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Old Testament Survey Course

The Lord continues to encourage us with progress in the Bible Institute. Most recently we have seen the completion of our long-awaited Old Testament Survey course. While many Christians are familiar with classic stories from the Old Testament, few have really studied it from beginning to end. Such a study is necessary in order to understand God’s big picture and set the foundation for the New Testament. And, such a study can be very rewarding, even life-changing! The Old Testament Survey course from Mount Zion Bible Institute covers the major themes, events, people, and places in the Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi, presented in the sequence in which the 39 books were written, and unfolding the dramatic and surprising account of God’s redemption. The study consists of a series of nine courses, each with three to eight lessons designed for both teens and adults. It is useful for individual (independent or correspondent) study, home schools, small groups, Sunday schools, and classrooms.

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