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New International Distributor in Mozambique

Just over a decade ago, we established the international distributors, our network of approved overseas ministries and individuals who help us oversee distribution of the Free Grace Broadcaster in their country or region. It is a special blessing to work with faithful ministries in spreading Christ-centered materials from prior centuries all around the world. We pray the Lord will bless us to be able to find more faithful, well-established ministries in every part of the world who would labor with us in this way. The last several years have seen a slow increase in the number of international distributors with an addition of approximately one per year. South Korea, Colombia, and Romania were our most recent additions, until just recently when we added Charles Woodrow of Grace Missions in Mozambique. Charles Woodrow and Grace Missions work in church planting, pastoral training, and literature distribution. They are also establishing a surgical hospital in the country to support their evangelistic labors.

Thank you for your prayers for us and your gift to the ministry.

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