 In The Beloved,        Ephesians 1:6  
LDM751 Redemption, Ephesians 1:7  
LDM752 Through The Blood Ephesians 1:7  
LDM753 The Riches of His Grace Ephesians 1:7   
LDM754 The Mystery of His Will,  Epheians 1:8-9  
LDM755 All Things Reunited in Christ,  Epheians 1:10   
LDM756 We..Ye Also, Ephesians 1:11  
LDM757 The Predeterminant Council of God
Ephesians 1:11-14
LDM758 The Council of His Own Will,  Ephesians 1:11-14   
LDM759 Heard, Believed, Trusted, Ephesians 1:11-14  
LDM760 Sealed With The Spirit Ephesians 1:13   
LDM761 The Nature of Sealing Ephesians 1:13   
LDM762 Sealing: Problems & Difficulties 
Ephesians 1:13
LDM763 The Earnest of Our Inheritance, Ephesians 1:14  
LDM764 To The Praise of His Glory, Ephesians 1:14  
LDM765 Tests of Christian Profession, Ephesians 1:15  
LDM766 The Father of Glory Ephesians 1:17  
LDM767 The Christian's Knowledge of God,  Ephesians 1:17   
LDM768 The Hope of His Calling Ephesians 1:18   
LDM769 Riches of His Inheritance, Ephesians 1:18  
LDM770 The Exceeding Greatness of His Power  
Ephesians 1:19
LDM771 The Greatness of His Power Ephesians 1:19-20  
LDM772 Power to Usward Who Believe, Ephesians 1:19-28  
LDM773 His Power From Beginning to End, Ephesians 1:19  
LDM774 The Final Consummation, Ephesians 1:19-25  
LDM775 The Church Which is His Body, Ephesians 1:20-23  
LDM776-1 Man in Sin, Ephesians 2:1-3  
LDM776-2 Man in Sin: Dead in Trespasses and Sins Ephesians 2:1  
LDM776-3 Man in Sin, Ephesians 2:1-3  
LDM776-4 Man in Sin, Life Without God. Ephesians 2:1-3  
LDM777 But God, Ephesians 2:4  
LDM778 "But God.." - The Christian Message,  Ephesians 2:4   
LDM779 In Christ Jesus
Ephesians 2:4-7
LDM780 Risen in Christ
Ephesians 2:4-7
LDM781 In Heavenly Places Ephesians 2:4-7  
LDM782 The Exceeding Riches of His Grace 
Ephesians 2:7
LDM783 Through Christ Jesus Ephesians 2:7  
LDM784 By Grace Through Faith,
Epheians 2:8-10
LDM785 His Workmanship
Ephesians 2:10
LDM786 Jew and Gentile
Ephesians 2:11
LDM787 Without Christ,                      Epheains 2:12   
LDM788 Made Nigh,  Ephesians 2:13   
LDM789 The Blood of Christ Ephesians 2:13  
LDM790 He is Our Peace
Ephesians 2:14-16
LDM791 Christ's Way of Making Peace, Ephesians 2:15  
LDM793 The One Mediator
Ephesians 2:16
LDM794 Peace With God
Ephesians 2:17
LDM795 Access to The Father Ephesians 2:18   
LDM796 Lord, Teach Us to Pray Ephesians 2:18   
LDM797 Praying In The Spirit Ephesians 2:18   
LDM798 No Longer Strangers Ephesians 2:19  
LDM799 Heavenly Citizenship Ephesians 2:19   
LDM800 Privileges & Responsibilities Ephesians 2:19  
LDM801 Of the Household Of God, Ephesians 2:19  
LDM802 The Unity Of The Body Ephesians 2:19   
LDM803 Character & Nature Of The Christian Church
Ephesians 2:20-22
LDM804 An Habitation Of God,
Ephesians 2:20-22
LDM805 The Only Foundation,
Ephesians 2:20-22
LDM806 Fitly Framed Together,
Ephesians 2:20-22
LDM807 The Growth Of The Church, Ephesians 2:20-22  
LDM808 Built Together By The Holy Spirit, Ephesians 2:20-22  
LDM809 Parts Of The Whole, Ephesians 2:20-22   
LDM810 Personal Evangelism, Ephesians 2:20-22   
LDM811 Suffering As Christ's Prisoner,   Ephesians 3:1   
LDM812-1 The Mystery Of Christ, Ephesians 3:2-7   
LDM812-2 Two Mysteries, Jew & Gentile, Ephesians 3:2-7  
LDM813 The Minister, Task & Calling, Ephesians 3:7-8  
LDM814 Hope For The World, Ephesians 3:9-11   
LDM815 The Wisdom Of God, Ephesians 3:10  
LDM816 Prayer, Boldness & Access, Ephesians 3:12  
LDM817 Praying To The Father,
Ephesians 3:14-15
LDM818 That Your Joy May Be Full, Ephesians 3:14-21  
LDM819-1 The Inner Man,                     Ephesians 3:16   
LDM819-2 The Importance Of Spiritual Growth,   
Ephesians 3:16
LDM820-1 Christ In The Heart, Ephesians 3:17   
LDM820-2 The Indwelling Christ, Ephesians 3:17   
LDM820-3 The Heart Prepared, Ephesians 3:17  
LDM820-4 Rooted In Love,                      Ephesians 3:17   
LDM820-5 Grounded In Love,
Ephesians 3:17
LDM821-1 Able To Comprehend, Ephesians 3:18-19  
LDM821-2 Breadth, Length, Depth, & Height, Ephesians 3:18-19  
LDM821-3 Knowing The Love Of Christ, Ephesians 3:18-19  
LDM821-4 Experimental Christianity, Ephesians 3:18-19  
LDM822-1 Seeking To Comprehend Ephesians 3:19   
LDM822-2 Preparing For The Guest, Ephesians 3:19   
LDM822-3 All The Fulness Of God, Ephesians 3:19   
LDM822-4 The Fulness Experienced, Ephesians 3:19  
LDM823 The Greatness & Power Of God, Ephesians 3:20-21  
LDM824 Practical Application Of Doctrine,  Ephesians 4:1   
LDM825 Therefore Walk Worthily,
Ephenians 4:1-3
LDM826 Worthy Of Our Calling, Ephesians 4:1-3   
LDM827 Keeping The Unity Of The Spirit, Ephesians 4:2-3  
LDM828 The Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace, #1
Ephesians 4:5
LDM829 The Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace, #2
Ephesians 4:5
LDM830 The Body Of Christ, Ephesians 4:4-6   
LDM831-1 The Work Of The Spirit In The Church, Eph 4:4  
LDM831-2 Revival In The Church, Ephhesians 4:4-6   
LDM832 Divisions In The Church, Ephesians 4:4   
LDM833-1 One Lord, Ephesians 4:5  
LDM833-2 One Faith, Ephesians 4:5  
LDM833-3 One Baptism, Ephesians 4:5  
LDM834 One God, Ephesians 4:6  
LDM835 Differing Gifts,
Ephesians 4:7-11
LDM836 The Drama Of Redemption, Ephesians 4:9-10  
LDM837-1 The Church & the World,
Ephensians 4:13
LDM837-2 Faith and Knowledge, Ephesians 4:13   
LDM838-1 No Longer Children, Ephesians 4:14  
LDM838-2 The Wiles Of The Devil, Ephesians 4:14   
LDM839 Speaking The Truth In Love, Ephensians 4:15  
LDM840 Activities And Life,
Ephesians 4:14-16
LDM841 Growing Up, Ephesians 4:16  
LDM842 Practice Rooted In Doctrine, Ephesians 4:17  
LDM843-1 The Emptiness Of The Christless  Life,
Ephesians 4:17-19
LDM843-2 Darkness And Light, Ephesians 4:17-19   
LDM844-1 Knowledge of the Truth, Ephesians 4:20-21  
LDM844-2 Hearing and Learning Christ, Eph.4:20-21  
LDM845 Renewed In The Spirit Of The Mind, Ephesians 4:23  
LDM846-1 Holiness & Sanctification, Ephesians 4:22-24  
LDM846-2 Corruption, Lusts, Deceits, Ephesians 4:22-24  
LDM846-3 When Not To Pray, But Act, Ephesians 4:22-24  
LDM847 Being Up And Doing, Ephesians 4:24  
LDM848-1 Putting On The New Man, Ephesians 4:25  
LDM848-2 Putting Away Lying, Eph.4:25  
LDM849 Sinful and Righteous Anger, Ephesians 4:20-27  
LDM850 Not Stealing, But Labouring, Ephesians 4:20  
LDM851 Communicating With Others, Ephesians 4:29  
LDM852 Grieve Not The Holy Spirit, Ephesians 4:30  
LDM853 The Atoning Work Of Christ, Ephesians 5:2  
LDM854 Imitators Of God,
Ephesians 5:1-2
LDM855-1 Distinct Roles Of Church And The State,
Ephesians 5:3-5
LDM855-2 Evils Not Among Saints
Ephensians 5:3-5
LDM856 The Kingdom Of Christ And Godliness, Ephesians 5:5  
LDM857 The Wrath Of God,
Ephesians 5:6
LDM858 Children Of Light,
Ephesians 5:7-8
LDM859 Unfruitful Works Of Darkness, Ephesians 5:8-13  
LDM860 Acceptable Unto The Lord, Ephesians 5:8-10  
LDM861 The Fruit Of Light,
Ephesians 5:9-10
LDM862-1 Exposed By The Light,
Ephesians 5:7-14
LDM862-2 From Darkness To Light,
Eph 5:7-14
LDM863 Worship In The Spirit, Ephesians 5:19   
LDM864-1 True Melody, Ephesians 5:19  
LDM864-2 Singing To The Lord, Ephesians 5:19   
LDM865 Giving Thanks Always Unto God, Ephesians 5:20  
LDM865-1 Submission In The Spirit, Ephesians 5:21   
LDM865-2 The Spirit Of Christ, Ephesians 5:21   
LDM865-3 Giving Thanks Always Unto God, Ephesians 5:20  
LDM866-1 Basic Principles,
Ephesians 5:22-23
LDM866-2 The Order Of Creation,
Ephesians 5:22-23
LDM867 The Analogy Of The Body, Ephesians 5:22-24  
LDM868 True Love,                          Ephesians 5:25-33  
LDM869-1 The Bride's Privileges, Ephesians 5:25-33   
LDM869-2 The Husband's Duties, Ephesians 5:25-33  
LDM870-1 The Bride Of Christ, Ephesians 5:25-27   
LDM870-2 Purification Of The Bride, Ephesians 5:25-27  
LDM871-1 Discipline And The Modern Man, Ephesians 6:1-4  
LDM871-2 Balancing Discipline, Ephesians 6:1-4   
LDM871-3 Godly Upbringing,
Ephesians 6:1-4
LDM872-1 The Things That Are God's, Ephesians 6:5-9  
LDM872-2 The Christian's Priorities, Ephesians 6:5-9  
LDM872-3 Our Master In Heaven, Ephesians 6:5-9   
LDM873 Be Strong In The Lord, Ephesians 6:10   
LDM874-1 The Only Way,
Ephesians 6:10-11
LDM874-2 The Enemy,
Ephesians 6:10-11
LDM875-1 The Enemy Described, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-2 The Origin Of Evil,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-3 The Wiles Of The Devil, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-4 The Devil And The Nations, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-5 Spiritism, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-6 Spiritism And The Christian, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-7 Demon Possession,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-8 Common And Special Grace, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-9 The Strong Man Disarmed, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-10 The Christian And The Devil, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-11 Schism In The Church,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-12 Cults, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-13 Counterfeits,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-14 Watchfulness,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-15 Philosophy And Vain Deceit, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-16 Knowledge Puffs Up, Ephesians 6:10-13   
LDM875-17 God In The Flesh,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-18 Faith And Experience, Ephesians 6:10-13   
LDM875-19 Physical, Psychological, And The Spiritual, Ephesians 6:1  
LDM875-20 True And False Assurance, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-21 Attacks On Assurance, #1
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-22 Attacks On Assurance, #2
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-23 Quenching The Spirit, #1 Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-24 Quenching The Spirit, #2 Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-25 Temptation and Sin, Ephesians 6:10-13   
LDM875-26 Discouragement,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-27 Worry And Anxiety,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-28 Man's Greatest Problem,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-29 True And False Zeal, Ephesians 6:10-13   
LDM875-30 Worldliness,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-31 The Call To Battle, Ephesians 6:10-13   
LDM875-32 God's Battle, Not Ours,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-33 Who Does The Fighting? Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-34 Morale,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-35 Food And Drink,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-36 Exercise, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-37 Discipline, Ephesians 6:10-13  
LDM875-38 The Promise,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-39 Trust In God And..., Ephesians 6:10-13   
LDM875-40 Things To Avoid,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-41 Stand, Therefore,
Ephesians 6:10-13
LDM875-42 Spiritual Depression,
Ephesians 6:10-11
LDM876-1 The Whole Armor Of God, Ephesians 6:14  
LDM876-2 Loins Girt About,
Ephesians 6:14
LDM876-3 The Only Authority, Ephesians 6:14  
LDM876-4 The Scripture Of Truth, Ephesians 6:14   
LDM876-5 The Truth Of God,
Ephesians 6:14
LDM876-6 The Faith Of The Gospel, Ephesians 6:14   
LDM876-7 Truth Revealed in Scripture, Eph.6:14  
LDM876-8 Girded With Truth,
Ephesians 6:14
LDM876-9 The Breastplate Of Righteousness,
Ephesians 6:14
LDM876-10 Righteousness Of God By Faith, 
Ephesians 6:14
LDM876-11 Putting On The Breastplate, Ephesians 6:14  
LDM876-12 Citizens Of Heaven, Ephesians 6:14  
LDM876-13 Resisting The Devil, Ephesians 6:14   
LDM876-14 Looking Unto Jesus, Ephesians 6:14  
LDM876-15 Slaves Of Christ,
Ephesians 6:14
LDM876-16 Marching Orders,
Ephesians 6:14
LDM877-1 Stand Fast, Ephesians 6:15  
LDM877-2 Mobility, Ephesians 6:15  
LDM878 The Shield Of Faith, Ephesians 6:16   
LDM879 The Whole Armour Of God, Ephesians 6:16-17  
LDM880 The Helmet Of Salvation, Ephesians 6:17  
LDM881 The Sword Of The Spirit, Ephesians 6:17   
LDM882 The Shield, Helmet, & Sword, Ephesians 6:16-18  
LDM883 Praying Always,
Ephesians 6:18
LDM884 Praying In The Spirit, Ephesians 6:18   
LDM885 The Mystery Of Salvation, Epheians 6:18-20  
LDM886 Praying For All The Saints, Ephesians 6:18-20  
LDM887 Praying In The Spirit, Ephesians 6:18-20   
LDM888-1 Mystery Of the Gospel, #1
Ephesians 6:18-20
LDM888-2 Mystery Of the Gospel, #2
Ephesians 6:18-20
LDM889 The Mystery Of The Person Of Christ, Ephesians 6:18-20  
LDM890 The Mystery of The Death of Christ, Ephesians 6:18-20  
LDM891 The True Christian. Philippians 3:3   
LDM892 An Honest Audit,
Philippians 3:7
LDM893 An Experience Of Christ, Philippians 3:8   
LDM894 How One Becomes A Christian,
Philippians 3:12
LDM895-1 Living In The Light Of Christ, Philippians 3:12-17  
LDM895-2 A Man In Christ,
Philippians 3:12-17
LDM895-3 Apprehended By Christ, Philippians 3:12-17  
LDM896 Enemies Of The Cross, Philippians 3:18-19  
LDM897 The Christian Message, Philippians 3:21   
LDM898 The People Of The Kingdom, Philippians 3:20-21  
LDM899-1 The Only Gospel,
Colossians 1:3-7
LDM899-2 A Body Of Truth,
Colossians 1:3-7
LDM899-3 The Heavenly Hope, Colossians 1:3-7   
LDM899-4 Changed By The Gospel,
Colossians 1:3-7
LDM899-5 No Longer Slaves,
Colossians 1:1-11
LDM899-6 His Workmanship Alone, Colossians 1:12  
LDM899-7 The Power Of Darkness Conquered, Colossians 1:13  
LDM899-8 Separated From God, Colossians 1:22-23  
LDM899-9 God And Sinners Reconciled, Colossians 1:14, 20  
LDM899-10 God So Loved,
Colossians 1:14, 20-22
LDM899-11 The Eternal Son Of God Colossians 1:18   
LDM899-12 The Only Message Of Hope, Colossians1:20, 27  
LDM899-13 Love So Amazing,
Colossians 1:20-22
LDM899-14 A Full Assurance Of Understanding, 
Colossians 2:2
LDM899-15 The Warning, Colossians 1:28  
LDM900 Danger Of Error,
Colossians 2:8
LDM901 Week Day Sermon, I Thessalonians 1:5   
LDM902 Evangelism,
I Thessalonians 1:5
LDM903 Not In Word Only,
I Thessalonians 1:5
LDM904 A Gospel Of Power,
I Thessalonians 1:5
LDM905 Rejoice Evermore,
I Thessalonians 5:16
LDM906 Apostolic Preaching,
II Thessalonians 1
LDM907 Believer Or Unbeliever?
II Thessalonians 2:8-10
LDM908 The Lord Of Peace,
II Thessalonians 2:16
LDM909 The Glorious Gospel,
I Timothy 1:11
LDM910 That One Sin,
I Timothy 1:12-16
LDM911 The Resistance Of Unbelief,
I Tim 1:12-16
LDM912 The Only Hope For Mankind, I Timothy 1:15  
LDM913 Salvation For Sinners,
I Timothy 1:15
LDM914 The Ignorance Of Man,
I Timothy 1:16
LDM915 The Making Of The Preacher, I Timothy 1:12-16  
LDM916 Face To Face With Christ Mercy, Immense And Free,
I Timothy 1:15
LDM917 Feelings, II Timothy 1:6  
LDM919 Fear Of The Future,
II Timothy 1:7
LDM920 The Fear Of Death,
II Timothy 1:10
LDM921-1 God's Plan Of Salvation, Real Christianity,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM921-2 God's Plan Of Salvation, The Right Diagnosis,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM921-3 God's Plan Of Salvation: Who Is Man? II Timothy 1:12  
LDM921-4 God's Plan Of Salvation, God's Unchanging Purpose,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM921-5 God's Plan Of Salvation, Abundant Life,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM922 I Am Not Ashamed,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM923 The Meaning Of The Gospel, II Timothy 1:12  
LDM924 God's Way Of Redemption,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM925 The Nature Of Fear,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM926 Come, Lord Jesus,
II Timothy 1:12
LDM927 His Forever, II Timothy 1:12  
LDM928 The Only Gospel,
II Timothy 2:19
LDM929-1 Christmas, An Event In History, Titus 2:11-14  
LDM929-2 The Two Advents,
Titus 2:11-14
LDM929-3 The Christian View Of History, Titus 2:11-14  
LDM930 The Wonder Of The Cross, Hebrews 1:1-3  
LDM931 How Shall We Escape If We Neglect So Great Salvation? Hebrews 2:1-4
LDM932 The Cross Of Christ,
Hebrews 2:9
LDM933 Not Ashamed To Call Them Brethren, Hebrews 2:9  
LDM934 Jesus, Human And Divine, Hebrews 2:14   
LDM935 Christ, Our High Priest, Hebrews 4:14-15   
LDM936 Holding Fast The Faith, Hebrews 4:14-18   
LDM937 A True Belief, Hebrews 6:7-8  
LDM938 A Full Assurance Of Hope, Hebrews 6:11-12  
LDM939 In The Refuge Of God, Hebrews 6:16  
LDM940 Hear Ye Him, Hebrews 8:5  
LDM941 A New And Living Way,
Hebrews 10:19-20
LDM942 The Way of Prayer, Heb.10:19-20  
LDM943 By Faith.. Abraham,
Hebrews 11:8
LDM944 The Choice That Faces Man, Hebrews 11:13  
LDM945 Not Ashamed To Be Called Their God, Hebrews 11:16  
LDM946 Author And Finisher,
Hebrews 12:1-20
LDM947 The Mediator Of The New Covenant, Hebrews 12:18-24  
LDM948 I Shake Not Only The Earth, Hebrews 12:25-29  
LDM949 A Kingdom That Cannot Be Removed,  Hebrews 12:28-29   
LDM950 Therefore.. Jesus Suffered, Hebrews 13:11-12  
LDM951 The Unchanging Task Of The Church,  Hebrews 13:8   
LDM952 From Whence Come Wars? James 4:1  
LDM953 The Condition Of Modern Man,
James 4:13-16
LDM954 Union With Christ,
I Peter 1:3-5
LDM955 Trials, I Peter 1:6-7  
LDM956 The Battle For The Mind,
I Peter 1:13
LDM957 No Hope For This World,
I Peter 1:13
LDM958 A Vain And Empty Life,
I Peter 1:14
LDM959 The Supreme Need,
I Peter 1:17
LDM960 The End Of The Age,
I Peter 1:13-25
LDM961 The Christian Gospel,
I Peter 1:10-12
LDM962 Man, A Slave To Sin,
I Peter 1:18-20
LDM963 Belief In God, I Peter 1:20-21  
LDM964 Obedience To The Truth,
I Peter 1:22
LDM965 Born Of The Spirit
I Peter 1:18-23
LDM966 Born Of Incorruptible Seed,
I Peter 1:23
LDM967 A New Birth, I Peter 2:2  
LDM968 Access To God,
I Peter 2:2-5
LDM969 The Living Stone,
I Peter 2:4-6
LDM970 Be Not Confounded, 
I Peter 2:6
LDM971 The People Of God,
I Peter 2:2,6
LDM972 A Stone Of Stumbling,
I Peter 2:6-8
LDM973 Who Is This God?
I Peter 2:9
LDM974 What Is Man? I Peter 2:9-10  
LDM975 The Call Of The Gospel,
I Peter 2:9-25
LDM976 Faith, The Gift Of Grace,
II Peter 1:1
LDM977 He Satisfies, II Peter 1:1  
LDM978 Precious Faith, II Peter 1:1  
LDM979 The Unsearchable Riches Of Christ, II Peter 1:1  
LDM980 The Promises Of God,
II Peter 1:4
LDM981 Discipline, II Peter 1:5-7  
LDM982 The Facts Of Christmas,
II Peter 1:12-16
LDM983 The Gospel And The Modern World, II Peter 3  
LDM985 The Unchangeable Message,
LDM986 The Lukewarm Church, Revelation 3:14-22  
LDM987 The Lord Of Redemption, Revelation 5:9-10  
LDM988 The Everlasting Gospel, Revelation 14:6   
LDM989 Revelation series, (8 Cas)  
LDM997 A New Heaven and a New Earth, Rev.21:1  
LDM998 A False Hope,
Revelation 21:5
LDM999-1 The Wrath Of God Revealed  
LDM999-2 Doctrine Of The Wrath Of God  
LDM1000 The Wrath Of God Revealed, Romans 1:18  
LDM1001 The Good News Of Justification     
LDM1002 Justification, (3 Cas)  
LDM1005 Doctrine Of The Church,
(2 Cas)
LDM1007 Church Government  
LDM1008 The Sacraments  
LDM1009 Baptism  
LDM1010 Communion  
LDM1011 Death  
LDM1012 The Second Coming  
LDM1013 Conversion  
LDM1014 Last Things  
LDM1015 Incarnation  
LDM1017 Doctrine Of Atonement, 
(4 Cas)
LDM1018 Doctrine Of Regeneration,
(4 Cas)
LDM1019 Doctrine Of Sanctification,
(4 Cas)
LDM1020 Doctrine Of Angels  
LDM1021 Doctrine Of Christ  
LDM1022 Doctrine Of Salvation  
LDM1023 Doctrine Of The Resurrection, (2 Cas)  
LDM1024 The Christian And The State, (3 Cas)  
LDM1025 The Church And The State, (6 Cas)  
LDM1026 Original Sin, (2 Cas)  
LDM1027 The Fall  
LDM1028 The Eternal Decrees Of God  
LDM1029 The Work Of The Holy Spirit, (2 Cas)  
LDM1030 Effectual Calling  
LDM1031 Covenant Of Grace  
LDM1032 Incarnation  
LDM1033 Christ's Divinity  
LDM1034 The Difficulty Of Knowing The Being Of God  
LDM1035 The Time Of His Coming,
(4 Cas)
LDM1036 Conversion  
LDM1037 Repentance  
LDM1038 Saving Faith  
LDM1039 Adoption  
LDM1040-1 Face To Face With Christ, The Glorified God  
LDM1040-2 Face to Face with Christ, Gain To Me, Philp.3:7  
LDM1040-3 Face To Face With Christ, Resistance Of Unbelief,
I Timothy 1:12-16
LDM1040-4 Face To Face With Christ, An Encounter With God  
LDM1040-5 Face To Face With Christ, A Fact Of History  
LDM1040-6 Face To Face With Christ, Saul Of Tarsus, Acts 9:6  
LDM1040-7 Face To Face With Christ, When First You Believe,
Acts 9:6
LDM1040-8 Face To Face With Christ, Acts 9:6  
LDM1040-9 Face To Face With Christ, The State Of Man,
II Cor. 4:6
LDM1040-10 Face To Face With Christ, The Loss Of All Things,
Philippians 1:3-8
LDM1040-11 Face To Face With Christ, The Ignorance Of Man,         I Timothy 1:13
LDM1040-12 Face To Face With Christ, Mercy, Immense & Free,       
I Timothy 1:15
LDM1041 Written That You Might Believe  
LDM1042 What Is Preaching?  
LDM1043 The Narrow Way,
Matthew 7:13-14
LDM1044 To Those Who Are Slow To Believe The Gospel Of Paul  
LDM1045 Highway To Revival  
LDM1046 Do You Radiate Him?  
LDM1047 Week Day Sermon  
LDM1048 But God  
LDM1049 A Picture Of The Church  
LDM1050 Memorial Tribute  
LDM1051 Ignorance, Prejudice, Fog In The Mind   
LDM1052 Revelation And Reason  
LDM1053 Luther & His Message For Today  
LDM1054 The Reformation  
LDM1055 Pilgrims Of The Mayflower  
LDM1056 Not In Word Only  
LDM1059-1 Revival, Joshua 4:21-24, Part 1  
LDM1059-2 Revival, Joshua 4:21-24, Part 2  
LDM1059-3 Revival, Praying For The Power  
LDM1059-4 Revival, Diagnosing the Need  
LDM1059-5 Revival, The Power, And The Possibilities  
LDM1059-6 Revival, The Modern Philistine  
LDM1059-7 Revival, The Holy Spirit In Revival   
LDM1059-8 Revival, Defective Orthodoxy  
LDM1059-9 Revival, Dead Orthodoxy  
LDM1059-10 Revival, To Know Him  
LDM1059-11 Revival, What Is Revival?  
LDM1059-12 Revival, Variations Between Revivals   
LDM1059-13 Revival, The Power Of The Living God   
LDM1059-14 Revival, The Phenomena Of Revival  
LDM1059-15 Revival, Towards Revival  
LDM1059-16 Revival, Preparatory Stages In Revival   
LDM1059-17 Revival, Prayer For Revival  
LDM1059-18 Revival, We Should Pray For Revival   
LDM1059-19 Revival, The Power Of Pentecost  
LDM1059-20 Revival, The Glory Of God  
LDM1059-21 Revival, Glory Concealed  
LDM1059-22 Revival, The Crowning Day Is Coming   
LDM1059-23 Revival, Wouldest Thou Rend The Heavens?  
LDM1059-24 Revival, Where Is He?  
LDM1059-25 Revival, Wrestling For The Power  
LDM1059-26 Revival,The Sovereignty Of God In Revival  
LDM1060 The Permissive Society  
LDM1061 Questions And Answers At Pensacola Theological Inst.  
LDM1062 Evangelical Unity  
LDM1063 Training For The Ministry  
LDM1064 World Evangelical Alliance Debate, Calhoun,
LDM1065-1 Medicine and the Supernatural  
LDM1065-2 Medicine and the Supernatural, Questions and Answers  
LDM1065-3 Medicine and the Supernatural, Body, Mind, and Spirit  
LDM1065-4 Medicine and the Supernatural, Role of Medicine in Modern Society
LDM1066 Discussion on Healing  
LDM1067-1 Preaching & Preachers -1: "The Primacy of Preaching"  
LDM1067-2 Preaching & Preachers -2: "No Substitute!"  
LDM1067-3 Preaching & Preachers -3: "The Sermon & Preaching"  
LDM1067-4 Preaching & Preachers -4: "Form of the Sermon  
LDM1067-5 Preaching & Preachers -5: "Preaching"  
LDM1067-6 Preaching & Preachers -6: "Preacher"  
LDM1067-7 Preaching & Preachers -7: "The Congregation"  
LDM1067-8 Preaching & Preachers -8: "Character of the Message"  
LDM1067-9 Preaching & Preachers -9: "Preparation of the Preacher"  
LDM1067-10 Preaching & Preachers -10: "Preparation of the Sermon"  
LDM1067-11 Preaching & Preachers -11: "Shape of the Sermon"  
LDM1067-12 Preaching & Preachers -12: "Illustrations, Eloquence & Humor"  
LDM1067-13 Preaching & Preachers -13: "What to Avoid"  
LDM1067-14 Preaching & Preachers -14: "Decisions"  
LDM1067-15 Preaching & Preachers -15: "Pitfalls and Romance"  
LDM1067-16 Preaching & Preachers -16: "The Spirit and the Power"  
LDM230-11 Knowing Christ: Joh.1:19-26