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Update Letter 2nd Quarter 2018

Countries Sent to in 2018

From January through March, we had the privilege of sending material into 99 countries, in 30 of which we have committed distributors (in bold). Praise the Lord for His provision! Albania, Algeria, Antigua, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Belize, Bermuda, Bhutan, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guyana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Liberia, Lithuania, Malawi, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Par­aguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

MZBI has 73 graders and 27 branches worldwide.

Chapel Library and Missions

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). L.R. Shelton, Jr., started Mt. Zion Bible Church 40 years ago with a special burden to support missions with classic Christian literature. We praise the Lord that in 2017 the Lord blessed us to send $180K worth of material overseas. Our fervent prayer is to be effective in helping Christ’s people fulfil His worldwide commission everywhere. If you know someone serving Christ in another country, long or short-term, please let them know about our FGB, literature, and Bible Institute resources in print and online.  Or let us know so we may contact them. We would love to serve them in whatever way we can.

Impacto Honduras

Roberto Rivera and Oziel Salgado are new contacts in Honduras. Praise the Lord for open doors in that country! Energetic and well-organized, they serve with Impacto Church in Tegucigalpa, and are involved with a Christian radio station. Our first shipment of 3 large boxes of literature was depleted within a week as they judiciously shared it among pastors, teachers, and others.  Another shipment of 250 lbs of material is on its way now.

 Honduras booktable

Roberto and helpers share literature
at a teachers’ training workshop

Church Planting in Spain

Ihor Dovzhyk is a bivocational church-planting missionary in Spain. Chapel Library has supplied tracts and booklets for his local outreach efforts. We share his letter below for two reasons: First, that the Lord might lay it on your heart to pray for Ihor, his wife Yane, and more laborers for the harvest as they labor in the spiritual desert of Spain. Secondly, that it might highlight the dire need there is worldwide for men sent by our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of the harvest, to make disciples and plant churches for His glory. Pray for laborers!  

“We have a vision to plant churches in Ferrol, Spain, and surroundings. First, our goal is to plant a church in Ferrol, and, God willing, prepare workers to open mission points in other places. Ferrol has a population of 68,000, Fene 13,000, Naron 39,000, Valdovino almost 7,000, and Pontedeume 8,000. There is one small liberal Evangelical church in Naron with less than 50 attendees. Fene and Valdonino have no Evangelical churches. Of course, there are so many other towns in Spain without any Evangelical witness!

“We are praying that God would give us a team. We can't offer them financial support, but if they are interested in working with us for a long time, I hope they will be willing to raise their funds in churches of their area, or find ways to work bi-vocationally.

“If it's a man who is able to teach, he would be of great help in preaching, discipleship, and evangelism. If it's someone who's looking for a lay activity with evangelistic purposes, he's welcome as well.

“I realize that there is much need in all places. Almost all would say right now that they need workers. But at least we let churches know about our needs and requests, praying that the Lord himself provide us companions in the advancement of the kingdom of our Lord in Spain.” – Ihor Dovzhyk (

Books Needed for Malawi

Antioch Baptist Church in Blantyre, Malawi, pastored by Malamulo Chindongo, runs a Reformed bookshop, university book table ministry, and homeschool project, to introduce solid doctrine and historic gospel teaching in the country. Chapel Library is receiving used, damaged, or overstocked books from individuals, libraries, or publishers in the US to encourage Antioch Baptist’s efforts in Malawi. Please send boxed books directly to Chapel Library. Antioch will arrange shipment from Chapel Library to Malawi. Please visit for more information.

Malawi booktable 

Malawian university students flock to a book table stocked with Chapel Library material

Letters from Far and Near

The Lord has blessed us recently with many emails and letters, shared here for your encouragement.

Spanish inmate in California – “One of my companions lent me a booklet titled Ruler of the Waves, which helped me to understand about the great power of our Lord Jesus Christ and what He went through for our salvation...I want to learn more about the Christian life. I wonder if you can send me another booklet like that one.”

Inmate in Oklahoma – “I co-lead a Reformed fellowship at this facility, and we actively encourage men to take your Bible studies and send off for your literature. We also put out many of the tracts you supply us with at every service and study we have here…We just sent in 25 Fundamentals of the Faith studies as we will be teaching that in a Reformed Native American Bible study that one of our elders will be leading. We also recently got our chaplain to start receiving tapes from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones and are enjoying his teaching through the Gospel of John.”

Kentucky – “Many years ago I was in prison and your literature greatly ministered to me. I was a new convert steeped in Charismatic chaos and the Word of Faith movement. God used time, pain, people, and your literature to bring me out! Thanking God for your ministry...Today I am a gospel preacher and love the doctrines of grace!”

India – “What you are doing is quite beneficial; it’s been helping folks in my own church to start reading good material.”

Spanish Inmate in Texas – “I am very grateful to God, because he shows us the true way. I never before felt guilty about my spiritual situation; now I know who I am since the Spirit is teaching me. Now I can look at everything around me and see it is all sin; everywhere I look there is sin. Now I walk in the light and see where I can stumble. I am praying for real revival where God works in the hearts of men, who are lost in their sins. The modern gospel is like a salad thrown together: lettuce, tomato, lemon, oil. Pastors preach stories of their lives, of their families, of their friends, rather than preaching Christ—taking away the glory of my Lord Jesus. I need your prayers because I want to learn. I wish the Lord could use me when I return to El Salvador.”

Inmate in New Jersey – “Since I discovered Chapel Library and MZBI, my life has changed. I have enrolled in your Bible study and I’ve read all your material which I share with my Christian brothers here. I just had your Dictionary of Theological Terms [available to inmates only] 20 minutes and showed a brother who was thrilled that I had it and begged me to borrow it for a study he was doing. We have no books here, and you’ve blessed us all. God bless you and thank you so much. My study Look to Jesus is awesome; I do it with my cellie who will also need an order form.”

El Salvador – “I received the material and have already shared it with the other guys. I am thinking about starting a doctrinal course with a brother since we want to grow in the faith.”

Bangladesh – “It's a great blessing for us here in Bangladesh to have [the materials]. I have a small group where I utilize these materials by sharing with my group. Is there any possible way to translate some of the materials into Bangla? Please pray for Bangladesh. I’m really thankful for your partnership.”

Singapore – “I am writing to see if I am able to subscribe to the Free Grace Broadcaster. I found a copy in the hallway of KK Hospital, and read the article ‘God's Love in All Things’ by Octavius Winslow to my aunt who was admitted. It was such an encouragement to her. If you have any old unwanted copies, I would be glad to come and collect them. Or please let me know how I may go about a subscription.”

Student in Texas – “True vs. False Gospel is on point. I pray more and more people come to the true understanding of what it means to be genuinely saved with the fruits of true repentance.”

Nigeria – “Many thanks to you for all your Christian love, encouragement, support, and fraternal mentoring with the regular FGB. Please keep them coming. I found all the Puritan and other early Christian writers edifying as they are still speaking timeless words from their old pens to our present generation.”

North Dakota – “I have received your generous supply of literature and wanted to tell you how much it is appreciated. Thank you for your labors on behalf of the men and women in our jails. This Reformed literature is eagerly read and often brings about a lot of discussion on biblical issues. I have also noticed that the booklets will often be passed from prisoner to prisoner. They are being read, and our prayer is that the Spirit of God will use these booklets along with His Word to bring some to faith. May the Lord bless you.”

Ecuador – “Glory to God! I want to let you know that last week I was in Puerto Lopez, which is a city two hours from here in Salinas, Ecuador. I was invited to preach for a pastor who I have known for two years and whom we’ve been influencing with sound doctrine. I took the materials with me and it was received well by the pastor and congregation. The materials serve to affirm them in the faith.”

MZBI Graders Needed

Mount Zion Bible Institute has been growing! We praise the Lord that He has added an abundance of students recently. Please pray for fruit from this correspondence course ministry and for more graders to join us in the work. We are looking for mature Christian men, in essential agreement with our doctrinal statement, and able to give sensitive feedback to students’ answers (with doctrinal clarity but not emphasizing minor issues). We need both English and Spanish graders! You do not need higher education, extensive ministry experience, or teaching experience (we will supply answer keys). If you or someone you know has 4 hours per week they could give to this effort, please contact us for more information.

First Love Missions Philippines 2018

First Love Missions shares much in common with Chapel Library, including a passion for the gospel throughout the world and a commitment to operating by faith in our generous Lord without actively soliciting funds. Director Joe Jacowitz served with Chapel Library in the development of Mount Zion Bible Institute years ago.

First Love seeks to honor Christ by evangelism in the USA, conferences worldwide, and, through First Love Publications, distribution of large quantities of free titles addressing urgent doctrinal and practical subjects. In an attempt to reflect biblical patterns of relationships as the foundation to discipleship, First Love manages its overseas efforts in collaboration with long-term partners who share their commitment to Christ. Chapel Library partners with First Love by sending Christian classic reprints in quantity for some of their outreach and conference events. 

In April, First Love served the Lord in a fast-moving trip to the Philippines, where in ten days their ten-person team preached in four consecutive conferences in different locations. These conferences addressed “Famine in the Land: What’s Wrong with the Preaching Today.” Sermon titles included “Preaching the Truth in Love,” “The Holy Spirit and Preaching,” “Preaching that Edifies the Church,” “Preaching the Full Counsel of the Word,” “Preaching that Pleases God,” and “Prayer and Preaching.” They distributed hundreds of pounds of books to pastors and conference attendees. Unexpected opportunities opened, including a long-term agreement with a Filipino radio station, and an open door to provide Bible-based addiction therapy books to Baguio City’s schools.

“The LORD allowed us many opportunities to give Him glory! Please continue to pray for the pastors who heard the preaching and who received materials. Pray for their churches that they may be the beneficiaries of a spiritually strong and biblically educated pastorate. Pray for all those who heard the scriptures opened and taught during the radio program. Pray that the Spirit would bring forth fruit in due season!”  – Austin Huggins, Assistant Director of First Love Missions

Visit for more information.

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