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Literature in Cuba

Recently we have been blessed with an increase of interest in our Spanish literature from Cuba. Here are a few notes we have received from this country. We are praying for a good distributor in Cuba.

“I just received in my hands the titles you sent me. I am very grateful to God for using you in this way—you personally and your ministry. May God keep blessing richly. Greetings and a good strong hug from your brother in Christ.” – Havana

“Dear brothers at Chapel Library, I received the little package of booklets that you sent me. Thank you for this kind gift. I had heard of Spurgeon and the way God used him, but I had not read anything about him. I began to read the book Totalmente por gracia (All of Grace) which has opened my eyes to a new dimension in the area of grace—I mean understanding more deeply what every Christian needs. God bless you much.” – Encrucijada

“I want to tell you that Friday I went and picked up the packet [of literature]. I thank you very much for your generosity. Just seeing it I believe that the selection of this literature is excellent.” – Mayabeque

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