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Free Literature at Conferences

The Lord recently has opened several new doors for us at conferences. Since we do not advertise or send promotional material, conferences are special places for us to give away free literature in order to introduce the resources to many new churches and households. In the last month, the Shepherds Conference in California (3,200 pastors) has agreed to let us send Words to Winners of Souls for each attendee. And the Ligonier National Conference in Orlando (5,000 people) has agreed to let us have a free literature table, including Calvin on Prayer. In addition, the Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago in April (3,000 people) and the Twin Lakes Conference near Jackson, Mississippi (250 pastors), have invited us to have free literature tables. Finally, we are sending material for the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology (2,500 people) and the HeartCry Missions Conference in Birmingham (1,000 people). Please pray with us that the materials would be used of the Lord to glorify His name.

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