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Sound Literature for Malawi

Malawi is a southeast African country of 14 million people, first explored by David Livingston in the 1800s. A British colony until 1964, English is the common language today for most Malawians. The Maxson family has served there as missionaries since 2004, planting two reformed churches in Zomba and Blantyre, and beginning a growing literature ministry. They need used conservative, reformed, Christian books to stock the bookstore and literature tables at the markets. They distribute materials to many students and pastors at nominal prices (if free in that culture, it normally is either misused or not valued). In the new Update Newsletter, we are asking all FGB readers to consider clearing out the good, conservative Christian books from their bookshelves and sending them to us, marked “for Malawi.” We will ship them to Malawi later in 2011, D.V. And, thank you for your gracious support of the ministries here this month.

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