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Internship Program

This month the Lord has blessed us to embark on an experimental pilot phase of a new project: internship. The times we live in demand a clear vision for conforming to God's Word in every area of life, and an internship experience for young men can be a special part of passing that vision on to the next generation. We are honored to have Marvin Jere with us for the month of April and part of May. Marvin is fromAntiochBaptistChurchinMalawi,Africa, and is currently in an internship with theNationalCenterfor Family Integrated Churches inNorth Carolina. They graciously have loaned Marvin to us for a month and a half. In addition to discipleship, he will assist Chapel Library with eBook conversions and other assignments. Thank you for praying for us during this pilot phase, to know whether the Lord would have us make this a regular part of the ministry here and expand to multiple interns throughout the year. 

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