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Internship Reports - Spring 2014

From Daniel Lamb:

Before coming to Chapel Library, I didn't know what to expect as far as the kinds of tasks in which I would be participating.  I had no expectations, but it couldn't have worked out better if I had planned it;  they started me off working on the eBook project which involves HTML/CSS, something I was already familiar with and greatly enjoy doing.  I have also been assigned to format and upload PDFs, re-size and upload cover images to various online marketers, and even experimented with recording audiobooks.

I've benefited greatly from the preaching and worship both on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.  The messages and study have been refreshing and convicting, and I'll probably continue listening to Pastor Jeff's sermons online.   Since my church back home does not use the Trinity hymnal, it's been great singing some of these hymns which I haven't heard very often since my family attended here ending in 2005.

Overall I've felt very well taken care of and blessed by everyone I've come in contact with.  The families in the church have all been quite hospitable and caring, inviting us over to their homes and sharing their wisdom with us, giving us food to take back to our house, and making us feel welcome in the church.  It's been a great blessing and joy to see old friends, and meet new younger members of some families.  I'm sad to be leaving!

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From Levi Hopkins:

The time I spent interning with Chapel Library was very sweet. It was very encouraging, and convicting.

I believe the Lord has used this internship in my life to better equip me to serve Him.  I have grown in my prayer life greatly. I have a greater desire to commune with my heavenly father, to not only scratch the surface in thanking Him for my meals each day, but to praise Him for who He is, to stand in awe before Him, to thank Him for His many great and merciful blessings of love that He has shown to me, and all that are His, and to cry out to Him daily to strengthen and sustain me, for His glory.

I have been inspired to go to the abortion clinics more often, to share the gospel at every opportunity, and to seek God for those opportunities.  I want to go home and pass on all that I have learned to my siblings. I want to study the word of God much more. We need to have an answer for every man of the hope that lies within us. I want to be saturated in good doctrine, to be grounded in the truth of God’s word. I want to memorize scripture more, and I don’t want to do all these things to just simply know more about God, I want do them so that I may better know my God. I have decided that in addition to reading the Bible once a year I would like to pick out a book in the Bible and really study it in depth. I found that to be very helpful just from having our Bible studies with Daniel, and Nate.

During our internship we were blessed to be able to spend a lot of time with the elders of Mount Zion Bible Church. Twice a week Daniel and I would meet with Pastor Pollard to discuss and ask questions about what we read that week, from the book "Bible Doctrine", by Wayne Grudem.  In our meeting Mr. Pollard would summarize the section we read, and make sure that we were grasping the main points. I was glad to have that time because it would give me a much fuller understanding of what the book was saying. If we hadn’t had those meetings with Mr. Pollard I would not have gotten anywhere near as much out of the book.  Daniel and I would also meet with Pastor Frakes once a week for our Life skills meeting.  Mr. Frakes would use that time to teach us, how to make good decisions, how to be effective in our communication, how to manage our time wisely, what principles we should follow in negotiating, how to set SMART Goals, and about man’s purpose in life.  And those are just a few of the life skills he touched on. The time we spent with Mr. Frakes was very educational, and I believe it will prove to be very profitable throughout the rest of my life.  One thing I really appreciated about our meetings with Mr. Frakes was that he was not just giving us his mere opinion on how he thinks things should be done, but he would give a scriptural basis for how we should utilize the gifts and skills God has given us. Because all we have has been given to us by God, we should be good stewards of the gifts we have received. We cannot boast of our own works because it is God that makes one man to differ from the other. So we should give God all the glory.

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From Steve Hopkins

(Levi's father and pastor of Burnet Bible Church, Texas)

My son, Levi, recently applied for and was accepted to the internship program at Chapel Library. He was so excited when the letter of acceptance came. To be able to serve a Christ honoring ministry and at the same time be mentored by godly men was a dream fulfilled during Levi's time at Chapel. I want to thank Mr. Pollard, Mr. Simmons, Nate Maxson and all the men of Mt Zion Bible Church, along with the staff at Chapel Library for pouring their lives into my son's life while he was in Pensacola. He grew so much in the Lord during his time there, and he wished he could have stayed longer. He feels that he received far more than he was able to give. I highly recommend this internship program at Chapel Library to any young men who desire to be involved with a ministry that is affecting countless lives worldwide for Christ and the gospel. My son participated in the daily workings of Chapel and its distribution of Christ honoring sermons, tracts and books, joined in Mt Zion's street ministries, outreaches to the men of the Waterfront Mission, and sidewalk ministry at a local abortion mill. Every morning and evening their were Bible studies and prayer times, along with doctrinal instruction and fellowship with godly men and families throughout the week. Again, I want to thank everyone at Mt. Zion Bible Church and Chapel Library, and encourage young men who love the Lord Jesus Christ and want to serve in a vital ministry, to consider applying for this intern program. Money cannot purchase the benefits my son received. I believe the effects and memories will be with him the rest of his life. Thanks again!

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