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Prison Ministry

Our merciful Lord Jesus Christ is the only King who has the love and power sufficient to release prisoners from the sentence due for their crimes and maintain perfect righteousness. The psalmist marks our God’s mercy in releasing those in bonds as a gloriously praiseworthy act of our God: “The LORD looseth the prisoners” (Psa 146:7). By God’s abundant grace, Mount Zion has been allowed to send the message of liberty from sin into prisons around the United States and the world for 32 years. It all began with a prison in Huntsville, Texas. Since then, thousands of inmates have received gospel literature, discipleship courses, and Bibles free for the asking. Here are a few testimonies that rejoice our hearts:

From an inmate in Massachusetts

“I want to thank you for…making information on Scripture available so many can come to Jesus for salvation and gain additional knowledge of Scripture…Your course helps me to stay focused on God and avoid temptation…It makes a world of difference. Thank you and God bless you.”

From an inmate in North Carolina

“This is a great course. It tells me of the new birth, the grace of God, the Christian walk, and eternal life. Nothing can be more valuable than this to a man’s life.”

From an Inmate in Florida

“The study was outstanding [Life of Christ – LC3]. The questions are designed not so much to increase the “head knowledge” but…to prick the heart and conscience…Self examination is a must to answer them. Thank you for the effort and, yes, even love, in the design of the study…All praise and glory to the King of kings and Lord of lords.”

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