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New Courses

In 2015, the Lord gave us the special blessing of seeing over 25 new courses developed for the Bible institute.

CRO The Cross – J.C. Ryle, the importance of Christ’s death.

DGU Divine Guidance – B.A. Ramsbottom, knowing God’s will.

DOC The Deity of Christ – W. Plumer; Jesus is God.

DS1 & DS2 Doctrine of Sanctification – A.W. Pink, two advanced courses using Pink’s thorough treatment on sanctification.

DWI The Divinely Inspired Word – A.W. Pink.

FFB Freedom from Bitterness – Jim Wilson.

FOR Forgiveness – J.C. Ryle, how to be reconciled to God.

GBS Guide to Bible Study – Harvey Newcomb.

IWG Infallible Word of God – C. Spurgeon; the Scriptures.

JAL Justification and Law – Charles Hodge.

SOG Sovereignty of God – A.W. Pink, a thorough study of this classic work on “the doctrines of grace.”

One of the new courses, What Is a Biblical Christian? by Albert N. Martin, is such a helpful summary of the basics of what it means to be a believer in Christ that we have elected to begin using it as our starter course for new students.

We praise our merciful Father for blessing the Bible institute from its inception in 1992 to the present. New students keep signing up, and our graders have continued to selflessly give their time and care in discipling students. This is the Lord’s doing, and we are thankful!

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