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By God’s grace, we have added a few French language materials this year. With help from Jean-Claude Souillot of Europresse, we prepared and printed French editions of Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards and The Gospel: What Is It? by James Haldane. We are sending these to France, Mali, Rwanda, and South Africa together with three other French reprints. A few more French titles in the works include George Whitefield’s The Method of Grace, and Charles Spurgeon’s Free Will – A Slave. We praise the Lord for these developments. French reformers made no small contribution to the recovery of the gospel of God’s grace (John Calvin, of course, a notable example), but many in the French-speaking world today are unaware of this heritage and of the truth it represents. By God’s grace, we desire to see that change through the printed truth sent forth. Based in France, Europresse ( publishes Reformed French titles as the Lord provides, airs a weekly radio program, and conducts pastoral training in France, Africa, and Haiti.

It has been our joy to see the Lord continue to supply the needs of Mount Zion’s ministries.

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