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We are pleased to make available the following titles in eBook formats for free download at our website. These are also listed in the Kindle Store, and in process of being listed in the Apple, Nook, and Android Stores. By most accounts, eBooks are the way of the future, so we are working to convert our entire library to these electronic formats (which will take several years). Pink: First John 1:1-3:1, The Attributes of God - with Study Questions, Studies in the Scriptures - Annual Volume 1949. Spurgeon: Advice for Seekers, Around the Wicket Gate, The Bible (three messages), God’s Providence, The Heart of the Gospel, Jesus - the Substitute for His People, The Prayer of Jabez, Psalm 139 (from The Treasury of David), Revival (three sermons), True Prayer - True Power!, Yet There Is Room, Your Sanctification (three sermons), The Spurgeon Anthology (includes all the preceding titles, 400+ pages), Spurgeon Gems (highlights from many of his works). Ryle: A Call to Prayer - with Study Guide. Free Grace Broadcasters: Comfort in Affliction (#217), Modest Apparel (#216), Sanctification (#215), Self-Denial (#218). Lukesh: Greasy the Robber: A Story of Gospel Power. Paul Washer: Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church. H.Bonar: Treasures of Bonar (highlights from many of his works). We are grateful for your support in the work of the ministry.

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