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New Titles by George Muller

This month we will include in this quarter’s Free Quarterly Offer one of our newest booklets George Muller: Convictions and Teachings. This companion to our recent George Muller: My Journal gives the nineteenth century giant of faith the opportunity to speak for himself about the life of faith that has made him widely known as a demonstration of the power of God in hearing and answering the prayers of His people. The book highlights the most prominent of his convictions, relating to faith and prayer, the Christian and wealth, partnership with God, the study of God’s Word, discerning God’s will, and the basics of the Christian life. We joyfully offer this title with special thanks to the Lord for blessing us to know His provision and care for our own small ministry over our years of operation. Many of the principles by which George Muller operated his orphanages in Bristol have been a model for our own ministry, and we do praise our living Lord for the joy of seeing the demonstrations of His faithfulness. Consider these words from our brother. He reminds us that the believer cultivates a life of faith by

“…the careful reading of the Word of God, combined with meditation on it. Through reading of the Word of God, and especially through meditation on the Word of God, the believer becomes more and more acquainted with the nature and character of God, and thus sees more and more, besides His holiness and justice, what a kind, loving, gracious, merciful, mighty, wise, and faithful Being He is. Therefore, in poverty, affliction of body, bereavement in his family, difficulty in his service, want of a situation or employment, he will repose upon the ability of God to help him, because he has not only learned from His Word that He is of almighty power and infinite wisdom, but he has also seen instance upon instance in the Holy Scriptures in which His almighty power and infinite wisdom have been actually exercised in helping and delivering His people.”

May the Lord give us all grace to learn the blessed habit of trusting His grace and faithfulness according to His Word. 

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