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eBooks Update

Online literature downloads continue to grow as important part of Chapel Library’s ministry. By God’s grace, our website ( saw eBook downloads top 6,600 and PDF downloads surpass 44,000 in December 2013, and another 17,300 eBooks distributed through standard distribution channels like Amazon and the Apple store. This is an electronic distribution of roughly 67,900 booklets and paperbacks in one month around the world in a very cost-effective manner. In terms of our ordinary paper material, all of those downloads could represent approximately 119 additional standard boxes of Christ-honoring literature going out in one month. This quantity would be valued at about $45,000 in print, but costs only a tiny fraction of that through the internet. Our website averages 12,000 unique visitors from 160 countries each month. In addition to eBooks, visitors downloaded 11,400 audio MP3 files in December. We are grateful to the Lord for graciously providing for Chapel Library’s operations through your giving.

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