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Myanmar Update

Timothy Mang, president of the Biblical School of Theology in Myanmar, sent us this recent update:

I would like to mention my heartfelt thankfulness to you for faithfully sending the Free Grace Broadcaster  to us. The sermons and articles are really solid truths. Whenever we receive a box of Free Grace Broadcasters we distribute them to other bible colleges, lecturers, pastors, evangelists, and Christian workers. They all appreciate and read it. Not only that, we use for it for teaching material. The articles are really deep theology and powerful spiritual food.

We want each of our senior students to receive a copy…We have 146 full-time Bible students at Biblical School of Theology who are receiving sound doctrine.

Not only the Free Grace Broadcasters, but your other study materials like Church History, Holy Spirit, Methods for Bible Study, Attributes of God, Holiness, Foundations of Ministry, Story of the Puritans, On Prayer, Ruin-Redemption, True vs. False Gospel, Saving Faith, Biblical Eldership have been a great blessing to our Bible College. We use all for teaching materials.

May the Lord continue to use Chapel Library to spread out His truths all over the world.

Yours in His service, Timothy Sui Lian Mang

Thank you for your support of this ministry. May the Lord bless you richly in your labor for Him.

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