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Pray for Us

As we finish out 2016 we are truly full of joyful gratitude to the Lord for sustaining the Free Grace Broadcaster, Chapel Library, and Mount Zion Bible Institute. Our print queues have remained full, our staff needs have been supplied, and we have mailed materials throughout the US and around the world, week after week. Most of all we rejoice in the Lord’s using our unworthy efforts for His glory in bringing the gospel to the unconverted and spiritual nourishment to those who already know Him.

Please join us in prayer for the effectiveness of the literature and courses in the encouragement and edification of God’s people and the salvation of the lost.

We are also constantly asking our Lord for new contacts, international distributors, churches, prison chaplains, and other ministries to make use of the material God has graciously given us to send out.

The continual collapse of surrounding professing Christian society into false doctrine and disobedience causes us to cry out to our Savior for preservation from falling into sin and error.

Please remember us in prayer before our merciful and faithful God!

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