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Course Notes

1. The ‘Basis of Salvation’ series is comprised of six courses. We always recommend to start with What Is a Biblical Christian? The next two are similar to each other: Ruin—Redemption and All of Grace. We recommend to take Ruin—Redemption next, which deals with conviction of sin and salvation, and then All of Grace, which deals with God’s grace in salvation for the awakened sinner. The student may choose differently based on the aspect in which God is currently speaking to him. Some other courses are depend­ent upon a solid grounding in salvation, and should be taken only after Ruin—Redemption, or similar basis of understanding.

  1. a.       What Is a Biblical Christian? The salvation of sinners by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. b.       Man’s Ruin—God’s Redemption The nature and depth of man’s sin, and God’s complete salvation in Christ as our substitu­tionary sacrifice.
  3. c.        All of Grace The beauty and completeness of God’s grace in salvation toward undeserving sinners.
  4. d.       Biblical Repentance What the Bible says about God’s call to repentance and faith, and how we need to walk in continual repentance.
  5. e.        The True versus False Gospel Recognizing the grace of God in saving undeserving sinners, and the error in “making a deci­sion for Christ” with no real commitment to Christ.
  6. f.         Saving Faith: Its Meaning and Object Bowing to Christ’s authority (total commitment to Him, seeing His work as all a work of God), and His supreme worth. The course presents how man’s “free will” and God’s sovereignty act in salvation.

2. If both courses in the series ‘Prayer’ are to be taken, we suggest to begin with Call, and then take Hidden Life:

  1. a.       A Call to Prayer Exhortation for commitment in regular private prayer.
  2. b.       The Hidden Life of Prayer Equipping about how to pray.