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Relief Outreach

Alabama / Mississippi Tornado Relief

On April 30, over 250 tornadoes ripped through the south, some of them monster E5s with 200+ mph winds.  The dead and missing number over 700! We know these two churches in affected areas that are organizing relief to their communities with effective Gospel witness; we suggest contacting them directly.

                Dr. Jeff Robinson
                Philadelphia Baptist Church
                3001 Pump House Road
                Birmingham, AL  35243

                Pastor Herb Hatfield
                Aberdeen Primitive Bapt Church
                708 Meadowlane Dr.
                Aberdeen, MS  39730
                662 315-4937;


Used Christian Books for Malawi

Malawi is a southeast African country of 14 million people, first explored by David Livingston in the 1800s. A British colony until 1964, English is the common language today for most Malawians. The Maxson family has served there as missionaries since 2004, planting two churches in Zomba and Blantyre, and beginning a growing literature ministry. They need used conservative, reformed, Christian books to stock the bookstore and literature tables at the markets. They distribute to many students and pastors at nominal prices (if free in that culture, it normally is either misused or not valued); see for more info. Please consider clearing out the good, conservative Christian books from your bookshelves and sending them to us by October 2011, marked “for Malawi.” We will ship them by the end of 2011, D.V.


Haiti Earthquake Relief

We are in touch with two ministries who are extending direct help to churches in Haiti:
     Providence Baptist Church has been going to the Dominican Republic for six years. Pastor Marty Hoffman went to the D.R. in late January to oversee plans for on-going relief. Pastors there are on the front lines of direct relief to churches in Haiti. Donations by check (memo: Haiti) can be made to PBC; PO Box 327; Lecanto, FL 34460 ( 
     Missionary Flights International has served missions in Haiti since 1964! They are a center now for church-to-church support after the earthquake. A list of needed supplies is at Materials sent to them are airlifted directly to missions and pastors in Haiti: MFI; 3170 Airmans Drive; Ft. Pierce, FL 34946.

Haiti Report 2-19        Haiti Report 2-24       Haiti Report 4-16 


S.E.T.I.A. Book Fund

(Indonesian Bible College)
SETIA was started in 1988 to train Christians to reach the millions unreached in Indonesia. There are now 1100 students studying in Jakarta to be full time church workers, school teachers in Christian schools, or medical clinicians with a view to evangelize by ministering to physical needs. There are also 32 extension campuses around Indonesia with 30 to 120 students each, and 600 churches planted. 
     In July 2008 local Muslims attacked SETIA; the school was then evicted from its own property! Students have been living under extremely difficult circumstances ever since. Six hundred of the students live on a campsite outside of Jakarta. The toilet, washing, cooking, sleeping, and classroom facilities are shockingly poor. The other 500 students live on two different sites, which are not much better. The students eat rice and vegetables three times a day, and only get a small piece of meat and fish once a week. Fruit is provided once or twice a month. The 600 students living on the campsite have no books at all to study with, no library, no textbooks--only their Bibles. Many of the students will graduate and go into full time Christian work without owning any other book than the Bible. 
     In September 2009, U.K. donors gave just over six thousand pounds [~$9,000] for SETIA, and this paid for 3000 copies of the 1689 Baptist Confession. About 3000 books in Indonesian by Owen, Pink, J. Murray, Edwards, Ryle and other writers also were distributed to the students. These were received with great joy, even though the students had to read each book and write a book review. Money was left to pay for their first journal, as the teaching staff wants to write against liberalism and charismatic teaching. 
     Thunderous worship, humble testimonies, and attentive listening to the Word preached fill the chapel services before lunch and in the evenings. They are hungry for Reformed expositional preaching that is theological as well as practical. Although all the classes were without tables or air conditioning and mostly under canvas roofing, they all listened attentively and asked amazingly good questions.
     What can we do to help? We can give good books--this is their greatest need. It is best to print or buy the books in Indonesia in the Indonesian language. Stephen Nowak is Pastor of Montpelier Place Baptist Church in Brighton, England. He is going once or twice a year to provide teaching and more books, so that every student by the time of graduation will have his Bible, a copy of the 1689 Baptist Confession, and at least ten other books. Chapel Library has agreed to receive donations for use at SETIA, marked "SETIA book fund." We will give periodic reports here and in the Update newsletter.

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