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Expanded FGB Use Overseas

In August, we were pleased to increase significantly the number of Free Grace Broadcasters sent internationally. The USA and Canada edition now has nearly 17,000 subscribers. The new Spanish edition has about 800 subscribers to date. And 4,500 copies of the International edition are sent to international distributors in 13 countries. Most of these international distributors are churches or missionaries who place copies in the mail to individual subscribers in their country. However, three ministries that mail directly to native pastors also have asked to receive large quantities. Pastors Training International sends books to qualified native pastors from England. 500 of them now receive the FGB and other literature from Chapel Library each quarter. Pastor Bernard Mwepu works closely with the Zambia International Theological College; their 600 students soon will be receiving the FGB for a regular part of their pastoral training. And Edwin Hodges Ministries sends about 35 large shipping containers each year to qualified contacts overseas. Each container now carries CL literature and 50 copies of the FGB for distribution to pastors. Increasingly, our God is using the FGB not only for encouragement in North America, but also for the training of native pastors worldwide, who have so few resources.

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