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New Short Courses for MZBI

Over the last few months the Lord has blessed us to be able to develop new MZBI courses, several being simple courses for our beginning students. With some of these we have included a small number of study questions from the course in the non-course edition of the booklet.  We look forward to seeing how this increases the usefulness and impact of these titles for individual readers and study groups.

Forgiveness (FOR), based on J. C. Ryle’s little booklet, is a new course on the topic of salvation. Its simple treatment of the key concepts of the gospel makes it suitable to serve as one of our starter courses.

For the first time we have a course at the basic level specifically on the crucial doctrine of justification, using Charles Hodge’s Justification, the Law, and the Righteousness of Christ (JAL).  Another basic course in the doctrine category uses the text from Baptism: the Heaven-Drawn Picture (BAP) by Metropolitan Tabernacle pastor Peter Masters. This is a very suitable study for baptismal candidates individually or in a group.

New courses on practical Christian living include Divine Guidance (DGU) by BA Ramsbottom, Guide to Bible Study (GBS) by Harvey Newcomb, and Free From Bitterness (FFB) by Jim Wilson.

For our advanced students, we now have a two-part study for The Doctrine of Sanctification (DS1 & DS2) by Arthur W Pink.

Thank you for your gift and for your prayers for the effectiveness of Chapel Library and Mount Zion Bible Institute in building up the Lord’s people. 

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