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Tract Evangelism

Christians sometimes feel that “handing out tracts” is awkward and ineffective. It is true that accosting strangers has never been easy for a lot of us and convincing people to take things they didn’t ask for is not always very comfortable, but tracts can be a very effective part of evangelism. Offering a stranger something to read can often be easier than directly engaging them in a conversation. Actually, a tract often becomes a conversation starter. Whether the person brushes off your verbal witness or not, they might read the tract in their hand  later. Often the Word of God or the message of the gospel contained in a tract has been a spark that the Holy Spirit later ignites with a full encounter with the life-saving message of the truth about Jesus. Charles Spurgeon said, “When preaching and private talk are not available, you have a tract ready, and this often an effectual method…Get good striking gospel tracts, or none at all. A telling, touching gospel tract may often be the seed of eternal life; therefore, do not go out without your tracts” (The Soul Winner).

Often literature’s place in evangelism is most effective when it is accompanied by verbal witness, gospel preaching, or a real-life relationship.  

Chapel Library prints over one hundred tract titles on the subject of salvation and the gospel. Some are ideal for broader distribution, while others would be more effective for people with specific questions or coming from a particular background. Our top five evangelistic tracts are Are You Born Again? by Ryle, The Way of Salvation by Pink, Ruin, Redemption, Regeneration by Bell, Is Christ Your Lord? by Pink, and Do You Know Jesus Christ? by Pollard. 

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