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Prison Ministry Update

     The Mount Zion Prison Ministry is an important part of our work here. In 2014 we were blessed to be able to send over $31,000 worth of doctrinally sound material to prison chaplains around the USA for evangelism and discipleship in their institutions. We also sent 4,400 orders of free material for inmates, plus over 1,000 free KJV economy Bibles. Ninety-five per cent of the 3,880 MZBI correspondence courses we sent in 2014 were requested by inmates. Aberrant doctrines, the cults, and Islam aggressively target the prisons, and good biblically-based literature is greatly needed.

From an inmate in Florida

     I want to thank those that make it possible for me and other inmates to receive your literature free and the study aids at such low prices through their giving. I also want to thank all of you at the ministry for making this available to us and filling our requests. Rest assured it is not in vain and is not returning void. The literature has truly been a blessing to me and is helping me grow spiritually, and to others that I share the literature with when I finish with it. Then I ultimately give it to the chaplain who puts it on the literature shelf for others to get, or he distributes it to men in confinement. So the literature is a blessing to many. May the Lord continue to richly bless and keep each of you! 

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