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New MZBI Courses

We are grateful to the Lord for the development of quite a few new courses for Mount Zion Bible Institute. As we seek to improve our course offerings, we have taken some of our regular literature titles and developed additional basic, intermediate, and advanced courses. More courses are currently in development.

BAP Baptism: the Heaven-drawn Picture – Peter Masters, a useful study for baptismal candidates.  BVS Biblical View of Self-Esteem – Jay Adams.  CRO The Cross – J.C. Ryle, the importance of Christ’s death.  DGU Divine Guidance – B.A. Ramsbottom, knowing God’s will.  DRE Decisional Regeneration – James E. Adams.  DS1 & DS2 Doctrine of Sanctification – A.W. Pink, two advanced courses using Pink’s thorough treatment on sanctification.  FFB Freedom from Bitterness – Jim Wilson.  FOR Forgiveness – J.C. Ryle, how to be reconciled to God.  GBS Guide to Bible Study – Harvey Newcomb.  JAL Justification and Law – Charles Hodge.  SGH Sinners in God’s Hands – Jonathan Edwards and others.  SOG Sovereignty of God – A.W. Pink, a thorough study of this classic work on “the doctrines of grace.”  WBC What Is a Biblical Christian? – Albert N. Martin, simple course on the basics of the gospel. 

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