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Prison Ministry Highlight

In December, we are highlighting the Prison Ministry. The prison population in the USA now exceeds 1 out of every 135 people! Because there are so many false teachers active in the prisons, and because chaplains are so very busy, the literature and courses from Chapel Library are often the only biblically sound discipleship materials available to an inmate.

The Chapel Prison Ministry has grown from one prison in Texas in 1984, to more than 4,000 facilities today in all 50 states and Canada. It consists of five aspects. 

First, we mail more than 28,000 Inmate Order Forms to individual inmates and Chaplains each year. An inmate can use the form to order up to ten free Chapel Library titles from us each month.

Second, using the same form, an inmate can purchase from us any of 25 “study aids.” These are the only titles we send out (only to inmates and chaplains) that we do not print ourselves; they include Hebrew and Greek lexicons, Bible handbooks, Strong’s Concordance, the Matthew Henry Study Bible, and many more. Because we are an official “bookstore,” we can buy from the publishers at a 40-50% discount, and we resell these to the inmates at our cost. 

Third, we always encourage the inmates to study the Bible via the Bible Institute courses, which we also send at no charge. 

Fourth, we send a free KJV Bible to any inmate who requests. 

Fifth, we send boxfuls of literature to chaplains for their distribution. In total and by God’s grace, each month on the average we are sending more than 450 packages of free literature to the inmates, 100 free Bibles, $1,300 worth of study aids, and, in addition, $7,000 worth of free literature to the Chaplains for their distribution. We thank you for your support towards the Lord's work in 2012.

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