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Internship Report - Summer 2014

Carl Bachmayer

    The internship program at MZBC/Chapel Library was a very beneficial two months for me.  I know the Lord sovereignly put this program into my life, and I have benefited immensely and know that this has planted seeds that will guide me throughout my walk with the Lord and spurs that will prick me into further study, investigation, and application of insights and skills gained and learned while here at MZBC.

    The Work at Chapel Library was multi-faceted. The majority of my time was spent working on converting the word documents for large booklets into PDF's. I, however also helped place the packaged orders into mail-bags to be taken to the post office every Friday. I also learned how to fill orders, how to put together free quarterly offers, and a lot about how the postal service works. I had to fill out slips for foreign mail, and experienced delivering the mail to the post office. I also, was very blessed to be a part of contributing to the Free Grace Broadcaster #228 on Fatherhood. I cut the packaging strips, learned how to box up the FGB's and observed how the packaging system works as well. Finally, a part of Chapel work, I power-washed three houses and a shed. I had never done this before. I must admit that these past two months are the hardest that I have ever physically worked in my entire life. My natural makeup is more of an intellectually stimulated personality. I enjoy writing, discussion, reading and studying, and teaching others what I have learned. There were many things, that I learned how to do that I had never done before. The staff and my personal coordinator were very patient with me and I have begun to learn how to do physical and mechanical tasks that I have previously not done on my own and am learning how to brainstorm such things myself. Sometimes, I have had to nearly pinch myself, when I would think about what a privilege and blessing it has been to work at Chapel Library, a worldwide ministry that send Christ-centered literature all over the world, evangelizing the lost and encouraging believers to be true Biblical Christians who know God and life an holy life of purposeful obedience to Him.

      Personally, the worship and fellowship at MZBC was the best part of the entire internship. Pastor Pollard has been wondrously gifted by God in the preaching of the word. He preaches to the heart. He does not preach at you. He preaches to you and most importantly to your heart and soul. By the power of the Holy Spirit he causes one to examine himself regarding his relation to God. I have gained and learned so many things and sometimes difficult truths under His preaching. Pastor Pollard is currently preaching a series of messages on Biblical Worship. Through the sermons, I have learned how the worship that Satan destroyed in the garden, God is now restoring in the New Jerusalem (The New Heavens and New Earth). Satan today tries to destroy worship of God by perverting the Scriptures and destroying the word of God, just as He did when He twisted God's verbal command in the garden to Adam and Eve. The lie of Satan is to do your own thing and have it your way is the lie of the devil, but is high-handed rebellion against God.

      We also went to one of the church family’s houses once a month for Worldview Friday, where I gained wide teaching on how to stand strong on the truth during our wicked age of false teaching. It was during those times of preaching and teaching, that made me not want to go back home after my internship was over. I would say out of all of the teaching, I have gained the one thing that sticks out in my mind to dwell on and apply is this: A Christian is to know God's word better than anything else, He is to believe God's word, for there are only two choices, God's word or man's word. Man's word is a lie which only leads to destruction and death. However, A Christian is to know the truth and study the truth not just to become a theological guru or to sound knowledgeable and impressive to fellow believers, but in order to become conformed to the image of Christ. We are to sift our beliefs, actions, thoughts and ideas all by the word of God. A Christian is one who is being molded into the image of Jesus Christ and God has given us His word so that we might know His eternal will. Pastor Pollard emphasizes this very clearly in every sermon. He places a wonderful focus on Jesus Christ and the gospel and our need of trusting in Christ by faith alone but he does not end there. He also places a very sound emphasis on biblical reform and holiness. He says that reform is being dead serious about what the Scriptures command. He preaches the Law, and precepts of God in a very pressing manner, but does not ever come across legalistic. He preaches with a very good balance of law and gospel in order that Christians would come to trust Christ and grow in their walk with Him. The saints of MZBC are very serious about their walk with the Lord and take God's word for what it actually is, His infallible truth. They have by their example really encouraged me to grow in my prayer life and in the spiritual disciplines, not in a formalistic manner or simply out of a total sense of burden or duty but because we as Christians as having been saved by God should love our Almighty Father and seek to please him as a thank you for the salvation which he has granted to Us in the person of Christ. I have been convicted in many areas of my failure to take seriously God and His truth. The sermons have given me a thirst to know God's word vastly better and to read Christ-centered literature and evangelize others for the glory of God, because we live in times of urgency and because the Christian life is not to be carried out in a passive manner. There are souls dying and going to hell this very moment. We as Christians need to wake up from our slumber and become sober, serious vigilant and active in our service to the Lord in that we are supposed to be worshipping Him each day as individual's as families and as a corporate gathering of believers in communities called churches. One of the blessings of the church fellowship has been to commune with older saints who have known the lord for many decades and be able to learn from them and gain wisdom from them regarding their walk with the Lord.

        I was privileged to meet with both of the elder's during my internship program. I met with Pastor Frakes regarding life skills principles. It was during these periods and assignments, that I have realized that I am getting older and that I need to know how to manage finances and lead a household in matters of practical things. I learned that in the Christian life all that we do is a part of Christian service and ministry, from physical work to matters of stewardship to studying and learning theology and spiritual truths. We must be well-versed in the practical matters in order to be well-balanced Christians.  I set numerous goals while here at Chapel Library and strived to achieve them. I also had to do a time log where I recorded time spent on certain activities. Negotiation and presentation skills as well as learning tips on buying a vehicle were all learned and put into practice. I was very grateful for Pastor Frakes wisdom and knowledge regarding these matters. In order for to be a godly young man I need to know wisdom in the practical areas and I am grateful for the wisdom I received.

Read the full report in PDF.

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