Course Instructions - Mount Zion Bible Institute 

Self-Study Overview
Each internet course file contains both the reading material and study questions for the course. Each chapter of text is followed by the study questions for that chapter.

We suggest to download only the course segment you are currently working with. Then when you download subsequent files, you will always get the most recent version.
All internet courses are designed only for independent study. Please do not send us your answers, but keep them for your own reference and reinforcement of what you have learned.

Answer keys can also be downloaded. Use these to review your own answers only after completing a course.

We encourage you to write your answers, even though you will be studying on your own. 1) The writing itself will help you think; 2) you will retain much more of what you learn; and 3) you will have a reference for your use in the future.

It is easier to study the material if you will print the downloaded file. At least print the Study Questions, after adding blank space behind each question so that you can write in your answers. Or, you could key your answers into the course document immediately following each question; then you will have a useful reference document after completing your study.

We highly recommend each student to find a local mentor if possible. A mentor is a mature Christian who can discuss your studies and give you feedback from God's Word, the Holy Bible.

Specific suggestions for doing the lessons

  • Before each lesson, pray for God to give a teachable heart and understanding.
  • Begin the lesson by reading the related text in its entirety.
  • Write your answers for the questions of the lesson. Try to be as clear and concise as possible.
  • Use your own words.
    1) read the text,
    2) understand the meaning of what is said,
    3) put that meaning into your own words,
    4) do not merely quote the text!
  • The questions are designed for personal application to your own heart.

Please do not rush! Meditate on what God wants you to learn.

Don't go to the next question until you have completed the current one.

We suggest you set a regular time each week for doing the study, perhaps on the same weekday evening. Most courses can be completed in two to six weeks.

Keep all materials together for future reference.

Download your next course as soon as you finish the current one, so that you can continue in regular Bible study.