Mount Zion Bible Institute

Mount Zion Bible Institute (MZBI) is a correspondence school for knowing Jesus Christ through His written Word, the Holy Bible. More than 50 courses are available, most based on Christian classics from prior centuries. The emphasis is on personal application to the heart (therefore, no 'diplomas' are offered).

Course authors from prior centuries include C. H. Spurgeon (Baptist), Horatius Bonar (Presbyterian), J. C. Ryle (Anglican), A. W. Pink (non-denominational), and John Bunyan (Independent). No particular denomination is emphasized; the courses are designed to focus the student on the Bible as the Word of God. Each course consists of reading material with study questions for each chapter.

There are four areas of study:
1) salvation from sin for those new to Bible study
2) practical walking in faith through daily life
3) general studies, including Bible surveys, study methods, and church history
4) doctrine for a solid foundation in the faith.

The Course Catalog (PDF) includes for each course the objectives, content, description, level, prerequisites, and students' comments. The MZBI Brochure (PDF) presents a summary of MZBI and its courses in printably brochure form. 

Download Courses for independent study (note: no mailing of lessons), Rich Text Format files, which allow entering of your answers via most word processors. For printed copies in certain foreign countries, you may contact one of the MZBI Branches if in your country.

North America
For courses in print, please email or write to us, or get the MZBI Application for Enrollment (PDF). Use the Inmate Application for Enrollment (PDF) for prisoners. We send single copies without charge. To request the Course Catalog in print without charge or information about multiple copies, email or write to us. We supply large course quantities without charge to prison chaplains and foreign missions. We supply multiple copies to groups as the Lord enables. Courses are used by individuals and in homeschooling, churches, schools, prisons, and Bible studies.

There are three methods of study:
a) independent study - work at your own speed with no mailing of lessons
b) groups - use the materials with a group coordinator
c) correspondence study - enrolled individuals mail written answers for feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) include help in downloading course files, the critical need for Bible training in the third world, philosophy of training, and a doctrinal statement. The Bible itself and heart consecration to Christ are the emphases throughout.

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From a Student in FloridaWith the exception of the Bible itself, your lessons have been the best truths I've found. They are pure meat, and have developed me into spiritual maturity.

From an Inmate in ColoradoThis by far has to be one of the most profound and enlightening studies I have done with Mt. Zion. They have all helped me to grow in grace, but this one was challenging to my maturity in Christ. I really enjoy the thought provoking hard questions that the studies from others do not incorporate.

From a Chaplain in TexasI have been grading approximately fifty to sixty papers [lessons] a week. The Sheriff's department has been so impressed by the amount of students enrolled in the Mt. Zion Bible studies, that they have provided funding for pads, pens, and folders for those enrolled!

From an Inmate in FloridaThank you for the study course. I must say it was a difficult lesson. Why? Because it showed me how full of self I am: self-seeking, self-will, self-satisfaction and self-exaltation. What a sad state I am in for one who thought he made such progress. I thank God for this answered prayer. I have been praying for an eye for His glory and it is now plain to see my own "self" has been blocking my vision.

From a Friend in New YorkWe are tremendously blessed by the Bible course we are doing through the Bible Institute. We are being built up in God's Word and in sound doctrine.

From an Inmate in FloridaI am writing to let you know that I really enjoy our Bible course. As much as I read the word of God, I never study it the way you put it in your course. It was like I was right there with Jesus. I learn so much in this study I am still encouraged from it all.

From a Inmate in TexasThose two courses have had such a profound effect on my life, and I thank the Lord for them. I never would have thought...that the Lord would use literature like that to help define and set a standard in my always point me to the Word, the Cross, the always push me and have me to never settle for nothing less than the truth.

From an Inmate in GeorgiaMount Zion Bible Institute is one of the very few schools, which offers studies in Bible and Theology (to inmates free of charge), which are actually on a College/Seminary level...I intend to transfer to a seminary once I've completed all the studies offered by MZBI.

From a Student in FloridaIt's been days now in this prison cell reading [your course]...I've been on my knees crying, repenting and confessing my failures/sins to our Lord, as I read and meditate on this most awesome work. In God's divine providence, He has once again used this ministry to take me to another 'level of faith'... Do you have any idea how this ministry is changing our lives in prison walls???