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A Theology of the Family

As we enter the final year of 2014, we cannot but help looking back with praise to God for His gracious provision and help over the past year. We certainly are thankful to Him.

One of the recent highlights here at Mount Zion is the publication by the NCFIC of A Theology of the Family. This book is a collaborative project between Chapel Library and the National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC), a ministry that shares much in common with us in our desire to recover the biblical pattern for the Christian church and family. The book contains thirteen issues of the Free Grace Broadcaster on the topics of manhood, womanhood, and the family. With a desire to make the material we have collected on the family more easily accessible and permanent in format, we prayed about and discussed collaborating with another ministry to produce a hardback compilation of the material. Thus with the help of Scott Brown and the NCFIC A Theology of the Family was born. The book is available from the NCFIC via normal retail channels within the USA, and Chapel Library is making copies available free of charge to pastors and missionaries in other countries. The benefit Chapel Library will receive from partnering with the NCFIC is limited to sharing the lower cost of production afforded by the larger consolidated print run, in addition to introducing the FGB to new readers. Chapel Library does not benefit financially from the commercially marketed copies.

Besides the fact that it represents over a decade of Free Grace Broadcasters and countless hours of editing and selecting material, this book also represents God’s faithfulness in preserving the truth of His Word for this and coming generations. While we maintain that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the absolute center of our lives, the New Testament also assures us that holy, faithful living as men, women, and children according to God’s biblical order is a vital aspect of our life in Christ. Biblical manhood and womanhood sets God’s people apart from the world and bears witness to His sovereign, amazing grace. As we strive to restore our families and churches according to God’s truth, we believe that the sermons and articles of God’s faithful servants over the last five centuries are transforming and imminently relevant. This book is a unique treasure trove of biblical truth on the topic of the family. The articles’ thematic arrangement under chapter headings makes it an important reference book for study, teaching, answering specific questions, and, especially, fathers leading in family worship.

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