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The eBook ministry is growing: 1,823 eBooks! That’s how many eBooks were downloaded from our website in December. Indeed, eBooks are proving to be the way of the future for many people. Our eBooks are available for download worldwide without charge at our website. Currently, 35 titles are available and are growing monthly. Our ultimate goal is to make available Chapel Library’s entire catalog. The Lord has continued to increase traffic at our website too. October through December averaged 6,500 unique visitors at the site. 25% of these were from more than 150 foreign countries each month! In addition to eBooks, visitors downloaded on average 31,000 PDFs and 5,400 audio MP3 files each month. We believe this distribution is very important and significant. Many people from “closed countries” not only have access to truth in this way, but they pass the materials on to others. By making the material available at no charge, we believe many thousands are coming to Christ and growing in Him.

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