Prison Ministry

The 2006 census reported one in every 129 Americans is behind bars! We serve prisoners in the following ways:
1) free Christian literature: tracts, booklets, and paperbacks
2) free audio tapes
3) free study courses
4) free Bible to every inmate who asks
5) study aids: quality reference books, such as lexicons, Bible dictionaries, and concordances, for sale to inmates at our (wholesale bookstore) cost.

Chaplains and other prison ministries
We send supplies of literature, audio tapes, and courses without charge, for you to distribute directly to inmates. Ask us for copies of the Inmate Order Form (PDF), which has over 100 free literature titles that inmates can order directly. Distribute copies of the Inmate MZBI Application Form (PDF) in your facility, giving inmates the opportunity to enroll in our correspondence courses. We send thousands of courses each year to all 50 states and Canada, and we have mailed to 4,000 facilities. To request prison ministry information, email or write to us.

For information

Inmate Order Forms:
Audio cassette tapes:



From a Chaplain in TexasYour excellent literature is sweeping the jail!

From an Inmate in OregonYou have no idea of the impact and how much of a blessing you are here. Word can never be enough to express that.

From an Inmate in CaliforniaI thank you for the study materials you sent me; they have been a joy to many. God bless you for everything you do for us, who are behind bars.

From an Inmate in North CarolinaOnly God knows how much I have been blessed--the richness of the material is absolutely priceless.

From an Inmate in Washington State:  Truly our Lord is using your ministry to enlighten many people, and to teach many Christians in prison who would be listening to untrue teaching if not for ministries like Chapel Library. I use your tracts for guards and civilian workers.

From a Chaplain in ColoradoA heart-felt THANK YOU for the wonderful material you sent. It is spreading rapidly among our 600 inmates. It is greatly used of God.

From an Inmate in CaliforniaThank you for the generous contributions that all of you make to bring us prisoners into a closer relationship unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have benefited a great deal from all of the literature and Bible studies you have provided for me.

From an Inmate in FloridaAs you know, the jails and prisons (wherever they may be located) are a vast mission field. You are filling a need, and you are doing it with the most sound, Bible-based materials I have ever seen.

From an Inmate in TexasI know God saved me. I was reading The Sovereignty of God by A.W. Pink when God opened my eyes to His plan, and that I was a dead person which in His awesome grace He made me alive. I have a hunger for His word and to share it with others. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour!

From a Chaplain in New YorkWe just received the packet of materials and are ecstatic. With all the horrendous teaching being propagated in prisons (and churches) today it is indeed a blessing to have access to sound teachings. Thank you again...for the materials you sent. They will be put to good use.

From an Inmate in CaliforniaThank you for the wonderful books at such great prices. I'm in a Bible college distance learning program and these books are a great blessing in the preparation of my coursework assignments.

From a Friend in TexasI recently was released from prison and would just like to say--I spent the last 2 ½ years with Mt. Zion/Chapel Library material, and I thank you so much for your ministry.

From an Inmate in New HampshireI would like to thank all of you at Mt. Zion for the Bible. I am so full of joy, you have no idea--by far this Bible will be my most guarded treasure in all the world.