How To Order

Worldwide: Please use the online downloads on the Literature Search page. We are not able to mail to individuals overseas. Contact your International Distributor directly to receive literature in print.

North America: Most titles are available in print free of charge and postage paid in small quantities. To request them, use the shopping cart, or e-mail or write us, mentioning the item code, title, and author. We also send large quantities without charge to chaplains, evangelistic ministries, and foreign missions. Large quantities to others are available at our cost (email to get the printed Literature Catalog,  PDF). We are a faith ministry, relying solely upon the Lord's provision to meet needs.

Procedure    To request literature (in North America):
- be specific regarding quantity; avoid requesting 'some' literature
- please write legibly
- include your full name and complete shipping address
- for each item, list the four-letter item code, title, and author
- limit free orders to a maximum of 10 titles.
- limit one free paperback per order.
- please order by mail, email, or online when possible, as our main phone lines stay very busy.


Address    In North America, contact us via email or regular mail (preferred).
See titles available in the Literature Search.


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