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FGB Spanish Edition

In June, we are launching the Spanish language edition of the Free Grace Broadcaster! The FGB in English has been printed for over 30 years. Each issue develops a Biblical theme using five to ten articles from prior centuries. In this modern age of compromise, the FGB is unique in presenting Biblical truths from great Christian teachers of the past, testified to by 17,000 subscribers in North America and 4,000 overseas. We plan to translate and print two new themes in Spanish each year and mail them out in the spring and fall seasons. The next issue will come in September, D.V. If you know any Spanish speakers, please tell them about the FGB and encourage them to write for a free subscription in North America. Or you can send up to five complete addresses to us, and we will mail a sample copy, mentioning that you referred them. Subscriptions are free in North America. We are also pleased to partner with Publicaciones Faro de Gracia in Mexico and Editorial Peregrino in Spain. Through these distributors, the FGB is available in Latin America and Spain free to pastors and for a small fee to all others.

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