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Distributors in Belize and Venezuela

As we continue to pray for the Lord’s help and blessing in expanding the ministry of Chapel Library and Mount Zion Bible Institute, we have been blessed with two new international distributors: Nate Steuer in Belize and Fares Palacios in Venezuela.

After serving for years in radio ministry in the USA, Nate Steuer has stepped out to serve the Lord in the Central American country of Belize.  Nate, his wife Sheila, and their six children travelled to Belize in late May. Belizeans are largely bilingual and the number of English speakers is significant; so we will begin with distribution of the English FGB and branch into Spanish as the need arises. 

Fares Palacios is a servant of Christ in the Reformed Baptist Church of Caracas, Venezuela, active in Bible teaching and evangelism. He left his career in government service for ideological and family reasons to run a small business and serve the Lord. He is loved and respected by a network of South American pastors and leaders committed to sound doctrine. The Venezuela distributorship will begin with the Spanish edition of the FGB: Portavoz de la gracia

(Update Feb 2017 - Fares served as a distributor for Chapel for some months, before another pastor began administering the Spanish FGB in Venezuela.)

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