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New International Distributors

In September we are most pleased to announce new international distributors in India, Hong Kong, Nepal, and Papua New Guinea. Pastor Jyoti Charavartty serves as Director of the Christian Science Foundation of India, the only creationism ministry in India that we know of. Pastor Pat Horner continues as our main distributor in India through Grace to Asia, and Pastor Jyoti distributes also to his many contacts. Pastor Thomson Chung serves Trinity Bible Fellowship in Hong Kong. He and his family moved there in 2007; Thomson graduated from the Trinity Ministerial Academy in New Jersey. Pastor Samuel Rai serves Cannan Baptist Church in Nepal. He trained at the London Reformed Baptist Seminary, associated with the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Pastor Timothy Kwara serves at the Christian Leaders' Training College in Banz, Papua New Guinea. All four of these men are reformed in their theology and earnestly proclaim the Gospel in their countries. Please join with us in praying for these and hundreds of other native pastors overseas, who face amazing hardships everyday in environments caustic to the Gospel. 

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