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Duty of Self-Denial and Secret Sins

     By God’s grace, we have prepared two excellent new titles to send out with this quarter’s FGB:

     The Duty of Self-Denial, a large booklet by Thomas Watson (1620-1686), runs against the grain of our indulgent Western culture. Even in his day, Watson complained, “Self-denial lodges but in a few breasts. It is a sacred, exotic herb which has grown very scarce.” Modern misconception tends to relegate self-denial to an ancient world of monasteries, hair shirts, and self-flagellation. However, as Watson shows, there is nothing more Biblical or Christian than true self-denial. Christ calls us to deny our wills, our own righteousness, our appetites, our ease, our inordinate passions, our relations, our estates, and even our lives for Him. “There may be going to heaven without comfort, but there is no going there without self-denial.”

     Secret Sins in God’s Sight, a small booklet by Edward Payson (1783-1827), is an amazing journey to the throne room of God, where each person’s secret sins come into full view. Payson’s convicting descriptions lead the awakened sinner and saint alike to exalt God’s wisdom in the grace of salvation. When we understand how much we are forgiven, we desire to walk more in holiness before our holy God.


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